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FLEURY of Stuttgart tree - List of names

(Birth year may be approximate, for example, when derived from census information)

Surname Full name Born Birth place
BURROWS Jane Elizabeth BURROWS 1884 ? (married Wood Green)
FAUBEL Dorothia Henrietta FAUBEL ? ? (husb. b. 1793, Frankenthal)
FLEURY Anna Barbara Friederike FLEURY 1879 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Anna Luise FLEURY 1853 Havre, ?
FLEURY Anna Margarate Fredricka FLEURY 1889 Bradford, Yorkshire
FLEURY Carl (Charles) FLEURY 1874 Germany
FLEURY Carl Eduard FLEURY 1858 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Carl Friedrich FLEURY 1878 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Carl Johann FLEURY 1876 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Caroline Pauline FLEURY 1855 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Christiane Caroline Fried. FLEURY 1814 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Christiane Gurl Fried. FLEURY 1812 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Eberhard Germanius Friedrich FLEURY 1819 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Friedrich FLEURY 1848 Frankenthal, Germany
FLEURY Friedrich (Frederick) FLEURY 1878 Liverpool, Lancashire
FLEURY Friederiche FLEURY 1860 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Germanius FLEURY 1777 ? (mar. Stuttgart)
FLEURY Hermann FLEURY 1850 Frankenthal, Germany
FLEURY Hermann Conrad FLEURY 1876 Mainz, Germany
FLEURY Hermann Friedrich FLEURY 1873 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Hugo FLEURY 1893 Bradford, Yorkshire
FLEURY Jean FLEURY 1851 Havre, ?
FLEURY Jean FLEURY 1888 Zuffenhausen, Germany
FLEURY Karl FLEURY 1884 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Karl Jean Friedrich FLEURY 1890 Grafenhainichen, Germany
FLEURY Ludvig Friedrich J. FLEURY 1815 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Maria Rosa FLEURY 1881 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Mathilda Emilie Pauline FLEURY 1857 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Robert Frederick FLEURY 1873 Frankfurt, Germany
FLEURY Robert Gustav FLEURY 1864 Stuttgart, Germany
FLEURY Wilhelm (William) FLEURY 1879 Liverpool, Lancashire
FLEURY Willi Otto Karl FLEURY 1893 Grafenhainichen, Germany
FRICKE Henriette Marie Anna FRICKE 1870 Jessnitz, Germany
GOULD Edith Emma GOULD 1885 Norwich, Norfolk
GUCKELBERGER Beata Rosine Louise GUCKELBERGER 1782 Stuttgart, Germany
GUCKELBERGER Frederika Henrietta Augusta GUCKELBERGER 1780 Stuttgart, Germany
GUCKELBERGER Johann Jacob GUCKELBERGER ? ? (Dau. b. 1780, Stuttgart)
GUCKELBERGER Johanna Catharina Barbara GUCKELBERGER 1787 Stuttgart, Germany
HEINZMANN Maria Rosina Barbara HEINZMANN 1844 Eschenthal, Germany
HENGER Maria Ann HENGER 1885 Horb, Neckar, Germany
HILLE Johanna Auguste Erne HILLE 1900 Klein-Wittenberg, Germany
LEAROYD Jessie Turner LEAROYD 1873 Bradford, Yorkshire
LEINZIN Carolina Friderike LEINZIN ? ? (Dau. b. 1780, Stuttgart)
LEVY Henrietta LEVY 1896 ? (London)
LULLINGEN Luise LULLINGEN ? ? (husb. b. 1848, Frankenthal)
MINOVSKY Josef MINOVSKY ? ? (wife b. 1879, Stuttgart)
RAQUET Georg RAQUET ? ? (wife b. 1881, Stuttgart)
SCHALCK Katherina SCHALCK ? ? (sis. b. 1851, Wicker)
SCHALCK Margaretha Elisabetha SCHALCK 1851 Wicker, Germany
SCHALCK Peter SCHALCK 1803 Wicker, Germany
SCHALCK Peter Adam SCHALCK ? ? (sis. b. 1851, Wicker)
SCHALCK Sebastian SCHALCK ? ? (son b. 1803, Wicker)
SCHMALZER Andreas SCHMALZER 1824 Frankenthal, Germany
SCHMALZER Elizabetha SCHMALZER 1840 Frankenthal, Germany
SCHMALZER Francisci Xaverius SCHMALZER ? ? (m. 1785, Frankenthal)
SCHMALZER Franciscus Josephus SCHMALZER 1835 Frankenthal, Germany
SCHMALZER Henrietta SCHMALZER 1830 Frankenthal, Germany
SCHMALZER Philipp SCHMALZER 1793 Frankenthal, Germany
SCHMALZER Veronica SCHMALZER 1787 Frankenthal, Germany
SCHMALZER Veronica SCHMALZER 1820 Frankenthal, Germany
SCHMIDT K. SCHMIDT ? ? (husb. b. 1884, Stuttgart)
SCHUBERT Anna SCHUBERT 1890 Schkeuditz, Germany
SMITH Emma Elizabeth SMITH 1844 Woodstock, Oxfordshire
SMITH George T. SMITH 1841 Stutebury Downs, Oxfordshire
WAGNERIN Catharina WAGNERIN ? ? (m. 1785, Frankenthal)
WEST Charles Arthur WEST 1851 Oxford, Oxfordshire
WEST Charles Arthur WEST 1880 Woodstock, Oxfordshire
WEST Edith Elizabeth WEST 1887 Woodstock, Oxfordshire
WEST Emma Bishop (Emily) WEST 1888 Woodstock, Oxfordshire
WEST Florence May WEST 1890 Woodstock, Oxfordshire
WEST Frances Annie WEST 1883 Woodstock, Oxfordshire
WEST Mary Louisa WEST 1873 Woodstock, Oxfordshire
ZEITRAGER Anna Maria ZEITRAGER 1812 Germany