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James DABBS tree - List of names

(Birth year may be approximate, for example, when derived from census information)

Surname Full name Born Birth place
BUNCEClarance Victor BUNCE1890Edmonton, Middlesex
CASHEdwin CASH1878Bethnal Green, Middlesex
COLLINSEllen Louisa COLLINS1854Bethnal Green, Middlesex
CUDLIPJoyce F. CUDLIP?? (husb. b. 1898, Enfield)
DABBSAlbert DABBS1856St Luke City Road, Middlesex
DABBSAlbert DABBS1887Bow, Middlesex
DABBSAlbert Edward DABBS1883Bethnal Green, Middlesex
DABBSAlice Amelia DABBS1892Bethnal Green, Middlesex
DABBSAlice Florence DABBS1892Enfield, Middlesex
DABBSArthur Ingram DABBS1898Enfield, Middlesex
DABBSEdith Ellen DABBS1878Bethnal Green, Middlesex
DABBSEliza DABBS1892Bow, Middlesex
DABBSEsther DABBS1860Leytonstone, Essex
DABBSFlorence DABBS1869Bethnal Green, Middlesex
DABBSFlorence DABBS1890Bow, Middlesex
DABBSFrank Herbert DABBS1887Bethnal Green, Middlesex
DABBSGrace Darling DABBS1899Poplar, Middlesex
DABBSHarold Victor J. DABBS1893Bow, Middlesex
DABBSHarry DABBS1863Bethnal Green, Middlesex
DABBSHarry Oscar J. DABBS1887Bethnal Green, Middlesex
DABBSHenry DABBS1876Bethnal Green, Middlesex
DABBSJames DABBS?? (son born 1818, Hampshire)
DABBSJames DABBS1818Petersfield, Hampshire
DABBSJames DABBS1854St Luke City Road, Middlesex
DABBSJames Ellsom DABBS1850Shoreditch, Middlesex
DABBSLucy Amelia DABBS1880Bethnal Green, Middlesex
DABBSLucy Esther DABBS1890Bethnal Green, Middlesex
DABBSReuben Frederick DABBS1885Bethnal Green, Middlesex
DABBSRichard DABBS1858St Luke City Road, Middlesex
DABBSRichard DABBS1883Bethnal Green, Middlesex
DABBSSidney James DABBS1880Bethnal Green, Middlesex
DAVISEsther Caroline DAVIS1833Shoreditch, Middlesex
ELLSOMRebecca ELLSOM1819Yaxley, Huntingdonshire
LEONARDElizabeth Lilian LEONARD1887Holborn, Middlesex
MALLARDAmy Elizabeth MALLARD1884West Ham, Essex
MASTERSBerty Robert MASTERS1899Bow, Middlesex
MASTERSFlorence Frances MASTERS1892Whitechapel, Middlesex
MASTERSHenry Edwin MASTERS1894Bethnal Green, Middlesex
MASTERSRobert MASTERS1866St Pancras (Marylebone), Middlesex
MEADNellie Agnes MEAD1879Hornsey, Middlesex
MILLEREthel MILLER1892West Ham, Essex
MILLERFlorence Fanny MILLER1883West Ham, Essex
MILLERGertrude Minnie MILLER1896West Ham, Essex
MILLERMaud Violet MILLER1888West Ham, Essex
MILLERMay Beatrice MILLER1885West Ham, Essex
MILLERSidney Francis MILLER1890West Ham, Essex
MILLERThomas Francis MILLER1858St Pancras, Middlesex
PRATTLucy PRATT1856Bethnal Green, Middlesex
RAMLucy RAM1857Bethnal Green, Middlesex
STOTENJessie STOTEN1885Enfield, Middlesex
WARMISHAMWilfred WARMISHAM1878Altrincham, Cheshire
WETTENGELAugusta Emilie WETTENGEL1866Bethnal Green, Middlesex