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James DABBS tree - BMD certificate transcripts

1853 James DABBS and Esther Caroline DAVIS marriage 26th June,1853

Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of Islington, Middlesex, by banns. Reg-dist: Islington.
Groom: James DABBS, of full age, widower, publican, of 28 Richard Street. Father: James DABBS, gentn.
Bride: Esther Caroline DAVIS, of full age, spinster, of 28 Richard Street. Father: Richard Charles DAVIS, gold and silver chaser.
Witnesses: W. L. DAVIS, Emma DAVIS.

1858 Richard DABBS birth 26th March 1858

Reg-dist: Saint Luke Middlesex. Sub-dist: "City Road" Saint Luke. Middlesex. Birth at 68 Brick Lane.
Father: James DABBS, beer victailer, of 68 Brick Lane, Saint Luke (informant).
Mother: Esther Caroline DABBS, formerly DAVIS.

1878 Edwin CASH birth 9th August 1878

Reg-dist: Bethnal Green. Sub-dist: Green. Middlesex. Birth at 13 Havelock Place.
Father: Edwin CASH, boot rivetter.
Mother: Ellen Eliza CASH, formerly CARTER, of 13 Havelock Place, Bethnal Green (informant).

1880 Richard DABBS and Lucy PRATT marriage 3rd August 1880

Marriage solemnized at St Thomas' Church in the Parish of Bethnal Green, Middlesex, by banns. Reg-dist: Bethnal Green.
Groom: Richard DABBS, 22, bachelor, fibre dresser, of 15 Gardners Road, Old Ford. Father: James DABBS, publican.
Bride: Lucy PRATT, 20, spinster, of 15 Gardners Road. Father: William PRATT, labourer. Witnesses: A. SEAYSBROOK, Emma HALL.

1880 Lucy Amelia DABBS birth 13th October 1880

Reg-dist: Bethnal Green. Sub-dist: Green. Middlesex. Birth at 15 Gardners Road.
Father: Richard DABBS, brush maker.
Mother: Lucy DABBS, formerly PRATT, of 15 Gardners Road, Bethnal Green (informant, mark).

1900 Edwin CASH and Lucy Amelia DABBS marriage 25th December 1900

Marriage solemnized at St Mark's Church in the Parish of Bow, London, by banns. Reg-dist: Poplar.
Groom: Edwin CASH, 22, bachelor, boot maker, of 43 Beale Road. Father: Edwin CASH, boot maker.
Bride: Lucy Amelia DABBS, 20, spinster, of 52 Beale Road. Father: Richard DABBS, labourer.
Witnesses: Richard DABBS, Hannah CASH.