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Mary ALEXANDER tree - List of names

(Birth year may be approximate, for example, when derived from census information)

Surname Full name Born Birth place
ALEXANDER Harriet ALEXANDER 1784 Fressingfield, Suffolk
ALEXANDER Maria ALEXANDER 1793 Fressingfield, Suffolk
ALEXANDER Mary ALEXANDER ? ? (~1765 Suffolk)
ALEXANDER Mary ALEXANDER 1787 Fressingfield, Suffolk
HANCY Harriet HANCY 1866 Bungay, Suffolk
HANCY John HANCY 1846 Ditchingham, Norfolk
HANCY John HANCY 1871 Bungay, Suffolk
KNIGHTS Philip KNIGHTS 1775 Seething, Norfolk
LEACH Alice LEACH 1869 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
LEACH Clara Isabella LEACH 1874 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
LEACH Eliza Dora LEACH 1878 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
LEACH Elizabeth LEACH 1838 Ditchingham, Norfolk
LEACH Florence Elizabeth LEACH 1871 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
LEACH George LEACH 1839 Bungay, Suffolk
LEACH George Reginald LEACH 1876 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
LEACH Harriet LEACH 1842 Bungay, Suffolk
LEACH Michael LEACH 1810 Mettingham, Suffolk
LEACH Ruth Mary LEACH 1883 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
MADDOCKS Ernest Christopher MADDOCKS 1880 Birmingham, Warwickshire
MADDOCKS Frederick MADDOCKS 1866 Birmingham, Warwickshire
MADDOCKS Frederick MADDOCKS 1895 Birmingham, Warwickshire
MADDOCKS Harold Ernest MADDOCKS 1898 Birmingham, Warwickshire
MOWSER Jonathan MOWSER 1789 Cratfield, Suffolk
MOWSER Maria MOWSER 1815 Cratfield, Suffolk
SAVORY Arthur Benjamin SAVORY ? ? (wife b. 1883 Gt Yarmouth)
WATSON Alexander Mackenzie WATSON ? ? (wife b. 1874 Gt Yarmouth)
WILBY Sarah WILBY 1840 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk