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Thomas and Hannah HARLEY tree - List of names

(Birth year may be approximate, for example, when derived from census information)

Surname Full name Born Birth place
BENTLEYAlfred Edward BENTLEY1892Chelsea, Middlesex
BENTLEYAnnie Harley BENTLEY1886Kensington, Middlesex
BENTLEYCharles Shildrick BENTLEY1888Chelsea, Middlesex
BENTLEYEdith Florence BENTLEY1900Chelsea, Middlesex
BENTLEYEleanor Emma BENTLEY1897Chelsea, Middlesex
BENTLEYEleanor Florence BENTLEY1869Battersea, Surrey
BENTLEYEliza Ann BENTLEY1854Bethnal Green, Middlesex
BENTLEYElizabeth BENTLEY1863Chelsea, Middlesex
BENTLEYElizabeth Elinor BENTLEY1889Chelsea, Middlesex
BENTLEYEmily Louisa BENTLEY1865Chelsea, Middlesex
BENTLEYEmily Mary A. BENTLEY1884Chelsea/Soho Middlesex
BENTLEYEmma Susan BENTLEY1861Chelsea, Middlesex
BENTLEYEthel Louisa BENTLEY1899Chelsea, Middlesex
BENTLEYFrancis Charles BENTLEY1856Bethnal Green, Middlesex
BENTLEYFrancis Sheldrick BENTLEY1832Bethnal Green, Middlesex
BENTLEYFrank Charles BENTLEY1887Chelsea, Middlesex
BENTLEYFredrick Colin BENTLEY1895Chelsea, Middlesex
BENTLEYJohn Fernall BENTLEY1891Chelsea, Middlesex
BENTLEYThomas Francis BENTLEY1884Kensington, Middlesex
BENTLEYThomas Harley BENTLEY1859Brompton, Middlesex
BENTLEYWilliam Frank BENTLEY1893Chelsea, Middlesex
BREASLEYRhoda BREASLEY1859Hull, Yorkshire
BURTEliza BURT1855Norton, Suffolk
CASHWilliam CASH1809Bethnal Green, Middlesex
DAWDRYAlbert Walter DAWDRY1891Forest Gate, Essex
DAWDRYFrederic(k) Walter DAWDRY1852Wymondham, Norfolk
DAWDRYFrederick Stanley DAWDRY1887West Ham, Essex
DAWDRYRhoda Ellen ("Nellie") DAWDRY1896Bethnal Green, Middlesex
FERNALLAnnie FERNALL1860Chelsea, Middlesex
HARLEYCaroline HARLEY1830Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HARLEYEliza HARLEY1826Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HARLEYGeorge HARLEY1824Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HARLEYHannah HARLEY1790Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HARLEYHannah HARLEY1816Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HARLEYMary Ann HARLEY1819Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HARLEYSarah HARLEY1822Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HARLEYThomas HARLEY?? (1st ch. b. 1790 Bethnal Green)
HARLEYThomas HARLEY1792Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HARLEYThomas HARLEY1818Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HAYEAlbert Walter HAYE1884Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HAYEAmy Clara HAYE1894Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HAYEEmma HAYE1858Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HAYEEsther HAYE1859Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HAYEJoseph HAYE1820Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HAYEJoseph HAYE1853Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HAYEJoseph Leonard HAYE1891Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HAYEPercival Harold HAYE1888Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HAYESarah Jane HAYE1854Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HAYEWalter HAYE1857Bethnal Green, Middlesex
HOLLINGWORTHGeorge Scott HOLLINGWORTH1868High Legh, Rostherne, Cheshire
HUNTEmily Eliza HUNT1890Bishops Stortford, Essex
HUNTJames Edward HUNT1900Milford, Hampshire
HUNTJames HUNT1859Milford, Hampshire
HUNTNellie HUNT1896Milford, Hampshire
HUNTWinifred Bentley HUNT1892Hordle, Hampshire
JOHNSONMary Ann JOHNSON1792Bethnal Green, Middlesex
LAKEConstance LAKE1890Bethnal Green, Middlesex
LAKEEdith Emma LAKE1885Bethnal Green, Middlesex
LAKEJessie Maud LAKE1889Bethnal Green, Middlesex
LAKEWilliam LAKE1843Chelmsford, Essex
LINDEMANGeorge LINDEMAN1820Hackney, Middlesex
NIALClara NIAL1860Bethnal Green, Middlesex