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(Birth year may be approximate, for example, when derived from census information)

Surname Full name Born Birth place Chart
AGUSHilda Eliza AGUS1884Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
AGUSJames William AGUS1861Moulton, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
AGUSSBarbara Maria AGUSS1888Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
AGUSSGabriel Leonard AGUSS1886Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
AGUSSGeorge AGUSS1899Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
AGUSSJames William AGUSS1891Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
AGUSSMuriel Jane AGUSS1896Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
AKEHURSTJames Marshall AKEHURST1857Hove, Sussexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
AKEHURSTJames Marshall AKEHURST1883Hove, Sussexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
AKEHURSTRebecca Olivia AKEHURST1897Hove, Sussexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
AKEHURSTRebecca Susan AKEHURST1863Hove, Sussexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
AKEHURSTSarah Ann AKEHURST1855Brighton, Sussexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
AKEHURSTWilliam AKEHURST1828East Dean, Sussexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
AKEHURSTWilliam Henry AKEHURST1889Hove, Sussexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
ALDERSONWilliam Henry ALDERSON1826Middlesexb - GOLD/GOULD
ALDRIDGEHarriett ALDRIDGE1868Pulham Market, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
ALDRIDGERobert Edward L. ALDRIDGE (LLOYD)1895Wacton, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
ALEXANDERHarriet ALEXANDER1784Fressingfield, SuffolkALEXANDER
ALEXANDERMary ALEXANDER1787Fressingfield, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
ALLCOCKArthur George ALLCOCK1879Great Yarmouth, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
ALLCOCKAugusta Mary ALLCOCK1877Great Yarmouth, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
ALLCOCKEthel Emma ALLCOCK1885Great Yarmouth, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
ALLCOCKGeorge ALLCOCK1847Yoxford, Suffolke3 - BULLEN
ALLCOCKLily Elizabeth ALLCOCK1879Great Yarmouth, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
ALLCOCKWilliam Stephen ALLCOCK1888Great Yarmouth, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
ALLENEdward ALLEN1730Tuttington, Norfolka - WEGG
ALLENEdward ALLEN1738Tuttington, Norfolka - WEGG
ALLENEdward ALLEN1833Hainford, Norfolkc - RUST
ALLENEdward ALLEN1865Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
ALLENEdward ALLEN1872Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
ALLENElltha (Elthea) ALLEN1868Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
ALLENElsie ALLEN1896Forest Gate, Essexc - RUST
ALLENFrederick ALLEN1898Forest Gate, Essexc - RUST
ALLENHannah ALLEN1729Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
ALLENJames Robert ALLEN1863Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
ALLENJohn ALLEN1737Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
ALLENMary ALLEN1732Tuttington, Norfolka - WEGG
ALLENMary ALLEN1802Belaugh, Norfolka, d1, d2 - BAMBRIDGE
ALLENSarah ALLEN1735Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
ALLENSarah ALLEN1735Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
ALLENThomas ALLEN1703Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
ALLENWilliam ALLEN~1702? (m. 1730 Stratton S'lss, Norfolk)a - WEGG
ALLENWilliam ALLEN1734Tuttington, Norfolka - WEGG
ALLISONEmma ALLISON1840Sheffield, Yorkshiref - RUST
ANDREWSAlfred Rust ANDREWS1888Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
ANDREWSAlice Rust ANDREWS1879Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
ANDREWSCharlotte ANDREWS1823Catfield, Norfolkc - RUST
ANDREWSEdward Rust ANDREWS1892Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
ANDREWSFlorence ANDREWS1896Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
ANDREWSJames ANDREWS1872Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
ANDREWSJames Thomas ANDREWS1894Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
ANDREWSLucy Rust ANDREWS1890Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
ANDREWSMary Eva ANDREWS1899Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
ANDREWSMilly Rust ANDREWS1900Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
ANDREWSRachael Ann ANDREWS1846Great Abington, Cambridgeshiree - REEVE
ANDREWSRobert Rust ANDREWS1883Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
ANDREWSSamuel ANDREWS~1709? (m. 1731 Buxton, Norfolk)a - WEGG
ANDREWSSamuel ANDREWS1735Swannington, Norfolka - WEGG
ANDREWSSidney Rust ANDREWS1886Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
ANDREWSWilliam (RUST) ANDREWS1856Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
ANDREWSWilliam Rust ANDREWS1881Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
ANNISAlbert Stanley ANNIS1897Hull, Yorkshireb - RUST
ANNISAlice Sophia ANNIS1878Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISArthur William ANNIS1882Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISBessie, Sophia ANNIS1890Gosforth, Northumberlandb - RUST
ANNISCatherine Maud ANNIS1888Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISDavid ANNIS1866Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISEdith May ANNIS1879Hull, Yorkshireb - RUST
ANNISEdmund William ANNIS1853Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISEdmund William ANNIS1876Saltburn by the Sea, Yorkshireb - RUST
ANNISEdward ANNIS1900Gosforth, Northumberlandb - RUST
ANNISEdward James ANNIS1880Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISElsie Marion ANNIS1894Hull, Yorkshireb - RUST
ANNISEthel Maud ANNIS1891Hull, Yorkshireb - RUST
ANNISHarry Rust ANNIS1900Hull, Yorkshireb - RUST
ANNISIda Elizabeth ANNIS1898Hull, Yorkshireb - RUST
ANNISJames Rust ANNIS1846Drayton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISJames Rust ANNIS1891Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISJohn Chapman ANNIS1848Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISJohn Henry ANNIS1863Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISMary Ann ANNIS1899Gosforth, Northumberlandb - RUST
ANNISMary Elizabeth ANNIS1885Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISMary Lydia ANNIS1850Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISMeggie ANNIS1897Gosforth, Northumberlandb - RUST
ANNISRobert Ernest ANNIS1888Hull, Yorkshireb - RUST
ANNISRobert John ANNIS1892Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISRosetta ANNIS1887Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISSamuel ANNIS1823Rockland St Mary, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISSamuel ANNIS1851Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISSamuel James ANNIS1892Gosforth, Northumberlandb - RUST
ANNISSarah Curtis ANNIS1855Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISSophia ANNIS1859Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISThomas Henry ANNIS1894Gosforth, Northumberlandb - RUST
ANNISThomas Herbert ANNIS1885Hull, Yorkshireb - RUST
ANNISWilliam Arthur ANNIS1861Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ANNISWilliam John ANNIS1857Bergh Apton, Norfolkb - RUST
ARGERAlice ARGER1827Fakenham, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
ARMESAnn ARMES1782Heigham, Norfolkc - WEGG
ARMESBarbara ARMES1785Heigham, Norfolkc - WEGG
ARMESFlorence Elizabeth ARMES1898Fenstanton, Huntingdonshireb2 - BULLEN
ARMESRobert ARMES~1759? (m. 1781 Heigham, Norfolk)c - WEGG
ARMESRobert Henry ARMES1864Fenstanton, Huntingdonshireb2 - BULLEN
ARMESRobert Steward ARMES1845Horsford, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
ARROWSMITHEliza ARROWSMITH1840Marylebone, Middlesexa - RUST
ATTRIDGEElizabeth Maria ATTRIDGE1879Norwich, Norfolkd2 - BAMBRIDGE
AUSTINCharles Edward AUSTIN1887Cardiff, Glamorgana3 - BULLEN
AUSTINConstance Mary AUSTIN1893Radyr, Glamorgana3 - BULLEN
AUSTINJames Kenneth AUSTIN1897Radyr, Glamorgana3 - BULLEN
AUSTINWilliam John AUSTIN1859Greenwich, Kenta3 - BULLEN
AUSTINWilliam John F. AUSTIN1884Cardiff, Glamorgana3 - BULLEN
BACONElizabeth BACONc1750? (husb. b. Aylsham)a - GOLD/GOULD
BAILEYEliza BAILEY1846Cobham, Surreyc1 - BULLEN
BAILEYHannah Eliza BAILEY1851Pulham St Mary, Norfolkf - BULLEN
BAILEYMary Ann Dixon BAILEY1849Deal, Kenta3 - BULLEN
BAKERElizabeth Mary A. BAKER1889Poplar, Middlesexh - WEGG
BAKEREllen Maud BAKER1897Poplar, Middlesexh - WEGG
BAKERJames Frederick A. BAKER1900Poplar, Middlesexh - WEGG
BAKERThomas Henry BAKER1892Poplar, Middlesexh - WEGG
BAKERThomas Reuben BAKER1868Stepney, Middlesexh - WEGG
BAKERWilliam BAKER1896Poplar, Middlesexh - WEGG
BALCOMGeorge William BALCOM?? (Wife b. 1834 Denton)e - REEVE
BALDWINEllen May BALDWIN (ADAMS)1875Woodton, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
BALDWINJulia BALDWIN1827Hempnall, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BALESAlice Emma BALES1889Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BALESArthur Ernest BALES1894Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BALESElizabeth Alice BALES1876Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BALESFlorence BALES1891Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BALESFrederick John BALES1879Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BALESHerbert BALES1895Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BALESJames Jeremiah BALES1884Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BALESJohn BALES1887Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BALESJulia Emma (Anne) BALES1881Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BALESMary Ann E. BALES1870Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BALESWilliam BALES1847Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BALESWilliam James BALES1872Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BAMBRIDGEAdrian Clifford BAMBRIDGE1899Clapham, Surreyg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEAlice Bertha BAMBRIDGE1866Tunstead, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEAmelia BAMBRIDGE1836Eversley, Hampshiref - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEAmelia BAMBRIDGE1877Harlow Bush, Essexf, g - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEAnn Sarah BAMBRIDGE1880Kensington, Middlesexe1, e2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEArthur Humphreys BAMBRIDGE1888Walthamstow, Essexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEArthur Robert BAMBRIDGE1888Wandsworth, Surreyg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEBeatrice Alma BAMBRIDGE1886Walthamstow, Essexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEBertha Emma BAMBRIDGE1875Sloley, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGECecil BAMBRIDGE1891Walthamstow, Essexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGECharity Kerrison BAMBRIDGE1870Tunstead, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGECharles BAMBRIDGE1876St Pancras, Middlesexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGECharlotte BAMBRIDGE1806Buxton, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGECharlotte BAMBRIDGE1828Tunstead, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGECharlotte BAMBRIDGE1833Buxton, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGECharlotte BAMBRIDGE1835Buxton, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGECharlotte BAMBRIDGE1835Buxton, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
BAMBRIDGECharlotte BAMBRIDGE1835Buxton, Norfolke - RUST
BAMBRIDGEEdith Ellen BAMBRIDGE1888Barking, Essexe1, e2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEEdmund John BAMBRIDGE1898Barking, Essexe1, e2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEEdward Arthur BAMBRIDGE1869Sloley, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEEdward BAMBRIDGE1838Tunstead, Norfolke1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEEdward BAMBRIDGE1845Tunstead, Norfolke1, e2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEEdward BAMBRIDGE1894Barking, Essexe1, e2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEEdward Colman BAMBRIDGE1810Buxton, Norfolka, f - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEEdward Colvin BAMBRIDGE1885Harlow, Essexf - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEEdward Foulsham BAMBRIDGE1858Hove, Sussexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEEdwin BAMBRIDGE1852Hillingdon, Middlesexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEElizabeth BAMBRIDGE1802Buxton, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEElizabeth BAMBRIDGE1818Tunstead, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEElizabeth BAMBRIDGE1831Buxton, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEElizabeth BAMBRIDGE1835Tunstead, Norfolkd2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEElizabeth BAMBRIDGE1838Buxton, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEElizabeth Charity BAMBRIDGE1890Walthamstow, Essexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEElizabeth Kerrison BAMBRIDGE1865Barton Turf, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEEllen Mary BAMBRIDGE1865Tunstead, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEElsie Kathleen BAMBRIDGE1889Smallburgh, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEElsie Minnie BAMBRIDGE1891Brixton, Surreyg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEEva Alice BAMBRIDGE1882St Pancras, Middlesexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEFlorence V. M. BAMBRIDGE1897Smallburgh, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEFrances Audrey BAMBRIDGE1892Walthamstow, Essexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEFrances Emma BAMBRIDGE1892Smallburgh, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEFrank Leonard BAMBRIDGE1894Clapham, Surreyg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEFrederick BAMBRIDGE1887Walthamstow, Essexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEGeorge Leonard BAMBRIDGE1887Walthamstow, Essexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEGertrude Alice BAMBRIDGE1871Sloley, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEHerbert Kerrison BAMBRIDGE1862Sloley, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEHerbert Kerrison BAMBRIDGE1892Walthamstow, Essexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEJohn BAMBRIDGE1734Hoveton St John, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEJohn BAMBRIDGE1835Yately, Hampshiref, g - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEJohn George BAMBRIDGE1884Smallburgh, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEJohn Kerrison BAMBRIDGE1857Sloley, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEKate BAMBRIDGE1854West Drayton, Middlesexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEKate Hancock BAMBRIDGE1871St Pancras, Middlesexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGELaura Annie BAMBRIDGE1873Sloley, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGELeonard BAMBRIDGE1778Tunstead, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGELeonard BAMBRIDGE1805Tunstead, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGELeonard BAMBRIDGE1831Tunstead, Norfolke1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGELeonard BAMBRIDGE1832Tunstead, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGELeonard BAMBRIDGE1850Kilburn, Middlesexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGELeonard Charles BAMBRIDGE1882West Ham, Essexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGELeonard Kerrison BAMBRIDGE1873Tunstead, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGELeonard Richard BAMBRIDGE1863Smallburgh, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGELeonora Annie BAMBRIDGE1880Clapham, Surreyg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGELouisa Eveline BAMBRIDGE1847Abridge, Essexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGELouise Eveline BAMBRIDGE1872Harlow Bush, Essexf, g - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEMabel Eveline BAMBRIDGE1884Lambeth, Surreyg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEMarianne BAMBRIDGE1900Barking, Essexe1, e2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEMartha Anne BAMBRIDGE1826Buxton, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEMartha BAMBRIDGE1829Tunstead, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEMartha BAMBRIDGE1849Kilburn, Middlesexf, g - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEMary Ann BAMBRIDGE1802Buxton, Norfolka, b - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEMary BAMBRIDGE1799Tunstead, Norfolka, c - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEMary Jane BAMBRIDGE1839Eversley, Hampshiref - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEMaude Helena BAMBRIDGE1890Walthamstow, Essexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEPattie BAMBRIDGE1874Harlow Bush, Essexf, g - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEPercy Pyefinch BAMBRIDGE1893Walthamstow, Essexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEPhebe Martha BAMBRIDGE1879St Pancras, Middlesexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGERebecca BAMBRIDGE1827Belaugh, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGERobert BAMBRIDGE1802Tunstead, Norfolka, d1, d2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGERobert BAMBRIDGE1816Buxton, Norfolka, g - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGERobert BAMBRIDGE1842Tunstead, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGERobert BAMBRIDGE1847Tunstead, Norfolkd2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGERobert BAMBRIDGE1874St Pancras, Middlesexg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGERobert Kerrison BAMBRIDGE1855Sloley, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGERobert Thomas BAMBRIDGE1891Smallburgh, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGESamuel Edward BAMBRIDGE1882Tunstead, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGESarah Helen M. BAMBRIDGE1895Smallburgh, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGESarah Kate BAMBRIDGE1881East Dulwich, Surreyg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEThomas Allen BAMBRIDGE1860Sloley, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEViolet Irene BAMBRIDGE1887Clapham, Surreyg - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEWalter Kerrison BAMBRIDGE1867Tunstead, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEWalter Leonard BAMBRIDGE1894Walthamstow, Essexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEWilliam BAMBRIDGE1811Tunstead, Norfolka, e1, e2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEWilliam BAMBRIDGE1836Tunstead, Norfolke1 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEWilliam BAMBRIDGE1839Tunstead, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEWilliam BAMBRIDGE1884Stratford, Essexe1, e2 - BAMBRIDGE
BAMBRIDGEWilliam Bertie BAMBRIDGE1886Smallburgh, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
BANHAMSophia BANHAM1814Moulton, Norfolkc, c2 - BULLEN
BARHAMElizabeth BARHAM1845Trowse Newton, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
BARKERAlice BARKER1764Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
BARKERSarah BARKER1866Reedham, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
BARLOWJanet BARLOW1857Sunderland, Durhamb2 - BULLEN
BARNARDAlice Adeline (Adelaide) BARNARD1870Wacton, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDAllen Daniel BARNARD (HUDSON)1892Shipdham, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDArthur Leonard BARNARD1857Wacton, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDArthur Leonard BARNARD1895Warham All Saints, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDClara Florence BARNARD1862Wacton, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDDaniel BARNARD1833Wymondham, Norfolkc2, c3 - BULLEN
BARNARDEdward Clement BARNARD1859Wacton, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDEliza BARNARD1867Wacton, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDEllen May BARNARD1888Warham All Saints, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDEmma Jane BARNARD1886Warham All Saints, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDEthel Rose BARNARD1882Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDFlorence Jane Rowland BARNARD1880Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDFrances Emma BARNARD1887Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDJames Leonard BARNARD1882Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDLeonard Edward D. BARNARD1879Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDLouisa Jane BARNARD1864Wacton, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDMargaret A. BARNARD1877Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDMary Louisa BARNARD1889Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDOlive Jane Mildred BARNARD1881Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDOlive Maud BARNARD1891Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDPercy Leonard BARNARD1898Warham All Saints, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNARDThomas Albert BARNARD1876Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
BARNESHarriet BARNES1851Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
BARNESSarah Sophia BARNES1873East Ruston, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
BARNEYMary Ann BARNEY1826Bedingham, Norfolkb - BULLEN
BARNEYMary Ann BARNEY1868Walcot, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
BARNEYRobert BARNEY1830Bedingham, Norfolkb - BULLEN
BARNEYSarah BARNEY1824Bedingham, Norfolkb - BULLEN
BARNEYWilliam BARNEY1787Beccles, Suffolkb - BULLEN
BARRETTRosa May BARRETT1896Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
BARRETTThomas William BARRETT1870Heydon, Norfolkc - RUST
BARRETTWilliam John BARRETT1899Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
BARRETTWinifred Eva BARRETT1894Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
BARSLEYMary Hannah BARSLEY1855Bicker, Lincolnshired2 - BAMBRIDGE
BARTONEthel BARTON1878Clerkenwell, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
BARTONEvaline Lydia BARTON1873Shoreditch, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
BARTONFrances BARTON1829Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
BARTONLeonard BARTON1845Helmsley, Yorkshirec - GOLD/GOULD
BATCHFrank BATCH1891Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BATCHFrederick Arthur BATCH1897Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BATCHJulia Alice BATCH1884Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BATCHWilliam BATCH1862`Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BATCHWilliam James BATCH1887Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
BEADLERose Emma BEADLE1876Lambeth, Surreyc - CASH
BEAUMONTAlfred Curwen BEAUMONT1811Westminster, Middlesexc - WEGG
BEAUMONTAlfred Philip Slade BEAUMONT1854Paddington, Middlesexc - WEGG
BEAUMONTGrace Blanche BEAUMONT1879Milton, Hampshirec - WEGG
BEAUMONTMuriel Gwendoline BEAUMONT1889Hampshirec - WEGG
BECKCharlotte BECK1800Hevingham, Norfolka, c - RUST
BECKElla Matilda BECK1897Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
BECKMaria BECK1864Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
BECKSamuel BECK1830Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
BECKWilliam Thomas BECK1866Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
BECKETTAlfred Thomas BECKETT1877Kirstead, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
BECKETTCharlotte BECKETT1829Ditchingham, Norfolke - REEVE
BECKETTDaisy Violet BECKETT1891Hedenham, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
BECKETTEzwell George BECKETT1887Woodton, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
BECKETTFlossy Rosey E. BECKETT1895Hedenham, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
BECKETTJames BECKETT1859Woodton, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
BECKETTMaynard Charles BECKETT1888Woodton, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
BECKETTMichael William BECKETT1890Woodton, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
BECKETTNora Lily BECKETT1885Woodton, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
BECKETTSessel (Cecil) Edward BECKETT1893Hedenham, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
BECKETTThomas BECKETT1852Woodton, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
BEDINGFIELDEmily BEDINGFIELD1873Mettingham, Suffolkb - REEVE
BEECHArthur William BEECH1875Hylton, Durhamb - KNIGHTS
BEETSElizabeth BEETS1859Scoulton, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
BEETSElizabeth BEETS1859Scoulton, Norfolke - RUST
BELLJane BELL1876Perkinsville, Durhame - GOLD/GOULD
BENNETTJames Alonzo BENNETT1875Kessingland, Suffolkf - BULLEN
BENNETTWilliam Charles A. BENNETT1900Lowestoft, Suffolkf - BULLEN
BENTLEYAlfred Edward BENTLEY1892Chelsea, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYAnnie Harley BENTLEY1886Kensington, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYCharles Shildrick BENTLEY1888Chelsea, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYEdith Florence BENTLEY1900Chelsea, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYEleanor Emma BENTLEY1897Chelsea, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYEleanor Florence BENTLEY1869Battersea, SurreyHARLEY
BENTLEYEliza Ann BENTLEY1854Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYElizabeth BENTLEY1863Chelsea, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYElizabeth Elinor BENTLEY1889Chelsea, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYEmily Louisa BENTLEY1865Chelsea, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYEmily Mary A. BENTLEY1884Chelsea/Soho MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYEmma Susan BENTLEY1861Chelsea, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYEthel Louisa BENTLEY1899Chelsea, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYFrancis Charles BENTLEY1856Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYFrancis Sheldrick BENTLEY1832Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYFrank Charles BENTLEY1887Chelsea, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYFredrick Colin BENTLEY1895Chelsea, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYJohn Fernall BENTLEY1891Chelsea, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYThomas Francis BENTLEY1884Kensington, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYThomas Harley BENTLEY1859Brompton, MiddlesexHARLEY
BENTLEYWilliam Frank BENTLEY1893Chelsea, MiddlesexHARLEY
BERRYElizabeth Alice BERRY1851Norwich, Norfolkb - GOLD/GOULD
BETTSCharles Osborn BETTS1856Norwich, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
BETTSCharles Osborn BETTS1889Old Catton, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
BETTSEsther BETTS~1791? (m. 1809 Norwich, Norfolk)c, f - WEGG
BETTSHarry Lloyd BETTS1894Old Catton, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
BETTSHettie (Hattie) Matilda BETTS1886Norwich, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
BETTSJames BETTS~1788? (m. 1817 Norwich, Norfolk)c - WEGG
BETTSJames BETTS1791Mildenhall, Suffolkc - WEGG
BETTSLily Maud BETTS1884Norwich, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
BETTSLouis William BETTS1897Old Catton, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
BETTSSusan BETTS1818Norwich, Norfolkc - WEGG
BEWLEYHerbert John BEWLEY1871Walkern or Stanstead Abbotts, Hertfordshirea2 - BULLEN
BIGGSMabel Mary BIGGS1881Histon, Cambridgeshired - CASH
BINESThomas James BINES1825Chatham, Kentg - BAMBRIDGE
BINKSElizabeth BINKS~1644? (d. 1684 Buxton, Norfolk)a - WEGG
BIRDHarriet Quinton BIRD1866Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
BIRDJemima BIRD1832Attleborough, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
BLAKEYCharlotte BLAKEY1867Sleaford, Lincolnshiref - BULLEN
BLANCHELydia Emily BLANCHE1872Hornsey, Middlesexb - CASH
BLANCHEWilliam BLANCHE1844Hornsey, Middlesexb - CASH
BLAZEYAda Alice BLAZEY1887Old Catton, Norfolkc - BULLEN
BLAZEYArthur BLAZEY1866Norwich, Norfolkc - BULLEN
BLAZEYEliza BLAZEY1891Norwich, Norfolkc - BULLEN
BLAZEYHannah BLAZEY1860Norwich, Norfolkc - BULLEN
BLAZEYHarriet BLAZEY1852Swainsthorpe, Norfolkc - BULLEN
BLAZEYJohn Richard BLAZEY1830Caistor, Norfolkc - BULLEN
BLAZEYJohn Richard BLAZEY1851Pulham St Mary, Norfolkc - BULLEN
BLAZEYRobert Louis BLAZEY1896Norwich, Norfolkc - BULLEN
BLAZEYWalter George A. BLAZEY1885Norwich, Norfolkc - BULLEN
BLAZEYWalter George BLAZEY1863Norwich, Norfolkc - BULLEN
BLAZYMary Ann BLAZY1855Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolkc - BULLEN
BLAZYSusannah Jane BLAZY (BLAZEY)1856Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolkc - BULLEN
BLYTHFanny Maria BLYTH1857Swardeston, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
BLYTHGeorge BLYTH1846Marsham, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
BONESHerbert F. BONES?? (wife b. 1890 Brantham)c - CASH
BOONSarah Dade BOON1853Hethersett, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
BOSTOCKBertha Alice BOSTOCK1867Rugeley, Staffordshirec1 - BULLEN
BOUGHENMartha Maria BOUGHEN1842St Pancras, Middlesexf - BULLEN
BOULTERAlfred Johnson BOULTER1898Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
BOULTERAlice Ellen BOULTER1877Bungay, Suffolkb - KNIGHTS
BOULTERArthur Edward BOULTER1892Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
BOULTEREdith Maria BOULTER1874Bungay, Suffolkb - KNIGHTS
BOULTERFlorence Mary BOULTER1880Great Yarmouth or Bungayb - KNIGHTS
BOULTERHerbert Thomas BOULTER1890Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
BOULTERJohn BOULTER1853Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
BOULTERJohn William BOULTER1882Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
BOULTERMinnie Louisa BOULTER1887Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
BOULTERPercy Frank BOULTER1895Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
BOULTERWilliam Frederick BOULTER1885Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
BOWBRICKEmily Catherine BOWBRICK1891Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
BOWBRICKGeorge BOWBRICK1889Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
BOWBRICKJoseph Henry BOWBRICK1900Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
BOWBRICKSidney Albert BOWBRICK1895Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
BOWBRICKWilliam BOWBRICK1888Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
BOWBRICKWilliam Robert BOWBRICK1866Christ Church, Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
BOYCEEdith Antoinette BOYCE1891Paddington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
BOYCEEdith Ellen BOYCE1867Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
BOYCEEdward BOYCE1870Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
BOYCEElizabeth Antoinette BOYCE1866Notting Hill Gate, Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
BOYCEFlorence BOYCE1863Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
BOYCEHarriet Alice BOYCE1870Notting Hill Gate, Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
BOYCEMary Ann BOYCE1860Notting Hill, Kensington, Middlesexe1, e2 - BAMBRIDGE
BOYCEOlive Amanda BOYCE1896Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
BOYCESarah Bambridge BOYCE1862Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
BOYCEThirsa Beatrice BOYCE1872Notting Hill, Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
BOYCEViolet May BOYCE1893Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
BOYCEWilliam Bambridge BOYCE1869Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
BOYCEWilliam BOYCE1825Blundeston, Suffolke1 - BAMBRIDGE
BOYLESJohn BOYLESc1794Bedingham, Norfolkb - BULLEN
BRADBURYAlice Eliza BRADBURY1860Harefield, Middlesexb - GOLD/GOULD
BRATTANEmma Newboult BRATTAN (BRATTON)1865Winteringham, Lincolnshirec1 - BULLEN
BRIGDENEmily Louisa BRIGDEN1867Helpston, Northamptonshirea3 - BULLEN
BRIGHTONAnna Alice BRIGHTON1872Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
BRISTERGeorge BRISTER1833Great Plumstead, Norfolkc - BULLEN
BROADHURSTCecil Howard BROADHURST1895Clapham, Surreya - CASH
BROADHURSTCharlotte Ellen BROADHURST1890Clapham, Surreya - CASH
BROADHURSTDorothy BROADHURST1898Clapham, Surreya - CASH
BROADHURSTHenry Robert BROADHURST1892Clapham, Surreya - CASH
BROCKLEBANKSusanna BROCKLEBANK1777St Luke Old St, Finsbury, Mdxc - WEGG
BROMLEYEliza Jane BROMLEY1869Capel-le-Ferne, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BROOKSAlbert BROOKS?? (wife b. 1888 Ipswich)c - CASH
BROOMAnn BROOM1859Norwich, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
BROOMCharles BROOM1864Londond - GOLD/GOULD
BROOMElizabeth BROOM1856Newton St Faith, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
BROOMMark BROOM1833Newton St Faith, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
BROWNEdith Maud H. BROWN1876Kirkley, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
BROWNEdmund BROWN1700Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
BROWNEdmund BROWN1702Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
BROWNEdward BROWN~1675? (m. 1698 Buxton, Norfolk)a - WEGG
BROWNEdward BROWN1707Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
BROWNHannah Elizabeth BROWN1858Beccles, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
BROWNJames BROWN1709Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
BROWNMary Ann BROWN1845Woodton, Norfolkb - BULLEN
BROWNMary BROWN1704Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
BROWNWilliam BROWN1711Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
BROWNEMary BROWNE1722? (m. 1747 Norwich)a - GOLD/GOULD
BRUNNINGFrederick BRUNNING1899Cubitt Town, Poplar, Middlesexb1 - BULLEN
BRUNNINGFrederick Richard Taylor BRUNNING1866Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
BUCKCaroline Rachel BUCK1863Barningham Parva, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
BUCKGeorge Arthur BUCK1869Scottow, Norfolkc - RUST
BUCKENHAMArthur James BUCKENHAM1881Henstead, Norfolkc - KNIGHTS
BUCKENHAMArthur James BUCKENHAM1882Framingham, Norfolkc - KNIGHTS
BUCKENHAMEllen Eliza BUCKENHAM1872North Cove, Beccles, Suffolkc - KNIGHTS
BUCKENHAMJames BUCKENHAM1848Shipmeadow, Suffolkc - KNIGHTS
BUCKENHAMMay Elsie BUCKENHAM1890Framingham, Norfolkc - KNIGHTS
BUCKENHAMRosetta BUCKENHAM1880Dresden, Staffordshirec - KNIGHTS
BUCKENHAMWilliam BUCKENHAM1852Shipmeadow, Suffolkc - KNIGHTS
BUCKINGHAMAdeline Eliza BUCKINGHAM1857Stratford, Suffolkc - KNIGHTS
BUCKINGHAMFrederick BUCKINGHAM1879Bungay, Suffolkc - KNIGHTS
BUCKINGHAMHerbert BUCKINGHAM1885Framingham Pigot, Norfolkc - KNIGHTS
BUCKINGHAMJames BUCKINGHAM1894East Tuddenham, Norfolkc - KNIGHTS
BUCKINGHAMKate BUCKINGHAM1866Great Bealings, Suffolkd - GOLD/GOULD
BUCKINHAMFrederick Robert BUCKINHAM1859Badingham, Suffolkc - KNIGHTS
BULLENAlice Emma BULLEN1874Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENAnn (Annie) Elizabeth BULLEN1856Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENAnn BULLEN1771Topcroft, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENAnn BULLEN1785Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENAnn Catherine BULLEN1823Walmer, Kenta1, a2 - BULLEN
BULLENAnn Eliza BULLEN1862Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
BULLENAnnie Elizabeth Violet BULLEN1883Deal, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENArthur BULLEN1870Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENEdith Catharine BULLEN1870Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
BULLENEdward BULLEN1867Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENEdward Joseph BULLEN1849Walmer, Kenta1, a3 - BULLEN
BULLENEdward William BULLEN1892Tottenham, Middlesexa2 - BULLEN
BULLENElizabeth BULLEN1771Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENElizabeth BULLEN1771Bedingham, Norfolka - REEVE
BULLENElizabeth BULLEN1802Lisbon (bap. Portsmouth)a1 - BULLEN
BULLENElizabeth Larke BULLEN1770Topcroft, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENElizabeth Mary BULLEN1876Deal, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENEllen Louisa BULLEN1864Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
BULLENElsie Louise BULLEN1895Tottenham, Middlesexa2 - BULLEN
BULLENEmily Mary BULLEN1882Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENEmma Sutton BULLEN1847Walmer, Kenta1, a3 - BULLEN
BULLENEthel Elizabeth BULLEN1889Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENFrederick BULLEN1854Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENFrederick Herbert BULLEN1889Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENGrace Ethel BULLEN1876Mile End, Middlesexa2 - BULLEN
BULLENHarold Redvers BULLEN1900Tottenham, Middlesexa2 - BULLEN
BULLENHenry BULLEN1751Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENHenry BULLEN1865Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENHenry Edward Thomas BULLEN1884Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENHerbert John BULLEN1880Mile End, Middlesexa2 - BULLEN
BULLENJames BULLEN1741Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENJames Henry BULLEN1837Walmer, Kenta1, a2 - BULLEN
BULLENJane Amelia BULLEN1868Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
BULLENJemima BULLEN1779Topcroft, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENJessie Louisa BULLEN1876Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENJohn BULLEN1739Denton, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENJohn BULLEN1775Topcroft, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENJohn BULLEN1858Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENJohn Fortsecue BULLEN1841Walmer, Kenta1, a3 - BULLEN
BULLENJulia May BULLEN1874Deal, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENLilian Jessie BULLEN1877Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
BULLENLouisa BULLEN1863Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENLouisa Elizabeth BULLEN1844Walmer, Kenta1, a3 - BULLEN
BULLENMargaret BULLEN1839Walmer, Kenta1, a3 - BULLEN
BULLENMargaret Hannah BULLEN1879Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
BULLENMary BULLEN1765Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENMary BULLEN1780Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENMary Elizabeth BULLEN1900Poplar, Middlesexa2 - BULLEN
BULLENMary Jane BULLEN1832Walmer, Kenta1, a2 - BULLEN
BULLENRachel BULLEN1773Topcroft, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENRobert BULLEN1747Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENRobert BULLEN1773Bedingham, Norfolka, a1 - BULLEN
BULLENRobert BULLEN1829Walmer, Kenta1, a2 - BULLEN
BULLENRobert BULLEN1851Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENRobert William BULLEN1878Mile End, Middlesexa2 - BULLEN
BULLENRosa Ellen BULLEN1880Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENSarah BULLEN1745Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENSarah BULLEN1777Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENSarah BULLEN1782Topcroft, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENSusanna BULLEN1757Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENThomas BULLEN1754Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
BULLENThomas George BULLEN1878Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENThomas James BULLEN1849Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENThomas Richard BULLEN1834Walmer, Kenta1, a2 - BULLEN
BULLENVictor Albert BULLEN1879Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENWalter Alfred T. BULLEN1887Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENWalter BULLEN1860Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENWilliam BULLEN1847Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
BULLENWilliam John A. BULLEN1883Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
BULLENWilliam Richard BULLEN1805Walmer, Kenta1, a2, a3 - BULLEN
BULLENWilliam Thomas BULLEN1826Walmer, Kenta1, a2 - BULLEN
BULLEYErnest Edward BULLEY1883Crouch End, Hornsey, Middlesexd - RUST
BULLOCKSelina Adela BULLOCK1869Oulton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
BUNCEClarance Victor BUNCE1890Edmonton, MiddlesexDABBS
BUNNRichard BUNN1881Wymondham, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
BURRAGEKatharine BURRAGE1684Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
BURRAGERobert BURRAGE~1665? (m. 1683 Buxton, Norfolk)a - WEGG
BURROWSJane Elizabeth BURROWS1884? (married Wood Green)FLEURY
BURTEliza BURT1855Norton, SuffolkHARLEY
BURTONAlfred James BURTON1866South Weald, Essexg1 - WEGG
BURTONAlice Maria BURTON1846Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
BURTONAnnie Florence M. BURTON1886Great Yarmouth, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
BURTONFanny Maria BURTON1853Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
BURTONFrederick George BURTON1858South Weald, Essexg1 - WEGG
BURTONHarriot Ann BURTON1848Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
BURTONJohn BURTON1891Great Yarmouth, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
BURTONJoseph Colman BURTON1864South Weald, Essexg1 - WEGG
BURTONMary Elizabeth BURTON1862South Weald, Essexg1 - WEGG
BURTONRachel BURTON1855South Weald, Essexg1 - WEGG
BURTONRobert BURTON1819Holt, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
BURTONRobert John BURTON1851Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
BURTONRosa Anna BURTON1871South Weald, Essexg1 - WEGG
BURTONWalter Pigott BURTON1860South Weald, Essexg1 - WEGG
BURTONWilliam J. BURTON1888Great Yarmouth, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
BURTONWilliam John BURTON1860Great Yarmouth, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
BURTONWilliam Robert BURTON1850South Weald, Essexg1 - WEGG
BUTLEREliza BUTLER1814Blickling, Norfolkf - RUST
BUTLEREllen BUTLER1855Gloucestershired1 - BAMBRIDGE
BUXTONCharles BUXTON1865Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
BUXTONFrederick BUXTON1868Norwich, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
BUXTONFrederick BUXTON1870Norwich St John de Sepulchre, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
BUXTONLouisa Ellen BUXTON1898York, Yorkshired1 - BAMBRIDGE
BUXTONMargaret BUXTON1867Norwich St Lawrence, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
BUXTONThomas BUXTON1870Norwich, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
BUXTONThomas BUXTON1875Norwich, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
BUXTONWilliam Charles BUXTON1841Scole, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
BUXTONWinifred Mary BUXTON1896York, Yorkshired1 - BAMBRIDGE
CANNONElizabeth Ann CANNON1859Deal, Kenta1 - BULLEN
CARISSAnnie CARISS1882Easingwold, Yorkshireb9 - BULLEN
CARISSSarah Annie CARISS1899Easingwold, Yorkshireb9 - BULLEN
CARLOSSAlice Ellen CARLOSS1873Reigate, Surreyg2 - WEGG
CARTERAnnie Maria CARTER1874Elmstead, Essexe - RUST
CASHAlbert CASH1891Poplar, Middlesexd - CASH
CASHAlfred CASH1883Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
CASHAlfred CASH1890Clapton, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHAlice CASH1866Hackney, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHAlice Emma CASH1860Hackney, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHAnn CASH1795Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
CASHAnn CASH1826Highgate, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHArthur Neuman CASH1883Clapton, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHCaroline Elizabeth CASH1887Clapton, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHCatherine Sarah CASH1855Mile End (Stepney), Middlesexb - CASH
CASHCharles CASH1834Highgate, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHCharles George CASH1863Mile End, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHCharlotte CASH1806Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
CASHClara CASH1873Clapton, Hackney, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHEdith Lydia CASH1884Clapton, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHEdmund Adolphus CASH1844Spitalfields Christ Church, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHEdwin CASH1852Bethnal Green, Middlesexd, e - CASH
CASHEdwin CASH1878Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
CASHEdwin CASH1878Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
CASHEliza Ann CASH1849Clapton (Hackney), Middlesexb - CASH
CASHEliza CASH1854Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
CASHElizabeth CASH1808Bethnal Green, Middlesexa, c - CASH
CASHElizabeth CASH1852Kilburn, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHEllen Eliza CASH1876Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
CASHEmily CASH1849Finchley, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHFlorence Lily CASH1898Hackney, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHFlorence Lucy CASH1878Clapton, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHFrank Arthur CASH1872Hackney, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHFrederick James CASH1877Hackney, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHGeorge Alexander CASH1854Hackney, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHGeorge CASH1793Shoreditch, Middlesexa, b - CASH
CASHGeorge CASH1820Highgate, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHGeorge Henry CASH1887Poplar, Middlesexd - CASH
CASHGrace CASH1895Clapton, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHHannah CASH1841Bethnal Green, Middlesexc, d - CASH
CASHHannah Elizabeth CASH1885Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
CASHJames CASH1823Highgate, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHJessie CASH1889Clapton, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHJohn CASH1803Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
CASHJohn CASH1827Highgate, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHJohn CASH1852Hackney, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHJohn CASH1857Birminghamb1 - BULLEN
CASHJohn George CASH1887East Dereham, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
CASHLavinia CASH1849Spitalfields Christ Church, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHLouisa CASH1847Spitalfields Christ Church, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHMartha CASH1811Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
CASHMary Ann CASH1845Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
CASHMary Ann CASH1848Finchley, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHMary CASH1885Clapton, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHMaud Mary CASH1866Bow, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHMiriam CASH1850Spitalfields Christ Church, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHOliver Edward CASH1842Spitalfields Christ Church, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHOliver John CASH1894St Pancras, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHOliver Montesquieu CASH1862St Pancras, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHRosina CASH1892Clapton, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHRuth CASH1894Poplar, Middlesexd - CASH
CASHSarah CASH1790Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
CASHSarah CASH1804Shoreditch, Middlesexa - CASH
CASHSarah CASH1833Highgate, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHSarah Elizabeth CASH1843Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
CASHThomas Augustus R. CASH1869St Pancras, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHThomas CASH?? (1st child b. 1790 Bethnal Gr)a - CASH
CASHThomas CASH1791Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
CASHThomas CASH1814Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
CASHThomas Henry CASH1891Norwich, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
CASHThomas Richards CASH1840Edmonton, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHThomas William CASH1849Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
CASHVictor James CASH1898Walsall, Staffordshireb1 - BULLEN
CASHWilliam Alfred CASH1857Clapton, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHWilliam CASH1809Bethnal Green, Middlesexa, d - CASH
CASHWilliam CASH1809Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
CASHWilliam CASH1830Highgate, Middlesexb - CASH
CASHWilliam CASH1880Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
CASHWilliam James CASH1881Clapton, Middlesexb - CASH
CASTLEDaniel CASTLE1858Bethnal Green, Middlesexe - REEVE
CASTLEEllen May Frances CASTLE1890New Cross, Kente - REEVE
CATCHPOLE(Robert) George CATCHPOLE (LEGOOD)1868Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEAgnes Violet A. CATCHPOLE1892Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEAlfred Allen C. CATCHPOLE1900Topcroft, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEAlice CATCHPOLE1887Mettingham, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEAugusta Maud CATCHPOLE1890Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLECharles Albert CATCHPOLE1866Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLECharles Albert CATCHPOLE1892Ditchingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEElizabeth CATCHPOLE1840Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEEllen CATCHPOLE1890Mettingham, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEEthel Mary CATCHPOLE1879Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEFlorence May CATCHPOLE1898Ditchingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEFrank Basil CATCHPOLE1897Woodton, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEGeorge William CATCHPOLE1889Mettingham, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEJames CATCHPOLE1851Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEJames Lewis CATCHPOLE1883Ilketshall St Margaret, Suffolkb9 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLELouisa CATCHPOLE1896Ditchingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEMabel Elizabeth CATCHPOLE1893Ilketshall St Margaret, Suffolkb9 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEPamela Eleanor F. CATCHPOLE1895Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
CATCHPOLEWallace Hector G. CATCHPOLE1893Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
CATLINGAdelaide Annie CATLING1893South Shields, Durhamd2 - BULLEN
CATLINGCharles Victor CATLING1897South Shields, Durhamd2 - BULLEN
CATLINGFrederick Charles CATLING1852Southelmham St Cross, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
CATLINGFrederick Richard CATLING1891South Shields, Durhamd2 - BULLEN
CATLINGGeorge CATLING (MOORE)1857Southelmham St Cross, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
CATLINGHarriet CATLING1822Southelmham St Cross, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
CATLINGLily May CATLING1889South Shields, Durhamd2 - BULLEN
CATLINGSophia Eliza E. CATLING1879Lowestoft, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
CHANDLEREliza Jane CHANDLER1887Salt Lake City, Utahe - WEGG
CHANDLEREmily Ronalda CHANDLER1890Salt Lake City, Utahe - WEGG
CHANDLERErnest Clark CHANDLER1893Ogden, Utahe - WEGG
CHANDLERGeorge Crompton CHANDLER1871Salt Lake City, Utahe - WEGG
CHANDLERGeorge William CHANDLER1835Whitley, Surreye - WEGG
CHANDLERHorace Rushmer CHANDLER1881Salt Lake City, Utahe - WEGG
CHANDLERIda Maude CHANDLER1874Salt Lake City, Utahe - WEGG
CHANDLERRosa May CHANDLER1877Salt Lake City, Utahe - WEGG
CHANDLERStephen Edgar CHANDLER1876Salt Lake City, Utahe - WEGG
CHANDLERWilliam Wallace CHANDLER1885Salt Lake City, Utahe - WEGG
CHAPMANAgnes CHAPMAN1871Hainford, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
CHAPMANEdmund CHAPMAN1824Drayton, Norfolkb - RUST
CHAPMANGeoffrey Ernest CHAPMAN1894Holt, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
CHAPMANJohn CHAPMAN1800Hainford, Norfolka, b - RUST
CHAPMANJohn CHAPMAN1856Drayton, Norfolkb - RUST
CHAPMANMary Ann CHAPMAN1873Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
CHAPMANMary Sophia CHAPMAN1858Drayton, Norfolkb - RUST
CHAPMANSophia CHAPMAN1822Buxton, Norfolkb - RUST
CHAPMANWilliam CHAPMAN1836Drayton, Norfolkb - RUST
CHAPMANWilliam Ernest CHAPMAN1871Norwich, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
CHARLESWORTHArthur Vernon CHARLESWORTH1864Edmonton, Middlesexf - BAMBRIDGE
CHARLISHJane Ruth CHARLISH1836Bungay, Suffolkb, b1 - BULLEN
CHILDArthur John CHILD1883Castleacre, Norfolkd - RUST
CHILDBessie Dorothy E. CHILD1890Castleacre, Norfolkd - RUST
CHILDEdward Thomas CHILD1873Metteshall, Norfolkd - RUST
CHILDFrank CHILD1875Hellesdon, Norfolkd - RUST
CHILDHarry Page CHILD1880Castleacre, Norfolkd - RUST
CHILDMaud Topping CHILD1899Swaffham, Norfolkd - RUST
CHILDSydney George CHILD1886Castleacre, Norfolkd - RUST
CHILDThomas CHILD1850East Tuddenham, Norfolkd - RUST
CHILDWilliam Albert CHILD1879Castleacre, Norfolkd - RUST
CHILVERSHarriet CHILVERS (COSSEY)1840Langley, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
CHILVERSRosina (Rosena) CHILVERS1834Pulham St Mary, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
CHITTLEBURGHCharles William CHITTLEBURGH1862Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - REEVE
CHUCKAlice Mary CHUCK1871North Mymms, Hertfordshireb3 - BULLEN
CLACKEmily CLACK1856Warboys, Huntingdonshiree4 - BULLEN
CLARKAlfred CLARK1874Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
CLARKElizabeth CLARK1866Beccles, Suffolke - GOLD/GOULD
CLARKEmma Jane CLARK1874Ogden, Utahe - WEGG
CLARKLucy CLARK1875Swanage, Dorseta2 - BULLEN
CLARKMary Ann CLARK1865Nettlesworth, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
CLARKWilliam CLARK1873Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
CLARKWilliam Evan CLARK1842Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
CLARKEAgnes Alice CLARKE1895Wicklewood, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
CLARKEAlbert Taylor CLARKE1867Morley Mill, Morley St Botolph, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
CLARKEAnn CLARKE1795Cromer, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
CLARKECharles Copland CLARKE1828Morley St Botolph, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
CLARKECharles Edward CLARKE1864Morley St Botolph, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
CLARKEGeorge Albert CLARKE1893Wicklewood, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
CLARKEJohn David CLARKE1853Norwich, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
CLARKEWilliam Ernest CLARKE1896Norwich, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
CLAXTONCaroline CLAXTON1842Luton, Bedfordshireb - CASH
CLUTTENIda CLUTTEN1886Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
CLUTTONEliza CLUTTON1861Bungay, Suffolkb - KNIGHTS
COCKADAYEllen COCKADAY1863Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
COCKEREmma Hase COCKER1855Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
CODLINGMary CODLING (QUADLING)1808Ashill, Norfolkb, b8, b9 - BULLEN
COLEAlbert Ernest COLE1896Hardley, Norfolkf - BULLEN
COLEAlbert Whyatt COLE1871Gisleham, Suffolkf - BULLEN
COLEMartha COLE1852Heigham, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
COLERebecca COLE1819Worstead, Norfolkb, d1, d2 - WEGG
COLERobert Bambridge COLE1855Heigham, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
COLERobert COLE1827Worstead, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
COLEBYMary Ann COLEBYc1810? (husb. b. Buxton)a, f - GOLD/GOULD
COLLINSCharlotte COLLINS1858Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
COLLINSElizabeth COLLINS1840Buxton, Norfolka, d, e - GOLD/GOULD
COLLINSElizabeth COLLINS1864Chatteris, Cambsd - GOLD/GOULD
COLLINSEllen Louisa COLLINS1854Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
COLLINSJohn COLLINS1838Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
COLLINSJohn Thomas COLLINS1867Chatteris, Cambsd - GOLD/GOULD
COLMANAnn Shepherd COLMAN1859Sloley, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
COLMANAnne COLMAN1735Tunstead, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
COLMANCharles Shepherd COLMAN1838Sloley, Norfolkd2 - BAMBRIDGE
COLMANCharles Stephen COLMAN1894St Pancras, Middlesexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
COLMANElizabeth Shepherd COLMAN1859Sloley (Tunstead), Norfolkd2 - BAMBRIDGE
COLMANFlorence Amelia COLMAN1891St Pancras, Middlesexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
COLMANJohn S. COLMAN1866St Pancras, Middlesexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
COLMANMaria Bunting COLMAN1828Marylebone, Middlesexg1 - WEGG
COLMANMary COLMAN1870St Pancras, Middlesexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
COLMANMinnie Susan COLMAN1900Islington, Middlesexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
COLMANRebecca Bambridge COLMAN1857Sloley (Tunstead), Norfolkd2 - BAMBRIDGE
COLMANRobert COLMAN1861Sloley (Tunstead), Norfolkd2 - BAMBRIDGE
CONNELLMary CONNELL1863St Bride, Middlesexf - WEGG
CONNORAmelia Emily CONNOR1865Harlow, Essexf - BAMBRIDGE
CONNOREmily CONNOR1869Harlow, Essexf - BAMBRIDGE
CONNORJoseph Knight CONNOR1880Battersea, Surreyf - BAMBRIDGE
CONNORMichael Austin CONNOR1832Cork, Irelandf - BAMBRIDGE
COOKAnne COOK1864Chappel, Colchester, Essexb4 - BULLEN
COOKEdward COOK1859Buxton Lamas, Norfolkc - RUST
COOKEmma COOK1869Marsham, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
COOKGladys COOK1900Leigh, Essexb8 - BULLEN
COOKSusanna COOK1737Worstead, Norfolka, c - WEGG
COOKThomas Albert COOK1874Lowestoft, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
COOKEArthur Ernest COOKE1885Buxton Lamas, Norfolkc - RUST
COOKEClara Rachel COOKE1894Lambeth, Surreyc - BULLEN
COOKEFrances Elizabeth COOKE1880Buxton Lamas, Norfolkc - RUST
COOKEGeorge COOKE1843St Albans St Peter, Hertfordshirec - BULLEN
COOKEHenry Christmas COOKE1883Buxton Lamas, Norfolkc - RUST
COOKEHenry COOKE1872Westminster, Middlesexc - BULLEN
COOKEJames Henry COOKE1868Pimlico, Middlesexc - BULLEN
COOKENellie Louisa COOKE1898Putney, Surreyc - BULLEN
COOKESarah Jane COOKE1870Pimlico, Middlesexc - BULLEN
COOPERAnnie COOPER1889Islington, Middlesexf - WEGG
COOPERCharlie COOPER1895Islington, Middlesexf - WEGG
COOPERElizabeth Jane COOPER1893Islington, Middlesexf - WEGG
COOPEREmma COOPER1840Sheffield, Yorkshireb - CASH
COOPERJohn COOPER1851Westminster, Middlesexf - WEGG
COOPERJoseph COOPER1891Islington, Middlesexf - WEGG
COOPERLouisa COOPER1865Bedsom, Kentd3 - BULLEN
COOPERSusanna Rose COOPER1885Islington, Middlesexf - WEGG
COOPERWilliam J. COOPER1883Islington, Middlesexf - WEGG
COPEMANAnna Maria COPEMAN1866Wreninghham, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
COPLANDEdmund COPLAND1840Great Yarmouth, Norfolka - RUST
COPLANDMatthew COPLAND1817Buxton, Norfolka - RUST
COPLANDMatthew Isaac COPLAND1842Great Yarmouth, Norfolka - RUST
COPPINGAlfred Weston COPPING1882Hardwick, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
COPPINGCharles Sydney COPPING1883Hardwick, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
COPPINGHenry (Harold) COPPING1850Hardwick, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
COPPSLouisa COPPS1793Shoreditch, Middlesexa - CASH
CORNISHAlbert CORNISH1893Norwich, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
CORNISHAnnie Eliza CORNISH1847Mile End, Middlesexb - KNIGHTS
CORNISHBeatrice Louisa CORNISH1884Norwich, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
CORNISHEdith Maria CORNISH1875Norwich, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
CORNISHEdward CORNISH1872Mile End, Middlesexd - CASH
CORNISHFrederick CORNISH1823Bungay, Suffolka, b - KNIGHTS
CORNISHFrederick CORNISH1852Norwich, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
CORNISHFrederick W. CORNISH1871Bungay, Suffolkb - KNIGHTS
CORNISHHerbert CORNISH1882Norwich, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
CORNISHJames CORNISH1857Norwich, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
CORNISHLily CORNISH1887Norwich, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
CORNISHMaria CORNISH1853Shipmeadow, Suffolkb - KNIGHTS
CORNISHMary Ann CORNISH1844Ditchingham, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
CORNISHMaud CORNISH1890Norwich, Norfolkc - KNIGHTS
CORNISHSarah CORNISH1849Spitalfields, Middlesexb - KNIGHTS
CORNISHWilliam CORNISH1880Norwich, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
COTGROVEElizabeth Mary COTGROVE1869Leigh on Sea, Essexg2 - WEGG
COURTNEYMary Jane COURTNEY1855Tranmere, Birkenhead, Cheshired - BULLEN
COWDREYEmily COWDREY1856Bratton, Wiltshiref - BAMBRIDGE
COWDREYThomas William COWDREY1887Acton, Middlesexb - GOLD/GOULD
CRAIKEGeorge Lionel CRAIKE1882? (m. 1880, Walmer, Kent)a2 - BULLEN
CRANEEmma Elizabeth CRANE1866Hulme, Manchester, Lancashirec1 - BULLEN
CRASKEDorothy Rose CRASKE1898Richmond, Surreye3 - BULLEN
CRASKEEmmeline Alice M. CRASKE1896Bermondsey, Surreye3 - BULLEN
CRASKEFrederick Charles CRASKE1867Haydon, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
CRASKEWilliam Alfred CRASKE1894Romford, Essexe3 - BULLEN
CRIPPSEmma CRIPPS1867Foulness, Essexf - WEGG
CRISPFrederic(k) William CRISP1866Geldeston, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
CRISPFrederick George CRISP1892Geldeston, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
CRISPGladys Evelyn CRISP1898Geldeston, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
CRISPMay E. CRISP1895Geldeston, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
CRISPMinnie Maria CRISP1889Geldeston, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
CROMPTONBenjamin Stephen Powell CROMPTON1818Hainford, Norfolkb, e - WEGG
CROMPTONCharles William CROMPTON1855Norwich, Norfolke - WEGG
CROMPTONGeorgiana CROMPTON1852Norwich, Norfolke - WEGG
CROUCHEmily Alice CROUCH1859Lambeth, Surreyg2 - WEGG
CROWElizabeth CROW(E)1826Topcroft, Norfolkb, b4 - BULLEN
CROWHenry CROW1828Woodton, Norfolkb - BULLEN
CROWJonathan CROW1800Bedingham, Norfolkb - BULLEN
CROWEAnn Elizabeth CROWE1847Woodton, Norfolkb4, b5 - BULLEN
CRUMBYBessie May CRUMBY1895Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
CRUMBYGeorge Henry CRUMBY1888Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
CRUMBYLily Grace CRUMBY1900Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
CRUMBYLouisa Margaret CRUMBY1898Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
CRUMBYThomas Henry CRUMBY1860Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
CRUMBYWilliam John CRUMBY1892Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
CRUTTENDENFrederick Arthur CRUTTENDEN1888Chislehurst, Kenta2 - BULLEN
CRUTTENDENFrederick Charles CRUTTENDEN1862Hastings St Leonard, Sussexa2 - BULLEN
CRUTTENDENHarold George CRUTTENDEN1899Chislehurst, Kenta2 - BULLEN
CRUTTENDENLouie Frances CRUTTENDEN1893Chislehurst, Kenta2 - BULLEN
CRUTTENDENOlive Mary CRUTTENDEN1891Chislehurst, Kenta2 - BULLEN
CRUTTENDENSidney Charles CRUTTENDEN1889Chislehurst, Kenta2 - BULLEN
CRUTTENDENWilliam Benjamin CRUTTENDEN1897Chislehurst, Kenta2 - BULLEN
CUBITTOlive Rose S. CUBITT1900Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
CUBITTWilliam Sturman CUBITT1875Norwich, Norfolkb - REEVE
CUDLIPJoyce F. CUDLIP?? (husb. b. 1898, Enfield)DABBS
CULLENMaria CULLEN1792Shottesham, Norfolka - REEVE
CURLINGHenry Charles CURLING1877Deal, Kenta2 - BULLEN
CURLINGJohn Jarrold CURLING1880Deal, Kenta2 - BULLEN
CURTISAmelia Caroline CURTIS1875Tottenham, Middlesexd - CASH
CUSHINGEdith Elsie CUSHING1875Pilgrim's Hatch, Essexc - RUST
DABBSAlbert DABBS1856St Luke City Road, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSAlbert DABBS1887Bow, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSAlbert Edward DABBS1883Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSAlice Amelia DABBS1892Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSAlice Florence DABBS1892Enfield, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSArthur Ingram DABBS1898Enfield, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSEdith Ellen DABBS1878Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSEliza DABBS1892Bow, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSEsther DABBS1860Leytonstone, EssexDABBS
DABBSFlorence DABBS1869Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSFlorence DABBS1890Bow, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSFrank Herbert DABBS1887Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSGrace Darling DABBS1899Poplar, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSHarold Victor J. DABBS1893Bow, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSHarry DABBS1863Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSHarry Oscar J. DABBS1887Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSHenry DABBS1876Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSJames DABBS?? (son born 1818, Hampshire)DABBS
DABBSJames DABBS1818Petersfield, HampshireDABBS
DABBSJames DABBS1854St Luke City Road, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSJames Ellsom DABBS1850Shoreditch, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSLucy Amelia DABBS1880Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
DABBSLucy Amelia DABBS1880Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSLucy Esther DABBS1890Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSReuben Frederick DABBS1885Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSRichard DABBS1858St Luke City Road, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSRichard DABBS1883Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
DABBSSidney James DABBS1880Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
DADYEliza DADY1835Weybourne, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
DALTREYAlfred Benjamin DALTREY1809Shoreditch, Middlesexa, c - CASH
DALTREYAlfred Joseph DALTREY1841Bethnal Green, Middlesexc, d - CASH
DALTREYAlfred William DALTREY1878Bow, Middlesexc - CASH
DALTREYAlice DALTREY1868Bow, Middlesexc, d - CASH
DALTREYCharlotte DALTREY1853Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - CASH
DALTREYEdwin DALTREY1839Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - CASH
DALTREYEliza DALTREY1870Bow, Middlesexc, d - CASH
DALTREYElizabeth Alice DALTREY1837Bethnal Green, Middlesexa, c - CASH
DALTREYEllen DALTREY1845Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - CASH
DALTREYEllen Edith DALTREY1881Bow, Middlesexc - CASH
DALTREYEmily Hannah DALTREY1866Bow, Middlesexc, d - CASH
DALTREYEthel Eliza DALTREY1889Bow, Middlesexc - CASH
DALTREYHenry Joseph DALTREY1879Bow, Middlesexc - CASH
DALTREYMary Ann DALTREY1843Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - CASH
DALTREYWilliam Benjamin DALTREY1882Bow, Middlesexc - CASH
DANIELSCatherine Mary DANIELS1865Coltishall, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
DARWENElizabeth DARWEN1873Wigan, Lancashiree - GOLD/GOULD
DASHWOODFrank Loyd DASHWOOD1896Norwich, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
DASHWOODGertrude DASHWOOD1898Norwich, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
DASHWOODJob Ephraim DASHWOOD1867Norwich, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
DAVENPORTSarah Ann DAVENPORT1868Hulme, Manchester, Lancashirec1 - BULLEN
DAVISEsther Caroline DAVIS1833Shoreditch, MiddlesexDABBS
DAVISONEmma DAVISON1855Swanton Abbott, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
DAWDRYAlbert Walter DAWDRY1891Forest Gate, EssexHARLEY
DAWDRYFrederic(k) Walter DAWDRY1852Wymondham, NorfolkHARLEY
DAWDRYFrederick Stanley DAWDRY1887West Ham, EssexHARLEY
DAWDRYRhoda Ellen ("Nellie") DAWDRY1896Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
DAWERichard Henry DAWE1893Kenton, North'lnde - GOLD/GOULD
DAWSONArthur Ernest DAWSON1875Norwich, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
DAWSONErnest Jonathan DAWSON1897Norwich, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
DAWSONHilda Mabel DAWSON1899Norwich, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
DEANHarry John DEAN1887Forncett St Peter, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
DEANSamuel John DEANc1856Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
DEVLINAlbert George DEVLIN1896Norwich, Norfolkc - BULLEN
DEVLINAnne Laura DEVLIN1890Portsmouth, Hampshirec - BULLEN
DEVLINEdith May DEVLIN1900Norwich, Norfolkc - BULLEN
DEVLINEdward Victor DEVLIN1899Norwich, Norfolkc - BULLEN
DEVLINJames P. DEVLIN1862Irelandc - BULLEN
DEVLINJames Patrick DEVLIN1892Norwich, Norfolkc - BULLEN
DEVLINJohn Richard DEVLIN1894Norwich, Norfolkc - BULLEN
DEVLINLilian B. DEVLIN1886Alderney, Channel Islandsc - BULLEN
DEWELLAnnie Louisa DEWELL1891Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
DEWELLArthur DEWELL1893Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
DEWELLFrederick DEWELL1884Deal, Kenta2 - BULLEN
DEWELLHenry Edward DEWELL1888Deal, Kenta2 - BULLEN
DEWELLJames Stephen DEWELL1858Deal, Kenta2 - BULLEN
DEWELLLily Ethel M. DEWELL1894Walmer, Kenta2 - BULLEN
DEWELLWalter James DEWELL1882Deal, Kenta2 - BULLEN
DEWENWilliam John DEWEN1859Kentish Town, Middlesexc - BULLEN
DEWINGAnne DEWING1727? (d 1789 Aylsham)a - RUST
DINGLEEliza DINGLE1861Norwich, Norfolkc - BULLEN
DINGLEJessie Ellen DINGLE1865Moulton St Mary, Norfolkc - BULLEN
DIXONAnnie Elizabeth DIXON1894Keyingham, Yorkshireb7 - BULLEN
DIXONElsie Mary DIXON1896Keyingham, Yorkshireb7 - BULLEN
DIXONGeorge DIXON1884Ganstead, Yorkshireb7 - BULLEN
DIXONGertrude DIXON1891Preston, Yorkshireb7 - BULLEN
DIXONJohn DIXON1860South Kelsey, Lincolnshireb7 - BULLEN
DIXONJohn DIXON1862Trunch, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
DIXONJohn William DIXON1882Ganstead, Yorkshireb7 - BULLEN
DIXONLucy DIXON1888Burstwick, Yorkshireb7 - BULLEN
DIXONMinnie DIXON1889Preston, Yorkshireb7 - BULLEN
DIXONWalter DIXON1886Burstwick, Yorkshireb7 - BULLEN
DOTTHenrietta Florence DOTT1879Hoxton Old Town, Shoreditch, Middlesexb - CASH
DOUBLEElsie D. DOUBLE?? (husb. b. 1900 Brantham)c - CASH
DOVEAlfred DOVE1848Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEAlice DOVE~1763? (m. 1784 Heigham, Norfolk)c - WEGG
DOVEBessie DOVE1882Christ Church, Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVECharles George DOVE1896Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEDorothy DOVE1899Dulwich, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEEllen Agnes DOVE1873Christ Church, Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEEmily DOVE1866Christ Church, Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEEmma DOVE1827Christ Church, Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEFrederick Horace DOVE1893Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshiref - WEGG
DOVEGeorge DOVE1791Norwich, Norfolkc, f - WEGG
DOVEGeorge DOVE1832Christ Church, Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEGeorge DOVE1869Christ Church, Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEGeorge Thomas DOVE1870Christ Church, Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEJames DOVE1835Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEJames DOVE1861Christ Church, Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEJames DOVE1884Lambeth, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEJohn DOVE1876Christ Church, Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEJoseph Robert DOVE1896Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshiref - WEGG
DOVEMargaret DOVE1868Christ Church, Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEMary Alice DOVE1887Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshiref - WEGG
DOVEMary Ann DOVE1865Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEMary DOVE1821Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEMary DOVE1872City, Middlesexf - WEGG
DOVEMary DOVE1874Christ Church, Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEMercy DOVE1838Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVERobert William DOVE1865Christ Church, Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVESarah DOVE1788Norwich, Norfolkc - WEGG
DOVESarah Ellen DOVE1863St Sepulchre, Middlesexf - WEGG
DOVESophia DOVE1900Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshiref - WEGG
DOVESusanna DOVE1830Christ Church, Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVESydney Frederick DOVE1899Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEWilliam Bertie DOVE1890Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshiref - WEGG
DOVEWilliam DOVE~1761? (m. 1785 Heigham, Norfolk)c - WEGG
DOVEWilliam DOVE1838Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEWilliam Henry DOVE1842Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOVEWilliam Joseph DOVE1841Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
DOWNArthur James DOWN?? (m.1899 Eastry District, Kent)a3 - BULLEN
DOWNINGEva Victoria DOWNING1900Wangford, Suffolkc - REEVE
DOYLEArthur DOYLE1883Aylsham, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
DOYLEArthur DOYLE1883Aylsham, Norfolke - RUST
DOYLEEdward George DOYLE1857Aylsham, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
DOYLEEdward George DOYLE1857Aylsham, Norfolke - RUST
DOYLEEdward George DOYLE1881Buxton, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
DOYLEEdward George DOYLE1881Buxton, Norfolke - RUST
DUFFELLMary Ann DUFFELL1818Woodton, Norfolkd - BULLEN
DUNBARMary Elizabeth Julia DUNBAR1860Whitechapel, Middlesexc - WEGG
DUNBARWilliam DUNBAR1832Scotlandc - WEGG
DUNNETTOlive Gertrude DUNNETT1890Battersea Surreye - GOLD/GOULD
DURGANGeorge William DURGAN1877Bow, Middlesexc - CASH
DURRANTElizabeth DURRANT1861Claxton, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
DYBALLAlan Roy DYBALL1894Norwich, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
DYBALLEdith Elva DYBALL1876Stoke Newington, Middlesexg1 - WEGG
DYBALLElizabeth Ann DYBALL1849Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
DYBALLEthel Louise DYBALL1878Cambridge, Cambridgeshireg1 - WEGG
DYBALLFrederick Jonathan DYBALL1892Norwich, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
DYBALLHarold Barney DYBALL1896Norwich, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
DYBALLHerbert Robert DYBALL1851Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
DYBALLJonathan DYBALL1824Monk Hazeldean, Durhamg1 - WEGG
DYBALLWalter William (Thomas) DYBALL1854Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
DYBALLWilliam John DYBALL1853Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
DYECharles George DYE1887Bergh Apton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
DYEClara Elizabeth DYE1895Thurton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
DYEDiana DYE1805Wacton, Norfolkc - BULLEN
DYEEleanor Mary A. DYE1883Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
DYEElizabeth Emma DYE1881Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
DYEEllen DYE1866Seething, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
DYEEmma Florence DYE1890Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
DYEEthel Julia DYE1892Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
DYEFrederick James J. DYE1885Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
DYEGeorge DYE1861Seething, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
DYEHilda Annie DYE1891Thurton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
DYEJessie Ann DYE1888Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
DYELeonard Frederick DYE1893Thurton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
DYELevi John DYE1888Bergh Apton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
DYELilian May DYE1897Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
DYEMary Ann DYEc1760? (husb. b. Buxton)a - GOLD/GOULD
DYEWalter DYE1851Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
DYEWalter Thomas DYE1894Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
DYEWilliam Levi DYE1885Seething, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
EDGINGTONFrederick EDGINGTON1877Wootton Warwen, Warwickshireb - RUST
EDGINGTONJohn EDGINGTON1819Bermondsey, Surreyf - WEGG
EDWARDSEmily Louise EDWARDS1871St Lawrence, Ramsgate, Kenta1 - BULLEN
EDWARDSRebecca EDWARDS1870New Catton, Norwich, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
ELFORDAlbert Edward ELFORD1889Limington, Somersetb - GOLD/GOULD
ELFORDAlice Mary ELFORD1884Bruton, Somersetb - GOLD/GOULD
ELFORDCharles Henry ELFORD1883Bruton, Somersetb - GOLD/GOULD
ELFORDGilbert George ELFORD1887Limington, Somersetb - GOLD/GOULD
ELFORDHilda Emma ELFORD1891Limington, Somersetb - GOLD/GOULD
ELFORDMatthew Frederick George ELFORD1854Limington, Somersetb - GOLD/GOULD
ELFORDWilliam Tom ELFORD1893Limington, Somersetb - GOLD/GOULD
ELLERCAMPEsther ELLERCAMP1847Woolwich, Kenta, c - CASH
ELLIOTTMartha ELLIOTT1857Camden Town, Middlesexa1 - BULLEN
ELLISAda ELLIS1892Bermondsey, Surreyd2 - BAMBRIDGE
ELLISJohn J. ELLIS1883Finchley, Middlesexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
ELLISThomas Edward ELLIS1862Brecon, Breconshired2 - BAMBRIDGE
ELLISThomas ELLIS1890Kentish Town, Middlesexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
ELLSOMRebecca ELLSOM1819Yaxley, HuntingdonshireDABBS
ELSDENElizabeth Sarah ELSDEN1859Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
ELSDENEmma Jane ELSDEN1868Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
ELSDENHarriett Lucy ELSDEN1870Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
ELSDENJames H. ELSDEN1866Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
ELSDENJane Margaret ELSDEN1871Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
ELSDENJohn Edward ELSDEN1864Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
ELSDENJohn ELSDEN1830Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
ELSDENMaria Mary ELSDEN1860Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
ELSDENMary Ann ELSDEN1870Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
ELSDENWilliam Thomas ELSDEN1862Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
ELVIDGEAnnie Elizabeth ELVIDGE1874Marylebone, Middlesexb - CASH
ELWINLydia Kate ELWIN/FISK(E)1864Tunstead, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
EMBLINGSarah EMBLING1864Wiggenhall St Mary, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
EVERETTEmma EVERETT1841Ditchingham, Norfolka - KNIGHTS
FAGGAnnie FAGG1883Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
FAGGEdward George FAGG1864Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
FAGGEdward George FAGG1892Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
FAGGElizabeth FAGG1889Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
FAGGEmily FAGG1885Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
FAGGJohn Francis FAGG1835Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
FAGGJohn Francis FAGG1868Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
FAGGMargaret Louisa FAGG1866Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
FAGGMaria Elizabeth FAGG1873Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
FAGGMary Emma FAGG1875Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
FAGGRobert Bullen FAGG1871Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
FAGGWilliam FAGG1887Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
FAIRHEADMaria FAIRHEAD1845Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
FAIRHEADSusannah Maria FAIRHEAD (LEGOOD)1867Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
FAIRMANAlfred George FAIRMAN1851Swardeston, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
FARLIEDorothy Evangeline FARLIE1887Sheerness, Kentc - BULLEN
FARLIEGladys Maud FARLIE1891Preston, Lancashirec - BULLEN
FARLIEJohn FARLIE1848Tilbury Fort, Chadwell, Essexc - BULLEN
FARLIELilian Gertrude FARLIE1892Colchester, Essexc - BULLEN
FARLIESusan Mary FARLIE1886Sheerness, Kentc - BULLEN
FARLIEViolet Marianna FARLIE1896Colchester, Essexc - BULLEN
FARLIEWinnie Rachel FARLIE1889Sheerness, Kentc - BULLEN
FARROWElizabeth FARROW1847Colby, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
FARROWMaria FARROW1816Hales, Norfolkd, d3 - BULLEN
FASSUMLilian Edith FASSUM1900Chatham, Kenta1 - BULLEN
FASSUMThomas William FASSUM1876Canterbury, Kenta1 - BULLEN
FAUBELDorothia Henrietta FAUBEL?? (husb. b. 1793, Frankenthal)FLEURY
FENNAda Alice FENN1898Woodton or Hales, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
FENNCharles Edward FENN1893Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
FENNDorothy Ellen FENN1896Woodton or Hales, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
FENNEdward FENN1863Topcroft, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
FENNHannah FENN1769? (husb. b. Aylsham)a - GOLD/GOULD
FENNHerbert George FENN1894Woodton or Hales, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
FENNJames FENN1842Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
FENNJames William FENN1891Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
FENNMary FENNc1787Norfolka - BULLEN
FENNViolet Elizabeth FENN1889Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
FENNWilliam Frank FENN1899Woodton or Hales, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
FERNALLAnnie FERNALL1860Chelsea, MiddlesexHARLEY
FIELDMary Ester FIELD1840Overstrand, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
FINCHMary FINCH~1758? (m. 1783 Tunstead, Norfolk)b - WEGG
FISHRosetta FISH1857Loddon, Norfolkb - RUST
FISKCharlotte FISK(E)1869Barsham, Suffolkb6 - BULLEN
FISKWilliam FISKc1822Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
FISKELydia Kate FISK(E)/ELWIN1864Tunstead, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
FITTCharles Page FITT1872Burnham Westgate, Norfolkd - RUST
FITTEdmund Charles Adcock FITT1848Coltishall, Norfolkd - RUST
FITTMaud Violet Jane FITT1886Old Buckenham, Norfolkd - RUST
FITTRobert George FITT1873Coltishall, Norfolkd - RUST
FLATMANAlbert William FLATMAN1880Reepham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
FLATMANAlice Elizabeth FLATMAN1890Cawston, Norfolkd - BULLEN
FLATMANFrederick FLATMAN1885Reepham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
FLATMANJoseph FLATMAN1834Aylsham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
FLATMANKate Ellen FLATMAN1894Cawston, Norfolkd - BULLEN
FLATMANMary FLATMAN1883Reepham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
FLEURYAnna Barbara Friederike FLEURY1879Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYAnna Margarate Fredricka FLEURY1889Bradford, YorkshireFLEURY
FLEURYCarl (Charles) FLEURY1874GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYCarl Eduard FLEURY1858Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYCarl Friedrich FLEURY1878Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYCarl Johann FLEURY1876Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYCaroline Pauline FLEURY1855Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYChristiane Caroline Fried. FLEURY1814Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYChristiane Gurl Fried. FLEURY1812Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYEberhard Germanius Friedrich FLEURY1819Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYFriederiche FLEURY1860Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYFriedrich (Frederick) FLEURY1878Liverpool, LancashireFLEURY
FLEURYFriedrich FLEURY1848Frankenthal, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYGermanius FLEURY1777? (mar. Stuttgart)FLEURY
FLEURYHermann Conrad FLEURY1876Mainz, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYHermann FLEURY1850Frankenthal, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYHermann Friedrich FLEURY1873Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYHugo FLEURY1893Bradford, YorkshireFLEURY
FLEURYJean FLEURY1888Zuffenhausen, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYKarl FLEURY1884Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYKarl Jean Friedrich FLEURY1890Grafenhainichen, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYLudvig Friedrich J. FLEURY1815Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYMaria Rosa FLEURY1881Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYMathilda Emilie Pauline FLEURY1857Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYRobert Frederick FLEURY1873Frankfurt, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYRobert Frederick FLEURY1873Frankfurt, Germanyf - GOLD/GOULD
FLEURYRobert Frederick FLEURY1873Frankfurt, Germanyb - REEVE
FLEURYRobert Frederick FLEURY1873Frankfurt, Germanye - RUST
FLEURYRobert Gustav FLEURY1864Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
FLEURYWilhelm (William) FLEURY1879Liverpool, LancashireFLEURY
FLEURYWilli Otto Karl FLEURY1893Grafenhainichen, GermanyFLEURY
FLOWERSMaria FLOWERS1836Bergh Apton, Norfolke2, e4 - BULLEN
FOLGATEElizabeth FOLGATE1831Denton, Norfolkf - REEVE
FOLGATEEmma FOLGATE1846Denton, Norfolkf - REEVE
FOLGATEEmma FOLGATE1851Earsham, Norfolkf - REEVE
FOLGATEGeorge Edward FOLGATE1886Alverstoke, Hampshireb - BULLEN
FOLGATEGeorge FOLGATE1805Hempnall, Norfolkb - BULLEN
FOLGATEGeorge FOLGATE1851Bedingham, Norfolkb - BULLEN
FOLGATEHarriett FOLGATE1833Denton, Norfolkf - REEVE
FOLGATEHarry FOLGATE1851Earsham, Norfolkf - REEVE
FOLGATEJohn FOLGATE1837Denton, Norfolkf - REEVE
FOLGATEJohn FOLGATE1843Denton, Norfolkf - REEVE
FOLGATEMary Anne FOLGATE1840Denton, Nofolkf - REEVE
FOLGATERobert FOLGATE1806Bedingham, Norfolka, f - REEVE
FOLGATERobert Francis FOLGATE1835Denton, Norfolkf - REEVE
FORDERPhillis FORDER1860Shotesham, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
FORSKETTMary Ann FORSKETT1812Hampstead, Middlesexb - CASH
FORSTERWalter John FORSTER1873Horstead, Norfolkc - RUST
FOSTERCharles FOSTER?? (wife b. 1795 Bethnal Gr)a - CASH
FOSTERGeoffrey FOSTER1899Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
FOSTERHarry FOSTER1900Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
FOXMary Ann Mace FOX1850Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
FRANKLINAlfred Edward FRANKLIN1898Brantham, Suffolkc - CASH
FRANKLINClara Alice FRANKLIN1888Ipswich, Suffolkc - CASH
FRANKLINEthel Maud FRANKLIN1890Brantham, Suffolkc - CASH
FRANKLINFrank Douglas FRANKLIN1900Brantham, Suffolkc - CASH
FRANKLINHenry David FRANKLIN1865Hackney, Middlesexc - CASH
FRANKLINHenry David FRANKLIN1894Brantham, Suffolkc - CASH
FRANKLINRose Ellen FRANKLIN1892Brantham, Suffolkc - CASH
FRANKLINGCharles FRANKLING1806? (d Buxton)a - RUST
FRANKLINGElizabeth Amelia Martha FRANKLING1828Buxton, Norfolka - RUST
FRANKUMFlorence FRANKUM1887Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
FRANKUMGeorge Frank FRANKUM1884Kensington or Bayswater, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
FRANKUMGeorge FRANKUM1859Uxbridge, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
FRANKUMHester Beatrice FRANKUM1895Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
FRANKUMJoseph William FRANKUM1900Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
FRANKUMStephen Edward FRANKUM1891Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
FRANKUMVictoria Ivy FRANKUM1897Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
FRANKUMViolet Annie FRANKUM1889Kensington, Middlesexe1 - BAMBRIDGE
FREEMANAmelia Amy FREEMAN1846St Geo in the East, Middlesexh - WEGG
FREESTONAbraham FREESTON1825Woodton, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
FREESTONAbraham FREESTON1831Woodton, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
FREESTONMary Anne FREESTON1828Woodton, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
FREESTONPhoebe FREESTON1823Woodton, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
FREESTONEBetsy Ellen FREESTONE1892Seething, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
FREESTONEHarriet Emily FREESTONE1886Seething, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
FREESTONEHarry Abram FREESTONE1885Seething, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
FREESTONEJohn William FREESTONE1889Seething, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
FREESTONEPhoebe FREESTONE1835Seething, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
FREESTONERobert FREESTONE1833Seething, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
FREESTONESamuel FREESTONE1822Woodton, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
FRESTONAbraham FRESTON (FREESTONE)1799Southelmham St Cross, Suffolkb, b3 - BULLEN
FRESTONEmily FRESTON (FREESTONE)1840Seething, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
FRICKEHenriette Marie Anna FRICKE1870Jessnitz, GermanyFLEURY
FROSDICKEdward FROSDICK1872Trowse Millgate, Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
FROSDICKEdward FROSDICK1899Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
FRYERLydia FRYER1828Tacolneston(e), Norfolkb - CASH
FULLERHarriet FULLER1825Bedingham, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
GAGEArthur John L. GAGE1889King's Lynn, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
GAGECharles William GAGE1878King's Lynn, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
GAGEEthel Marion GAGE1883King's Lynn, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
GAGEFrederick George GAGE1850Lincoln, Lincolnshireb9 - BULLEN
GAGEFrederick George GAGE1897King's Lynn, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
GARDNERElizabeth Early GARDNER~1797? (m. 1818 Marylebone, Midx)c - WEGG
GARROODEliza Esther GARROOD1854Islington/Clerkenwell, Middlesexa2 - BULLEN
GATESMary (Polly) GATES1853Dowley Gap, Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
GIBSONElizabeth GIBSON1806Hevingham, Norfolka, d, e - GOLD/GOULD
GIBSONJohn James GIBSON1873Coxlodge, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
GIBSONJoseph Brown GIBSON1900North Shields, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
GILDENBenjamin GILDEN1828Barton Turf, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
GILDINGBenjamin GILDING1876Bungay, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
GILDINGJessie GILDING1873Bungay, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
GILDINGStanley Reginald GILDING1879Oulton, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
GIRDLESTONEPriscilla Jane GIRDLESTONE1858Norwich, Norfolkb - WEGG
GOFFINEllen Maria GOFFIN1881Beccles, Suffolkb, b1 - BULLEN
GOFFINJames GOFFIN1856Beccles, Suffolkb, b1 - BULLEN
GOFFINJames Robert GOFFIN1880Beccles, Suffolkb, b1 - BULLEN
GOLDAnn GOLD1757Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDArthur GOLD1721Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDBenjamin GOLD1759Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDDaniel GOLD1752Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDDaniel GOLD1762Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDDaniel GOULD1776Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDEdward GOLD1734Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDEdward GOLD1734Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
GOLDEdward GOLD1756Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDEdward GOLDc1690? (children b. Buxton)a - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDElizabeth GOLD1791Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDFrances GOLD1753Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDHesther GOLD1769? (sibs b. Aylsham)a - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDHumphrey GOLD1727Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDJane Philis GOLD1759Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDJohn GOLD1723Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDJohn GOLD1748Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDJohn GOLD1765Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDJohn GOLD1800Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDLydia GOLD1757Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDLydia GOLD1758Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDLydia GOLD1762Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDLydia GOLD1764Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDMary GOLD1755Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDMary GOLD1785Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDMary GOLD1803Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDMatthew GOLD1773Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDPenelope GOLD1766Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDPhoebe GOLD1780Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDSarah GOLD1787Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDThomas GOLD1776Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDWilliam GOLD1716Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDWilliam GOLD1750Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDWilliam GOLD1757Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDWilliam GOLD1762Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOLDWilliam GOLD1789Aylsham, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOODRUMSusan GOODRUM1817Forncett St Peter, Norfolkc, c4 - BULLEN
GOSLINGAlice GOSLING1862Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
GOUGHLetitia GOUGH1831Beighton, Norfolka, b - REEVE
GOULDAlbert GOULD1869Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDAlbert GOULD1894Lamas, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDAlbert GOULD1894Lamas, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDAlfred William GOULD1899Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDAlice Elizabeth GOULD1886Beccles, Suffolke - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDAnnie Clara GOULD1893Craghead, Durhame - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDArchie Victor GOULD1897Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDArthur Daniel GOULD1889Geldeston, Norfolke - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDArthur GOULD1875Buxton, Norfolke - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDArthur GOULD1892Lamas, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDArthur GOULD1892Lamas, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDBeatrice Ellen GOULD1879Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDBertie Sidney GOULD1892Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDBlanche Mary GOULD1859Buxton, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDBlanche Mary GOULD1859Buxton, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDCharles Barton GOULD1870Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDCharles GOULD1807Buxton, Norfolka, f - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDCharles GOULD1807Buxton, Norfolka, e - RUST
GOULDCharles GOULD1826Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDCharles GOULD1893Bungay, Suffolke - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDCharles Stanley GOULD1873Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDCharlotte GOULD1831Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDCharlotte GOULD1835Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDCharlotte GOULD1854Buxton, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDCharlotte GOULD1854Buxton, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDDaniel GOULD1731Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDDaniel GOULD1775Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDDora Lilian GOULD1899Craghead, Durhame - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDEdith Emma GOULD1885Norwich, NorfolkFLEURY
GOULDEdith Emma GOULD1885Norwich, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDEdith Emma GOULD1885Norwich, Norfolkb - REEVE
GOULDEdith Emma GOULD1885Norwich, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDEdith Laura GOULD1875Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDEdward Bambridge GOULD1888Westwick, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDEdward Bambridge GOULD1888Westwick, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDEdward GOULD1863Buxton, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDEdward GOULD1863Buxton, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDElijah James GOULD1887Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDEliza Ann GOULD1895Willow Gilbert, Durhame - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDEliza GOULD1862Aylsham, Norfolke - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDElizabeth GOULD1765Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDElizabeth GOULD1839Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDElizabeth GOULD1899New Town, North'lnde - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDElsie Kathleen GOULD1889Westwick, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDElsie Kathleen GOULD1889Westwick, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDEmily GOULD1833Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDEmily Louisa GOULD1890Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDErnest Edward GOULD1898Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDErnest GOULD1891Lamas, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDErnest GOULD1891Lamas, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDErnest William GOULD1877Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDEthel Matilda C. GOULD1895Swanton Abbott, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDEthel Matilda C. GOULD1895Swanton Abbott, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDEva Alice GOULD1896Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDFelicia GOULD1797Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDFlorence Annie GOULD1899Elmstead, Essexf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDFlorence Annie GOULD1899Elmstead, Essexe - RUST
GOULDFrances Annie Barton GOULD1865Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDFrances GOULD1778Buxton, Norfolka, b - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDFrederick Charles GOULD1884Beccles, Suffolke - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDFrederick GOULD1859Buxton, Norfolke - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDFrederick GOULD1885Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDFrederick GOULD1896Bearpark, Durhame - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDFrederick Henry GOULD1889Lamas, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDFrederick Henry GOULD1889Lamas, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDFrederick Pearson GOULD1891Homeside, Durhame - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDGeorge Arthur GOULD1876Buxton, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDGeorge Thomas GOULD1868Buxton, Norfolke - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDGerald James Nobbs GOULD1887Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDHerbert William GOULD1867Lammas, Norfolke - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDHorace GOULD1864 ? (sibs b. Buxton)e - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDHorace GOULD1873Buxton, Norfolke - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDJames GOULD1848Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDJames GOULD1866Buxton, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDJames Pleasance GOLD1759Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDJames William GOULD1899Chester le Street, Durhame - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDJarrold Barton GOULD1868Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDJohn Bambridge GOULD1888Lamas, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDJohn Bambridge GOULD1888Lamas, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDJohn GOULD1809Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDJohn William Bambridge GOULD1857Buxton, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDJohn William Bambridge GOULD1857Buxton, Norfolkb - REEVE
GOULDJohn William Bambridge GOULD1857Buxton, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDLilian Bambridge GOULD1881Norwich, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDLilian Bambridge GOULD1881Norwich, Norfolkb - REEVE
GOULDLilian Bambridge GOULD1881Norwich, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDLillian May GOULD1891Swanton Abbott, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDLillian May GOULD1891Swanton Abbott, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDMaria Elizabeth Barton GOULD1863Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDMaria GOULD1828Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDMartha Ann GOULD1833Buxton, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDMartha Ann GOULD1833Buxton, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDMartha Ann GOULD1853Buxton, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDMartha Ann GOULD1853Buxton, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDMary Ann GOULD1897Gateshead, Durhame - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDMay Evelyn GOULD1888Beccles, Suffolke - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDMinnie Blanche GOULD1870Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDMuriel Ada Eliza GOULD1893Swanton Abbott, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDMuriel Ada Eliza GOULD1893Swanton Abbott, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDMyra Beatrice S. GOULD1897North Walsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDPercy GOULD1896Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDRose Florence GOULD1891Geldeston, Norfolke - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDSamuel Pearson GOULD1895Chester le Street, Durhame - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDSelina Beatrice GOULD1900Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDSidney Albert GOULD1899Swanton Abbott, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDSidney Albert GOULD1899Swanton Abbott, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDThomas William GOULD1893Edomsley, Durhame - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDWilliam Charles GOULD1861Buxton, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDWilliam Charles GOULD1861Buxton, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDWilliam Elijah GOULD1883Beccles, Suffolke - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDWilliam Frederick GOULD1882Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDWilliam GOULD1782Buxton, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDWilliam GOULD1804Buxton, Norfolka, d, e - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDWilliam GOULD1831Buxton, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
GOULDWilliam GOULD1831Buxton, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
GOULDWilliam GOULD1831Buxton, Norfolke - RUST
GOULDWilliam GOULD1844Buxton, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
GOULTCharles Edward GOULT1886Lowestoft, Suffolkd - BULLEN
GOULTWalter GOULT1839Wacton, Norfolkd - BULLEN
GOWENMary GOWEN1835Crostwick, Norfolka - RUST
GOWERJames GOWER1821Cantley, Norfolkb - WEGG
GOWERJohn GOWER1843Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
GOWERMaria GOWER1845Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
GOWERPriscilla GOWER1861Tunstead, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
GOWERSusanna GOWER1845Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
GRAYMary Ann GRAY1856Shipmeadow, Suffolkb3 - BULLEN
GREENAlfred GREEN1865Shoreditch, Middlesexc - CASH
GREENAlfred GREEN1898Walton on the Naze, Essexf - WEGG
GREENAlice GREEN1879Bow, Middlesexc - CASH
GREENArthur GREEN1871Bow, Middlesexc - CASH
GREENClara GREEN1868Shoreditch, Middlesexc - CASH
GREENDorothea GREEN1896Walton on the Naze, Essexf - WEGG
GREENEdwin GREEN1842Islington, Middlesexc - CASH
GREENElizabeth GREEN1865Deptford, Kentf - WEGG
GREENEllen GREEN1875Shoreditch, Middlesexc - CASH
GREENRobert A. GREEN1893Foulness, Essexf - WEGG
GREENRobert Alfred GREEN1837Southwark, Surreyf - WEGG
GREENRobert Alfred GREEN1863Deptford, Kentf - WEGG
GREENSusannah Mary GREEN1860Deptford, Kentf - WEGG
GREENACREAlbert Edward GREENACRE1891Great Yarmouth, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
GREENACRECharles William GREENACRE1893Westwick, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
GREENACREFrank GREENACRE1895Westwick, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
GREENACREHenry George V. GREENACRE1890Bergh Apton, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
GREENACRELeonard GREENACRE1898Westwick, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
GREENACREMary Elizabeth GREENACRE1888Westwick, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
GREENACREMary Jane GREENACRE1852Morston, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
GREENACREWilliam GREENACRE1855Matlaske, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
GREENWOODAlfred John GREENWOOD1869Shoreditch, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODAlice Ellen GREENWOOD1865Shoreditch, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODArchibald Charles GREENWOOD1895Hackney, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODCharlotte Elizabeth GREENWOOD1873Hackney, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODEliza Phoebe GREENWOOD1843St Pancras, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODEmily Jane GREENWOOD1847St Pancras, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODErnest Thomas GREENWOOD1879Hackney, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODFrances GREENWOOD1805Marsham, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODGeorge Daniel GREENWOOD1867Shoreditch, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODGeorge GREENWOOD1835St Pancras, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODHenry Daniel GREENWOOD1840St Pancras, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODIsaac GREENWOOD1775Cawston, Norfolka, c - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODLorenzo Daniel GREENWOOD1892Hackney, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODMary Joan GREENWOOD1833St Pancras, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODRobert Henry GREENWOOD1877Hackney, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODWilliam GREENWOOD1816Marsham, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODWilliam GREENWOOD1875Hackney, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
GREENWOODWilliam GREENWOOD1880Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
GRIFFINElizabeth GRIFFIN1852Lyndhurst, Hampshireb7 - BULLEN
GRIFFINFlorence A. GRIFFIN (LEGOOD)1878Burgess Hill, Sussexb7 - BULLEN
GRIFFINThomas GRIFFIN (LEGOOD)1876Portsmouth, Hampshireb7 - BULLEN
GRIGGAlfred John GRIGG1891Dover, Kenta2 - BULLEN
GRIGGEdith M. GRIGG1890Dover, Kenta2 - BULLEN
GRIGGJohn Galley GRIGG1860Deal, Kenta2 - BULLEN
GRIGGRobert Smith GRIGG1893Folkestone or Dover, Kenta2 - BULLEN
GRIMESarah GRIME~1674? (m. 1696 Skeyton, Norfolk)a - WEGG
GRIMESMary GRIMES1719Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
GRIMMEREliza GRIMMER1845Alburgh, Norfolkd - BULLEN
GRIMMERHarriet GRIMMER1846Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
GROSSÉAlfred Charles GROSSÉ1877Kentish Town, Middlesexd - RUST
GROSSÉDoris Emily M. GROSSÉ1900Islington, Middlesexd - RUST
GUCKELBERGERBeata Rosine Louise GUCKELBERGER1782Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
GUCKELBERGERFrederika Henrietta Augusta GUCKELBERGER1780Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
GUCKELBERGERJohann Jacob GUCKELBERGER?? (Dau. b. 1780, Stuttgart)FLEURY
GUCKELBERGERJohanna Catharina Barbara GUCKELBERGER1787Stuttgart, GermanyFLEURY
GUNTHERCharles George GUNTHER1872Haf, Germanyd2 - BULLEN
GUNTHERCharles George GUNTHER1898Lambeth, Surreyd2 - BULLEN
GUNTHERVictor George GUNTHER1900Lambeth, Surreyd2 - BULLEN
GUNTONCharles GUNTON1853Great Plumstead, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
GUNTONCharles John GUNTON1880Great Plumstead, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
GUNTONEdward Arthur GUNTON1882Great Plumstead, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
GUNTONElizabeth Mary GUNTON1859Norwich, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
GUNTONEthel Mary GUNTON1891Great Plumstead, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
GUNTONFrederick George GUNTON1885Great Plumstead, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
GUNTONHerbert William GUNTON1889Great Plumstead, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
GUNTONJames Edward GUNTON1878Great Plumstead, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
GUNTONLouis GUNTON1893Great Plumstead, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
HADLANDLouisa Topping HADLAND1866Stratton Audley, Oxfordshired - RUST
HAINESThomas HAINES1849St Faith's, Norfolkb - GOLD/GOULD
HALLAnn Elizabeth HALL1831Deal, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HALLElizabeth Maria HALL1860Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HALLEmily Ada HALL1870Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HALLJane Amy HALL1856Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HALLJane Amy HALL1864Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HALLJohn A. T. W. HALL1887Chelsea, Middlesexa1 - BULLEN
HALLJohn Buttenshaw (Burtenshaw) HALL1873Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
HALLLouisa Eliza HALL1862Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HALLMary Ann HALL1853Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HALLSusannah Ellen HALL1866Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HALLThomas Acres/Akers HALL1829Deal, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HALLThomas George HALL1858Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HALLWalter James HALL1877Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HAMBLENAlice Elsie HAMBLEN1895Hampstead, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
HAMBLENCharles HAMBLEN1838St Pancras, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
HAMBLENCharles Henry HAMBLEN1863Sheringham, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
HAMBLENCharles Percival HAMBLEN1893Hampstead, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
HAMBLENErnest Augustus HAMBLEN1872Islington, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
HAMBLENFlorence Maria HAMBLEN1864Islington, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
HAMBLENFrank Edwin HAMBLEN1866Islington, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
HAMBLENFrederick Percival HAMBLEN1871Islington, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
HAMBLENIrene Winifred HAMBLEN1899Hampstead, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
HAMBLENKathleen Mabel HAMBLEN1897Hampstead, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
HAMBLENMarguerite Lilian HAMBLEN1876Islington, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
HAMBLENSarah HAMBLEN1836St Pancras, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
HAMBLENWinifred Adelaide HAMBLEN1877Islington, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
HAMBLINGEllen HAMBLING1863Ilketshall St Andrew, Suffolkc2 - BULLEN
HAMBLINGReginald Owen HAMBLING (ROWLAND)1883Rushmere, Suffolkc2 - BULLEN
HAMMONDGeorge HAMMOND1823Moulton, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
HAMMONDMabel Mary HAMMOND1895Moulton St Michael, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
HAMMONDMaurice George HAMMOND1897Moulton St Michael, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
HAMMONDSophia May HAMMOND1892Moulton St Michael, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
HANCOCKHarriet HANCOCK1841Road (Rode), Somsersetg - BAMBRIDGE
HANCYHarriet HANCY1866Bungay, SuffolkALEXANDER
HANCYJohn HANCY1846Ditchingham, NorfolkALEXANDER
HANCYRobert HANCY1848Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
HANNAMFrederick George HANNAM1865Beckenham, Kenta3 - BULLEN
HANNAMGeorge Frederick HANNAM1890Deptford, Kenta3 - BULLEN
HANNANTSarah HANNANT1793Great Plumstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
HANNANTSarah HANNANT1807Dilham, Norfolka, e1, e2 - BAMBRIDGE
HARDYEmily HARDY1842Tasburgh, Norfolkc - BULLEN
HARDYEmma Hare HARDY1869Hull, Yorkshired1 - WEGG
HARDYMary HARDY1847Derby, Derbyshireb - RUST
HAREEliza Lucy HARE1827Enfield, Middlesexb - CASH
HARFIELDSarah Helen (Ellen) HARFIELD1836St Sepulchre, Middlesexf - WEGG
HARFIELDWilliam Morris HARFIELD (DOVE)1860St Sepulchre, Middlesexf - WEGG
HARLEYCaroline HARLEY1830Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HARLEYEliza HARLEY1826Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HARLEYGeorge HARLEY1824Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HARLEYHannah HARLEY1790Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HARLEYHannah HARLEY1816Bethnal Green, Middlesexa, d - CASH
HARLEYHannah HARLEY1816Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HARLEYMary Ann HARLEY1819Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HARLEYSarah HARLEY1822Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HARLEYThomas HARLEY?? (1st ch. b. 1790 Bethnal Green)HARLEY
HARLEYThomas HARLEY1792Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HARLEYThomas HARLEY1818Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HARRADENCEHarold E. W. HARRADENCE1899Handsworth, Staffordshirec, d - CASH
HARRADENCELilian Grace HARRADENCE1896Bow, Middlesexc, d - CASH
HARRADENCEWalter HARRADENCE1869Bow, Middlesexc, d - CASH
HARRISAnnie HARRIS1853Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
HARRISMary Elizabeth HARRIS1879Camden Town, Middlesexe - REEVE
HARRISONAlfred Edmund G. HARRISON1879Deal,Kenta1 - BULLEN
HARRISONEdward Oliver HARRISON1882Deal, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HARRISONFrancis Albert HARRISON1873Deal, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HARRISONFrancis Edward HARRISON1900Slade Green, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HARRISONFrancis Robert HARRISON1851St Luke, Middlesexa1 - BULLEN
HARRISONFrederick William HARRISON1875Deal, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HARRISONLilian Mary Louisa HARRISON1888Canterbury, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HARRISONMargaret Jane HARRISON1890Canterbury, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HARRISONMary Florence HARRISON1894Canterbury, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HARRISONRosina Elizabeth HARRISON1876Deal, Kenta1 - BULLEN
HARVEYSarah Ann HARVEY1853Wymondham, Norfolkc - REEVE
HARVEYSarah Ann HARVEY1874Bethnal Green, Middlesexe - CASH
HAYDAYIrene Kathleen HAYDAY1888Clapham, Surreyg - BAMBRIDGE
HAYDAYWashington HAYDAY1852Kingsland, Middlesexg - BAMBRIDGE
HAYEAlbert Walter HAYE1884Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HAYEAmy Clara HAYE1894Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HAYEEmma HAYE1858Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HAYEEsther HAYE1859Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HAYEJoseph HAYE1820Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HAYEJoseph HAYE1853Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HAYEJoseph Leonard HAYE1891Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HAYEPercival Harold HAYE1888Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HAYESarah Jane HAYE1854Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HAYEWalter HAYE1857Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
HAYESCharlotte Sarah Ann HAYES1831Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
HAYESEdwin HAYES1860Islington, Middlesexa, c - CASH
HAYESEliza Ann HAYES1834Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
HAYESElizabeth Alice Sarah HAYES (WEEKS)1884 St Leonards on Sea, Sussex a - CASH
HAYESHenry Thomas HAYES1859Islington, Middlesexa, c - CASH
HAYESThomas Daniel HAYES1832Bethnal Green, Middlesexa, c - CASH
HAYESThomas HAYES1808Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
HEINZMANNMaria Rosina Barbara HEINZMANN1844Eschenthal, GermanyFLEURY
HEMBLINGEmily HEMBLING1844Ditchingham, Norfolkd2 - BULLEN
HEMBLINGSarah Ann HEMBLING1860Woodton, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
HENGERMaria Ann HENGER1885Horb, Neckar, GermanyFLEURY
HENRYElizabeth HENRY1864Felling, Durhamb - RUST
HEWITTAlice Georgina HEWIIT1891Carleton St Peter, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
HEWITTKate Edith HEWITT1893Carleton St Peter, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
HEWITTSidney Walter HEWITT1898Ashby St Mary, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
HEWITTWalter Charles HEWITT1858Lingwood, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
HEWLETTFrederick James HEWLETT1873Yeovil, Somerseta3 - BULLEN
HEYWOODArchibald HEYWOOD1863Holt, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
HEYWOODBlanch Alice HEYWOOD1867Holt, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
HEYWOODClara Grace HEYWOOD1875Holt, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
HEYWOODFlora May HEYWOOD1865Holt, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
HEYWOODHorace Bryon HEYWOOD1883Peckham, Surreyg2 - WEGG
HEYWOODHorace HEYWOOD1831Holt, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
HEYWOODIvy Lenore HEYWOOD1891Sidcup, Kentg2 - WEGG
HEYWOODJohn Noel HEYWOOD1872Holt, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
HEYWOODReginald Gladstone HEYWOOD1868Holt, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
HEYWOODThomas HEYWOOD1861Holt, Nofolkg2 - WEGG
HICKSAlice May HICKS1871Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
HICKSCharles Alfred HICKS1868Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
HICKSEdith Rebecca HICKS1878Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
HICKSEliza Barbara HICKS1873Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
HICKSEliza HICKS1827Holborn St Andrews or Bethnal Green, Middxe - CASH
HICKSEllen May HICKS1894Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
HICKSFlorence Agnes HICKS1895Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
HICKSJames HICKS1845Thorpe, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
HICKSJames Leonard HICKS1884Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
HICKSRobert Benjamin HICKS1887Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
HICKSSabina Hannah HICKS1881Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
HICKSSarah Elizabeth HICKS1875Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
HICKSWilliam HICKS?? (dtr b. 1827, Holborn)e - CASH
HIGHSarah HIGH1765? (m. 1782 Tunstead, Norfolk)b - WEGG
HILLEJohanna Auguste Erne HILLE1900Klein-Wittenberg, GermanyFLEURY
HINTONEmma HINTON1863Chelsea, Middlesexf - REEVE
HINTONFrederick HINTON1889Wandsworth, Surreyf - REEVE
HINTONHarriet HINTON1869Chelsea, Middlesexf - REEVE
HINTONJames HINTON1834Cuddesden, Oxfordshiref - REEVE
HINTONJames HINTON1865Chelsea, Middlesexf - REEVE
HINTONJohn HINTON1867Chelsea, Middlesexf - REEVE
HINTONJohn HINTON1887Wandsworth, Surreyf - REEVE
HOAREEmily HOARE1868Poplar, Middlesexe - REEVE
HOLLINGWORTHGeorge Scott HOLLINGWORTH1868High Legh, Rostherne, CheshireHARLEY
HOLMESWalter Charles HOLMES1873Norwich, Norfolkf - BULLEN
HOLMESWalter Charles K. HOLMES1900Bury St Edmunds, Suffolkf - BULLEN
HOLMESWilliam John HOLMES1888? (wife b. Manningtree)c - REEVE
HOLSWITH(Ellen) Isabella HOLSWITH (HOLESWORTH)1855Surlingham, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
HOLTAlice Bainbridge HOLT1864West Bromwich, Staffordshirea - BAMBRIDGE
HOLTFrancis John HOLT1861Aylsham, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
HOLTThomas Bailey HOLT1832Fradswell, Staffordshirea - BAMBRIDGE
HOLTThomas Bailey HOLT1868West Bromwich, Staffordshirea - BAMBRIDGE
HOMEWOODAlice HOMEWOOD1872Brighton, Sussexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
HOMEWOODBartley R. HOMEWOOD1866Brighton, Sussexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
HOMEWOODClary HOMEWOOD1875Brighton, Sussexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
HOMEWOODRobert HOMEWOOD1869Brighton, Sussexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
HOMEWOODThomas HOMEWOOD1868Brighton, Sussexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
HOMEWOODWilliam Bartley HOMEWOOD1839Brighton, Sussexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
HOMEWOODWilliam Bartley HOMEWOOD1865Brighton, Sussexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
HONEYWOODAgnes Dora HONEYWOOD1896Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODAlfred John HONEYWOOD1868Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODAlice HONEYWOOD1893Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODAnnie HONEYWOOD1890Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODArthur Ernest HONEYWOOD1884Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODArthur HONEYWOOD1861Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODCharles HONEYWOOD1861Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODCharlie HONEYWOOD1894Manningtree, Essexc - REEVE
HONEYWOODCharlotte HONEYWOOD1898Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODClara HONEYWOOD1900Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODEdward HONEYWOOD1860Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODEliza Ruth HONEYWOOD1865Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODEllen HONEYWOOD1890Hackney, Middlesexc - REEVE
HONEYWOODFrank HONEYWOOD1896Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODFrederick James HONEYWOOD1886Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODGeorge Alfred HONEYWOOD1894Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODGeorge Frank HONEYWOOD1892Manningtree, Essexc - REEVE
HONEYWOODJessie Eliza HONEYWOOD1888Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODJessie May HONEYWOOD1893Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODJohn Henry HONEYWOOD1900Manningtree, Essexc - REEVE
HONEYWOODJohn HONEYWOOD1831Bungay, Suffolka, c - REEVE
HONEYWOODLaura HONEYWOOD1887Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODMabel Alice HONEYWOOD1891Manningtree, Essexc - REEVE
HONEYWOODMargaret HONEYWOOD1897Manningtree, Essexc - REEVE
HONEYWOODNorah HONEYWOOD1897Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODWalter HONEYWOOD1864Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HONEYWOODWalter HONEYWOOD1888Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
HOOKERAlbert Edward HOOKER1870Lewes, Sussexc - KNIGHTS
HOOKERReginald Alfred HOOKER1900Lewes, Sussexc - KNIGHTS
HOOKERWilliam Albert G. HOOKER1894Newhaven, Sussexc - KNIGHTS
HOPPERWilliam Jolley HOPPER1849Penzance, Cornwallg1 - WEGG
HORSFALLGrace HORSFALL1874Barrow, Lincolnshireb - RUST
HOWARDBessie Maria HOWARD1870Norwich, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
HOWARDHannah HOWARD1781? (d Aylsham)a, f - RUST
HOWEJohn HOWE1862Hevingham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
HOWEJohn William HOWE1865Newfield, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
HOWEJoseph HOWE1892Bearpark, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
HOWEOliver HOWE1896Bearpark, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
HOWELLSophia HOWELL1809Southelmham, Suffolka - REEVE
HOWESAgnes Maria HOWES1870Shouldham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
HOWESCharles William HOWES1872Shouldham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
HOWESEliza Sophia HOWES1856Norwich, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
HOWESEliza Sophia HOWES1856Norwich, Norfolke - RUST
HOWESElizabeth HOWES1863Shouldham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
HOWESEmily Amelia HOWES1876Shouldham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
HOWESEphraim HOWES1833Besthorpe, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
HOWESMary Hannah HOWES1864Shouldham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
HOWESPhoebe Harriet HOWES1868Shouldham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
HUCKLESBURYEmma Elizabeth HUCKLESBURY1866Reydon, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
HUDSONDaisy May HUDSON1894Shipdham, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
HUDSONEdgar HUDSON1899Thackley, Yorkshirec3 - BULLEN
HUDSONGeorge HUDSON1866Norwich, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
HUDSONGladys HUDSON1897Thackley, Yorkshirec3 - BULLEN
HUDSONOliver George HUDSON1896Shipdham, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
HUMPHERYMartha HUMPHERY1815Balcombe, Sussexa, g - BAMBRIDGE
HUNTEmily Eliza HUNT1890Bishops Stortford, EssexHARLEY
HUNTJames Edward HUNT1900Milford, HampshireHARLEY
HUNTJames HUNT1859Milford, HampshireHARLEY
HUNTMargaret Frances HUNT1868Walworth, Surreya - CASH
HUNTNellie HUNT1896Milford, HampshireHARLEY
HUNTWinifred Bentley HUNT1892Hordle, HampshireHARLEY
HURRENBenjamin HURREN1847Wangford, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
HURRENBenjamin HURREN1876Uggeshall, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
HURRENBessie HURREN1881Uggeshall, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
HURRENCharles HURREN1878Uggeshall, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
HURRENDaisy HURREN1884Uggeshall, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
HURRENEliza HURREN1871Wangford, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
HURRENErnest HURREN1880Uggeshall, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
HURRENMary HURREN1873Uggeshall, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
HURRENWilliam HURREN1872Wangford, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
IRONDaniel IRON1803Colchester, Essexa - CASH
IRONDaniel IRON1829Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
IRONDaniel IRON1833Shoreditch, Middlesexa - CASH
IRONMaud Eleanor IRON1871Shooters Hill, Woolwich, Kenta - CASH
IRONSarah IRON1831Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
IRONThomas IRON1835Shoreditch, Middlesexa - CASH
IVESRose Ann IVES1863Thurlton, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
JACKMANEliza Elizabeth JACKMAN1875Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
JACKMANHannah Jane JACKMAN1871Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
JACKMANJane JACKMAN1877Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
JACKMANJohn JACKMAN1840Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
JACKMANJohn Joseph B. JACKMAN1884Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
JACKMANJohn William JACKMAN1879Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
JACKMANMargaret Ann JACKMAN1883Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
JACKMANPhoebe Honor JACKMAN1865Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
JACKMANSarah Bristow JACKMAN1867Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
JACKSONAbner Harry JACKSON1870Kilburn, Yorkshiref - RUST
JARVISJane Sarah J. JARVIS1899Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
JARVISMary Ann JARVIS1843Southwark, Surreyh - WEGG
JARVISMaud Gertrude JARVIS1900Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
JARVISThomas Herbert JARVIS1874Heigham, Norwich, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
JENKINSAlbert JENKINS1894Old Ford, Middlesexc - CASH
JENKINSAlice JENKINS1882Bow, Middlesexc - CASH
JENKINSCharlotte Rachel JENKINS1877Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - CASH
JENKINSElizabeth JENKINS1892Old Ford, Middlesexc - CASH
JENKINSEllen Eliza JENKINS1890Bow, Middlesexc - CASH
JENKINSEmily JENKINS1885Bow, Middlesexc - CASH
JENKINSGeorge James JENKINS1880Bow, Middlesexc - CASH
JENKINSHenry Alfred JENKINS1888Bow, Middlesexc - CASH
JENKINSJames John JENKINS1853Westminster, Middlesexc - CASH
JENKINSRachel JENKINS1878Bow, Middlesexc - CASH
JERMYMary JERMY1747Belaugh, Norfolka - GOLD/GOULD
JOHNSONBertie Samuel N. JOHNSON1883Trowse Newton, Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
JOHNSONCecil Jacob N. JOHNSON1881Trowse Newton, Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
JOHNSONHenry JOHNSON1848Lakenham or Trowse, Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
JOHNSONMary Ann JOHNSON?? (husb b. 1810 Bedingham)a - REEVE
JOHNSONMary Ann JOHNSON1792Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
JOLLYSophia JOLLY1864Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
JORDANAgnes Helen JORDAN1871Deal, Kenta2 - BULLEN
JOYMary JOY1804Bishopsgate, Middlesexc, f - WEGG
JUBYAnnie JUBY1889North Mymms, Hertfordshireb3 - BULLEN
JUBYEthel Maud JUBY1896Twickenham, Middlesexb3 - BULLEN
JUBYGeorge JUBY1871Brooke, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
JUBYHarriett Norman JUBY1878St Peter St Albans, Hertfordshireb3 - BULLEN
JUBYHarry Richard JUBY1880St Peter St Albans, Hertfordshireb3 - BULLEN
JUBYHerbert JUBY1882St Peter St Albans, Hertfordshireb3 - BULLEN
JUBYMuriel May JUBY1900Holbeach, Lincolnshireb3 - BULLEN
JUBYRichard JUBY1845Mundham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
JUBYWilliam JUBY1884North Mymms, Hertfordshireb3 - BULLEN
KALLAWAYAlbert William KALLAWAY1873Streatham, Surreyc2 - BULLEN
KALLAWAYHenry Adolphus KALLAWAY1878Brixton, Surreyc2 - BULLEN
KALLAWAYMabel Elizabeth KALLAWAY1875Streatham, Surreyc2 - BULLEN
KALLAWAYWilliam Henry KALLAWAY1847Fulham, Middlesexc2 - BULLEN
KEENElsie May KEEN1898Bethnal Green, Middlesexe - CASH
KEENGeorge Henry KEEN1869Bethnal Green, Middlesexe - CASH
KEENGeorge KEEN1830Bethnal Green, Middlesexe - CASH
KEMPBeatrice Minnie KEMP1873Bury St Edmunds, Suffolkf - BULLEN
KENDELLParley Prophet KENDELL1889Uintah, Weber, Utahe - WEGG
KERRISONCharity KERRISON1831Sloley, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
KERRISONFrank KERRISON1873Sea Palling, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
KERRISONSamuel Thomas Brown KERRISON1843Sea Palling, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
KETTMatilda Ann KETT1853Loddon, Norfolkf - BULLEN
KIDDFrank William KIDD1899St Pancras, Middlesexe - REEVE
KIDDWilliam Walter KIDD1871Garboldisham, Norfolke - REEVE
KINGMary Ann KING1874Bermondsey, Surreyb - CASH
KIRBYFrancis KIRBY1730Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
KIRBYJohn KIRBY~1707? (m. 1728 Brampton, Norfolk)a - WEGG
KITSONBenjamin KITSON1870Murton, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
KITSONElizabeth KITSON1896Bearpark, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
KITSONViolet KITSON1893Witton Gilbert, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
KNIGHTSAlfred Smith KNIGHTS1890Sprowston, Norfolkf - BULLEN
KNIGHTSAnn KNIGHTS1817Southelmham St Peter, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSBenjamin Rayner KNIGHTS1900Old Catton, Norfolkf - BULLEN
KNIGHTSBessie KNIGHTS1877Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSCharlotte KNIGHTS1833Ditchingham, Norfolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSDaniel KNIGHTS1879Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSEliza KNIGHTS1825Southelmham St Peter, Suffolka, c - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSEliza KNIGHTS1862Ditchingham, Norfolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSElizabeth (Bessy) KNIGHTS1884Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSElizabeth KNIGHTS1832Ditchingham, Norfolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSElizabeth KNIGHTS1871Ditchingham, Norfolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSElizabeth Mary KNIGHTS1887Sprowston, Norfolkf - BULLEN
KNIGHTSEmma Eliza KNIGHTS1863Carlton Colville, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
KNIGHTSEmma KNIGHTS1827Southelmham St Peter, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSEmma KNIGHTS1827Southelmham, Suffolka, b - REEVE
KNIGHTSEmma KNIGHTS1867Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSEsther KNIGHTS1881Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSEthel May KNIGHTS1892Sprowston, Norfolkf - BULLEN
KNIGHTSFrederick Allan KNIGHTS1895Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSGeorge KNIGHTS1873Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSHarry Bertram KNIGHTS1893Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSHarry KNIGHTS1875Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSHubert Thomas KNIGHTS1898Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSJessie May KNIGHTS1900Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSMaria KNIGHTS1822Southelmham St Petera, b - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSMary Anne KNIGHTS1834Ditchingham, Norfolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSMary KNIGHTS1814Southelmham All Saints, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSMinnie Edith KNIGHTS1897Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSPhilip KNIGHTS1775Seething, Norfolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSPhilip KNIGHTS1865Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSRobert Charles KNIGHTS1884Great Plumstead, Norfolkf - BULLEN
KNIGHTSRobert KNIGHTS1831Broome, Norfolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSRobert KNIGHTS1854Forncett St Mary, Norfolkf - BULLEN
KNIGHTSRobert KNIGHTS1863Ditchingham, Norfolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSSarah KNIGHTS1815Southelmham All Saints, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSThomas KNIGHTS1869Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSWilliam George KNIGHTS1866Bungay, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNIGHTSWilliam KNIGHTS1818Southelmham St Peter, Suffolka - KNIGHTS
KNOPPGeorge Gordon KNOPP1875Tendring, Essexf - GOLD/GOULD
KNOPPGeorge Gordon KNOPP1875Tendring, Essexb - REEVE
KNOPPGeorge Gordon KNOPP1875Tendring, Essexe - RUST
KNOWLERAmelia KNOWLER1868Eastchurch, Sheppey, Kenta3 - BULLEN
KNOWLESCharles Frederick KNOWLES1895North Shields, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
KNOWLESJames Donald KNOWLES1897South Shields, Durhame1 - BULLEN
KNOWLESJohn KNOWLES1866North Shields, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
KNOWLESJohn William KNOWLES1891North Shields, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
KNOWLESNorman KNOWLES1900South Shields, Durhame1 - BULLEN
LACEYEllen Susanna LACEY1877Norwich, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
LAKEConstance LAKE1890Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
LAKEEdith Emma LAKE1885Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
LAKEJessie Maud LAKE1889Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
LAKEWilliam LAKE1843Chelmsford, EssexHARLEY
LAMBERTSarah Ann LAMBERT1849Wymondham, Norfolkc - KNIGHTS
LANEAnn Letitia LANE1864Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEConstance Alice LANE1890Torquay, Devonb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEEdith M. LANE1888Freshwater, Isle of Wightb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEEliza LANE1828Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEEliza Lerina LANE1869Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEEmily Ellen LANE1878Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEEmily LANE1836Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEFrederick William LANE1862Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEGeorge LANE1833Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEGeorge Thomas LANE1856Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEHarriet LANE1838Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEHarry Wiggett LANE1876Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEHerbert Ernest LANE1881Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEJames LANE1831Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEJohn William Bambridge LANE1823Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEJohn William LANE1854Norwich, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEMary Eliza LANE1859Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEMary LANE1825Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEMatilda LANE1826Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEMaud Mary LANE1871Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANENina Anna LANE1888Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANERobert Thomas LANE1873Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANESarah LANE1841Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEStanley Ernest LANE1885Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEThomas LANE1803Buxton, Norfolka, b - BAMBRIDGE
LANEThomas LANE1843Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LANEWilliam Aubrey LANE1883Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
LARKEEdith Honor LARKE1878Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
LARKEEliza LARKE1882Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
LARKEFrederick George LARKE1876Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
LARKESusanna LARKE1737Woodton, Norfolka - BULLEN
LARKEWilliam LARKE1853Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
LARKEWilliam LARKE1882Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
LARSENJohn LARSEN?? (wife b 1888 Bergh Apton)b - RUST
LAVENDERLucy Louisa LAVENDER1850Great Elm, Frome, Somersetb - CASH
LE GRYSArthur LE GRYS1883Briston, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LE GRYSHarry John LE GRYS1876Tharston, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LE GRYSJohn LE GRYS1847Bunwell, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LE GRYSWillie Thomas LE GRYS1878East Dereham, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LEACHAlice LEACH1869Great Yarmouth, NorfolkALEXANDER
LEACHClara Isabella LEACH1874Great Yarmouth, NorfolkALEXANDER
LEACHEliza Dora LEACH1878Great Yarmouth, NorfolkALEXANDER
LEACHElizabeth LEACH1838Ditchingham, NorfolkALEXANDER
LEACHFlorence Elizabeth LEACH1871Great Yarmouth, NorfolkALEXANDER
LEACHGeorge LEACH1839Bungay, SuffolkALEXANDER
LEACHGeorge Reginald LEACH1876Great Yarmouth, NorfolkALEXANDER
LEACHHarriet LEACH1842Bungay, SuffolkALEXANDER
LEACHMichael LEACH1810Mettingham, SuffolkALEXANDER
LEACHRuth Mary LEACH1883Great Yarmouth, NorfolkALEXANDER
LEAROYDJessie Turner LEAROYD1873Bradford, YorkshireFLEURY
LEDIARDAbegal Susanna LEDIARD1799Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - WEGG
LEDIARDBarbery LEDIARD1804Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - WEGG
LEDIARDCharlotte LEDIARD1802Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - WEGG
LEDIARDElizabeth LEDIARD1797Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - WEGG
LEDIARDGeorge James LEDIARD1811Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - WEGG
LEDIARDJohn Thomas LEDIARD~1774? (ch. b. Bethnal Green, Mdx)c - WEGG
LEDIARDJohn Thomas LEDIARD1809Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - WEGG
LEDIARDMary LEDIARD1804Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - WEGG
LEDIARDRebecca LEDIARD1807Bethnal Green, Middlesexc, h - WEGG
LEDIARDRichard LEDIARD1813Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - WEGG
LEGOODAbraham LEGOOD1767Bedingham, Norfolka, b - BULLEN
LEGOODAbraham LEGOOD1840Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODAbraham LEGOOD1875Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODAlice Edith LEGOOD1898Portsea, Hampshireb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODAlice Mary LEGOOD1893Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
LEGOODAnn LEGOOD1798Bedingham, Norfolkb, b2 - BULLEN
LEGOODAnna Florence Hannah LEGOOD1872Bedingham, Norfolkb - BULLEN
LEGOODAnna Maria LEGOOD1856Heckingham, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODCharles Albert LEGOOD1881Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
LEGOODCharles Alfred LEGOOD1890Portsea, Hampshireb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODCharles Edward LEGOOD1866Woodton, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODCharles Edward LEGOOD1885Gorleston, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODEdward LEGOOD1798Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
LEGOODEdward LEGOOD1838Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODEdward LEGOOD1839Woodton, Norfolkb - BULLEN
LEGOODEleanor LEGOOD1866Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
LEGOODEliza LEGOOD1863Bedingham, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODEliza Maria LEGOOD1887Bergh Apton, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODElizabeth Alice LEGOOD1872Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
LEGOODElizabeth LEGOOD1792Bedingham, Norfolkb - BULLEN
LEGOODElizabeth LEGOOD1804Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
LEGOODElizabeth LEGOOD1855Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODElizabeth Rachel LEGOOD1854Bedingham, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODEllen Susannah LEGOOD1900Barry, Glamorganb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODEmily Honor LEGOOD1888Bergh Apton, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODEmma LEGOOD1858Bedingham, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODEsther LEGOOD1799Bedingham, Norfolkb, b3 - BULLEN
LEGOODEthel Bertha LEGOOD1895Portsea, Hampshireb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODEva LEGOOD1898Curragh City, Kildare, Irelandb9 - BULLEN
LEGOODEveline Nora LEGOOD1892Portsea, Hampshireb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODFlorence Alice LEGOOD1890Norwich, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODFlorence Emma LEGOOD1873Heckingham, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODFlorence Helen LEGOOD1876Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
LEGOODFlorence LEGOOD1900Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
LEGOODFrederick LEGOOD1878Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
LEGOODGeorge Edward N. LEGOOD1900Gorleston, Norfolkb - BULLEN
LEGOODGeorge Robert LEGOOD1852Hempnall, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODGeorge William LEGOOD1875Norwich, Norfolkb - BULLEN
LEGOODGeorge William R. LEGOOD1883Portsea, Hampshireb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODGeorgina Mabel LEGOOD1882Portsea, Hampshireb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODGertrude LEGOOD1869Bedingham, Norfolkb - BULLEN
LEGOODGrace LEGOOD1894Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODHarriet Ann LEGOOD1877Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODHarriet Hannah LEGOOD1860Hull, Yorkshireb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODHarriet LEGOOD1854Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
LEGOODHarriet Phoebe LEGOOD1873Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
LEGOODHelen May L. LEGOOD1889Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODHenry John LEGOOD1872Bedingham, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODHerbert Llewellyn LEGOOD1888Gorleston, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODHonor LEGOOD1796Bedingham, Norfolkb, b1 - BULLEN
LEGOODJames Abraham LEGOOD1871Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
LEGOODJames LEGOOD1763Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
LEGOODJames LEGOOD1787Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
LEGOODJames LEGOOD1809Bedingham, Norfolkb, b8, b9 - BULLEN
LEGOODJames LEGOOD1846Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
LEGOODJames LEGOOD1850Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb, b1 - BULLEN
LEGOODJames LEGOOD1878Bedingham, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODJames Samuel LEGOOD1863Hull, Yorkshireb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODLily Lavina LEGOOD1880Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODMabel Rose LEGOOD1886Gorleston, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODMargaret Katie LEGOOD1886Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
LEGOODMaria Edith LEGOOD1875Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
LEGOODMaria Elizabeth LEGOOD1864Lambeth, Surreyb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODMaria LEGOOD1805Bedingham, Norfolkb - BULLEN
LEGOODMaria LEGOOD1814Bedingham, Norfolkb, b1 - BULLEN
LEGOODMaria LEGOOD1843Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
LEGOODMaria LEGOOD1852Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb, b1 - BULLEN
LEGOODMaria LEGOOD1867Bedingham, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODMarianne LEGOOD1849Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
LEGOODMartha LEGOOD1815Woodton, Norfolkb - BULLEN
LEGOODMary Ann LEGOOD1862Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
LEGOODMary Elizabeth LEGOOD1869Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
LEGOODMary LEGOOD1790Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
LEGOODMary LEGOOD1795Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
LEGOODMary LEGOOD1796Bedingham, Norfolkb - BULLEN
LEGOODMaud May LEGOOD1890Kirstead, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODMay Helen LEGOOD1887Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODMillie Elizabeth LEGOOD1889Portsea, Hampshireb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODOliver Last LEGOOD1889Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
LEGOODPhoebe Honor LEGOOD1841Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
LEGOODPhoebe LEGOOD1801Bedingham, Norfolkb - BULLEN
LEGOODPhoebe LEGOOD1822Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
LEGOODPhoebe LEGOOD1833Woodton, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODPhoebe Mary Ann LEGOOD1872Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODRachel Dorothy LEGOOD1892Kirstead, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODReginald Samuel LEGOOD1899Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODRhoda LEGOOD1808Bedingham, Norfolkb, b7 - BULLEN
LEGOODRobert George LEGOOD1896Barry, Glamorganb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODRobert James LEGOOD1873Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODRobert LEGOOD`1827Bedingham, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODRobert LEGOOD1792Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
LEGOODRobert LEGOOD1819Moulton, Norfolkb, b1 - BULLEN
LEGOODRobert William LEGOOD1867Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
LEGOODRosanna Elizabeth LEGOOD1884Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODSarah Elizabeth LEGOOD1894Barry, Glamorganb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODSarah LEGOOD1794Bedingham, Norfolkb - BULLEN
LEGOODSusan LEGOOD1851Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
LEGOODSusannah LEGOOD1811Woodton, Norfolkb - BULLEN
LEGOODThomas James LEGOOD1839Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
LEGOODThomas James LEGOOD1864Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
LEGOODThomas Robert LEGOOD1869Bedingham, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODThomas Robert LEGOOD1870Bedingham, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODThomas William LEGOOD1894Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
LEGOODWalter Charles LEGOOD1899Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODWalter Edward LEGOOD1882Bedingham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODWilliam (George) LEGOOD1837Bedingham, Norfolkb - BULLEN
LEGOODWilliam Bird LEGOOD1896Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
LEGOODWilliam Clarence E, LEGOOD1897Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
LEGOODWilliam LEGOOD1861Bedingham, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
LEGOODWilliam LEGOOD1874Bedingham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
LEINZINCarolina Friderike LEINZIN?? (Dau. b. 1780, Stuttgart)FLEURY
LENTONElizabeth Sarah LENTON1849Horncastle, Lincolnshiref - RUST
LEONARDElizabeth Lilian LEONARD1887Holborn, MiddlesexDABBS
LESTERCaroline LESTER (LISTER)1861Scoulton, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LEVERETTEleanor LEVERETT1895Marylebone, Middlesexa - KNIGHTS
LEVERETTEliza LEVERETT1888Hampstead, Middlesexa - KNIGHTS
LEVERETTErnest LEVERETT1899Marylebone, Middlesexa - KNIGHTS
LEVERETTFrank LEVERETT1893St Giles, Middlesexa - KNIGHTS
LEVERETTJoseph LEVERETT1856Holloway, Middlesexa - KNIGHTS
LEVERETTJoseph Robert LEVERETT1890Hampstead, Middlesexa - KNIGHTS
LEVETTEdward LEVETT1879Trimley St Martin, Suffolkb3 - BULLEN
LEVYHenrietta LEVY1896? (London)FLEURY
LIGHTUPAlice LIGHTUP1786Heigham, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPAmelia Amy LIGHTUP1882Bethnal Green, Middlesexh - WEGG
LIGHTUPAnn Markham LIGHTUP1717Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LIGHTUPAnne LIGHTUP1684Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LIGHTUPBarbara LIGHTUP1759Tunstead, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPBeatrice Ada LIGHTUP1869Shoreditch, Middlesexg1, h - WEGG
LIGHTUPCharlotte LIGHTUP1835Aldgate, Middlesexh - WEGG
LIGHTUPEdward LIGHTUP1704Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LIGHTUPEleanor LIGHTUP1861Aldgate, Middlesexg1, h - WEGG
LIGHTUPElizabeth Ann LIGHTUP1826Clerkenwell, Middlesexc - WEGG
LIGHTUPElizabeth LIGHTUP1720Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LIGHTUPElizabeth LIGHTUP1739Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LIGHTUPElizabeth LIGHTUP1774Costessey, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPElizabeth LIGHTUP1866Aldgate, Middlesexh - WEGG
LIGHTUPFlorence Emily LIGHTUP1878Mile End, Middlesexh - WEGG
LIGHTUPFrederick George LIGHTUP1878Bethnal Green, Middlesexh - WEGG
LIGHTUPGeorge LIGHTUP1758Worstead, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPGeorge LIGHTUP1770Tunstead, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPGeorge LIGHTUP1798Heigham, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPGeorge LIGHTUP1828Finsbury, Middlesexc - WEGG
LIGHTUPGeorge LIGHTUP1839Aldgate, Middlesexh - WEGG
LIGHTUPGeorge LIGHTUP1843Aldgate, Middlesexc - WEGG
LIGHTUPGeorge William LIGHTUP1797Bishopsgate, Middlesexc - WEGG
LIGHTUPHarriet LIGHTUP1800Heigham, Norfolkc, g1, g2 - WEGG
LIGHTUPHarriet Rebecca LIGHTUP1838Aldgate, Middlesexc - WEGG
LIGHTUPHarriett Rebecca LIGHTUP1859Aldgate, Middlesexg1, h - WEGG
LIGHTUPHerbert LIGHTUP1880Bethnal Green, Middlesexh - WEGG
LIGHTUPHester LIGHTUP1692Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LIGHTUPJacob LIGHTUP1768Tunstead, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPJames LIGHTUP1780Heigham, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPJames LIGHTUP1826St James Dukes Pl, Middlesexc - WEGG
LIGHTUPJames LIGHTUP1832Aldgate, Middlesexh - WEGG
LIGHTUPJames LIGHTUP1837Aldgate, Middlesexh - WEGG
LIGHTUPJames William LIGHTUP1869Mile End, Middlesexh - WEGG
LIGHTUPJohn LIGHTUP1688Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LIGHTUPJohn Thomas LIGHTUP1846St Mary Newington, Middlesexh - WEGG
LIGHTUPJohn Thomas LIGHTUP1872Greenwich, Kenth - WEGG
LIGHTUPMaria LIGHTUP1834Whitechapel, Middlesexc - WEGG
LIGHTUPMartha LIGHTUP1785Heigham, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPMary LIGHTUP1841Aldgate, Middlesexh - WEGG
LIGHTUPMercy LIGHTUP1733Buxton, Norfolka, b - WEGG
LIGHTUPMercy LIGHTUP1761Tunstead, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPRachel LIGHTUP1865Shoreditch, Middlesexg1, h - WEGG
LIGHTUPRebecca LIGHTUP1828Aldgate, Middlesexh - WEGG
LIGHTUPRebecca Louisa LIGHTUP1870Greenwich, Kenth - WEGG
LIGHTUPRichard LIGHTUP~1739Buxton, Norfolka, c - WEGG
LIGHTUPRichard LIGHTUP1695Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LIGHTUPRichard LIGHTUP1701Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LIGHTUPRichard LIGHTUP1763Tunstead, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPRichard LIGHTUP1791Heigham, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPRichard Robert LIGHTUP1868Shoreditch, Middlesexg1, h - WEGG
LIGHTUPRichard William LIGHTUP1805St Geo Hanover Sq, Middlesexc, h - WEGG
LIGHTUPRichard William LIGHTUP1826Aldgate, Middlesexg1, h - WEGG
LIGHTUPRobert LIGHTUP1791Heigham, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPSarah LIGHTUP~1725? (d. 1725 Buxton, Norfolk)a - WEGG
LIGHTUPSarah LIGHTUP1696Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LIGHTUPSarah LIGHTUP1793Heigham, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPSophia LIGHTUP1799Bishopsgate, Middlesexc - WEGG
LIGHTUPSusanna LIGHTUP1766Tunstead, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPSusanna LIGHTUP1788Heigham, Norfolkc - WEGG
LIGHTUPSusanna LIGHTUP1801Westminster, Middlesexc - WEGG
LIGHTUPSusanna LIGHTUP1829Soho, Middlesexc - WEGG
LIGHTUPSusannah King LIGHTUP1795Bishopsgate, Middlesexc - WEGG
LIGHTUPThomas LIGHTUP~1663? (1st ch. b. 1684 Buxton, Norfolk)a - WEGG
LIGHTUPThomas LIGHTUP1686Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LIGHTUPWilliam Henry LIGHTUP1871Mile End, Middlesexh - WEGG
LINCOLNEllen May LINCOLN1889Norwich, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LINCOLNGertrude Alice LINCOLN1886Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LINCOLNWilliam James LINCOLN1858Limehouse, Middlesexc1 - BULLEN
LINDEMANGeorge LINDEMAN1820Hackney, MiddlesexHARLEY
LLOYDAlbert Edward LLOYD1864Scarborough, Yorkshirec2 - BULLEN
LLOYDAlfred James LLOYD1878Mutford, Suffolkc2 - BULLEN
LLOYDAlice LLOYD1868Aslacton, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LLOYDAlice LLOYD1868Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LLOYDAlice LLOYD1880Camberwell, Surreyc, c1 - BULLEN
LLOYDAlice LLOYD1898Manchester, Lancashirec1 - BULLEN
LLOYDAlice May Nelson LLOYD (NELSON)1896Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LLOYDArthur LLOYD1872Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LLOYDArthur LLOYD1894Manchester, Lancashirec1 - BULLEN
LLOYDArthur Weston LLOYD1888Aslacton, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LLOYDCatharine LLOYD1845Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LLOYDCharles Henry J. LLOYD1879Camberwell, Surreyc, c1 - BULLEN
LLOYDCharlotte LLOYD1893Battersea, Surreyc2 - BULLEN
LLOYDChristopher Henry LLOYD1866Forncett St Peter, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LLOYDEdith Rosa LLOYD1875Forncett St Peter, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LLOYDEdward LLOYD1860Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LLOYDEdward LLOYD1872Forncett St Peter, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LLOYDEdward LLOYD1876Bedingham, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LLOYDEllen Eliza LLOYD1875Wacton, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LLOYDEllen LLOYD1876Long Stratton ST Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LLOYDEllen Mary LLOYD1880Lambeth, Surreyc1 - BULLEN
LLOYDEmma Eliza LLOYD1878Lambeth, Surreyc1 - BULLEN
LLOYDEmma LLOYD1885Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LLOYDEthel LLOYD1883Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LLOYDFanny LLOYD1887Lambeth, Surreyc2 - BULLEN
LLOYDFred William LLOYD1873Forncett St Peter, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LLOYDFrederick C. LLOYD1900Tharston, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LLOYDFrederick LLOYD1893Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LLOYDFrederick William LLOYD1895Wymondham, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LLOYDGeorge LLOYD1878Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LLOYDGeorge Venus LLOYD1884Lambeth, Surreyc2 - BULLEN
LLOYDGertrude Violet LLOYD1883Aslacton, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LLOYDHarold LLOYD1900Manchester, Lancashirec1 - BULLEN
LLOYDHarry William LLOYD1885Forncett St Peter, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LLOYDHenry LLOYD1848Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LLOYDHenry LLOYD1880Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LLOYDJames Henry LLOYD1886Lambeth, Surreyc2 - BULLEN
LLOYDJames LLOYD (LORD)1850Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LLOYDMabel LLOYD1890Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LLOYDMargaret Mary LLOYD1874Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LLOYDMartha Rebecca LLOYD1881Tharston, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LLOYDMary Jane LLOYD1868Forncett St Peter, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LLOYDMaud Mary LLOYD1890Battersea, Surreyc2 - BULLEN
LLOYDMinnie Agnes LLOYD1870Forncett St Peter, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LLOYDMiranda LLOYD1880Mutford, Suffolkc2 - BULLEN
LLOYDRobert LLOYD1841Forncett St Peter, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LLOYDRobert LLOYD1880North Shields, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
LLOYDRosa Ellen Taylor LLOYD1894Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LLOYDSelina Sally LLOYD1865Wacton, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LLOYDThomas LLOYD1887Camberwell, Surreyc, c1 - BULLEN
LLOYDWilliam LLOYD1886Lambeth, Surreyc2 - BULLEN
LLOYDWilliam LLOYD1887Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LLOYDWilliam LLOYD1896Manchester, Lancashirec1 - BULLEN
LLOYDWilliam Saunders LLOYD (SAUNDERS)1867Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOFTCharles Edmund LOFT1859? (wife b. Brighton)d2 - BAMBRIDGE
LONGAlice May LONG1886Framingham Earl, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
LONGAnn Maria LONG1864Mistley, Essexc - REEVE
LONGBeatrice Anna LONG1889Bixley, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
LONGEdith LONG1888Bixley, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
LONGRobert George Ford LONG1858Framingham Pigot, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
LORDAda Marion LORD1887Brockdish, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LORDAlfred Thomas LORD1893Brooke, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LORDAnnie Louisa LORD1887Chertsey, Surreyd1 - BULLEN
LORDCharles LORD (LOYD)1863Bergh Apton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LORDClara LORD1861Bergh Apton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LORDConstance Mary LORD1892Ipswich, Suffolkd1 - BULLEN
LORDEbenezer Edward LORD1888Brockdish, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LORDEbenezer LORD1863Hickling, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LORDEliza LORD (LOYD)1838Wacton, Norfolkc2, c3 - BULLEN
LORDElizabeth LORD1779Woodton, Norfolka, d - BULLEN
LORDEphraim John LORD1880Billockby, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LORDEphraim John LORD1880Lowestoft, Suffolke2 - BULLEN
LORDEphraim LORD (LOYD)1829Woodton, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LORDErnest William LORD1890Brooke, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LORDEthel Marion LORD1886Bergh Apton, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LORDFrederick Charles LORD1891Brooke, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LORDHarry James LORD1890Brooke, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LORDHenry John LORD1861Bergh Apton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LORDHenry John LORD1861Hickling, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LORDHenry LORD1785Woodton, Norfolka, e1, e2 - BULLEN
LORDHenry LORD1815Bedingham, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LORDHonor LORD1777Woodton, Norfolka - BULLEN
LORDJames LORD (LLOYD)1838Wacton, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LORDJames LORD1775Woodton, Norfolka - BULLEN
LORDJames LORD1802Woodton, Norfolkd - BULLEN
LORDJames LORD1821Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LORDJames William LORD1864Kirkley, Suffolkd1 - BULLEN
LORDKenneth Leslie J. LORD1900Chelmsford, Essexd1 - BULLEN
LORDLevy (Levi) LORD1833Woodton, Norfolke2, e4 - BULLEN
LORDLizzie Ethel LORD1892Bugbrooke, Northamptonshiree2 - BULLEN
LORDMarianne LORD1862Bergh Apton, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LORDMartha LORD1781Woodton, Norfolka - BULLEN
LORDMartha LORD1819Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LORDMary LORD1816Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LORDRobert LORD (LOYD)1824Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LORDRobert LORD1737Woodton, Norfolka - BULLEN
LORDRobert LORD1773Woodton, Norfolka, c - BULLEN
LORDSarah Ann LORD (LLOYD)1836Wacton, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LORDSarah LORD1770Woodton, Norfolka - BULLEN
LORDStephen LORD (LOYD)1826Woodton, Norfolke2, e3 - BULLEN
LORDStephen LORD1880/1Bergh Apton, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LORDSusannah LORD1772Woodton, Norfolka, b - BULLEN
LORDWalter John LORD1895Bugbrooke, Northamptonshiree2 - BULLEN
LORDWilliam Charles LORD1895Chelmsford, Essexd1 - BULLEN
LORDWilliam John LORD1885Bergh Apton, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LORKINGEmma Jessie LORKING1890Bury St Edmunds, Suffolkf - BULLEN
LORKINGJames Kensett (Kinsett) LORKING1852Ipswich, Suffolkf - BULLEN
LORKINGJane Darrell LORKING1878Whitechapel, Middlesexf - BULLEN
LORKINGJohn Kensell LORKING1876Kelvedon, Essexf - BULLEN
LORKINGMary Elizabeth LORKING1882Stowmarket, Suffolkf - BULLEN
LORKINGRichard James LORKING1880Edmonton, Middlesexf - BULLEN
LOSSJohn LOSS~1692? (m. 1723 Buxton, Norfolk)a - WEGG
LOSSJohn LOSS1723Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LOSSRichard LOSS1730Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LOSSThomas LOSS1725Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LOSSWilliam LOSS1731Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LOSSESarah LOSSE1726Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
LOVATTMaria LOVATT (LOVETT)1864Fressingfield, Suffolke2 - BULLEN
LOVEDAYHenry Albert LOVEDAY (LLOYD)1874Tasburgh, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LOWEAlbert LOWE1897Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
LOWEWilliam Henry LOWE1872Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
LOWTHERAlice Hilda LOWTHER1889Boston Spa, Yorkshireb - GOLD/GOULD
LOWTHERThomas LOWTHER1853Easingwold, Yorkshireb - GOLD/GOULD
LOYDAlbert LOYD1845Wacton, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LOYDAlfred Stephen LOYD1883Romford, Essexe3 - BULLEN
LOYDAlice LOYD (LLOYD)1856Wacton, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LOYDAlice LOYD1887Forncett St Peter, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LOYDAlice Maud Mary LOYD (LLOYD)1860Wacton, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LOYDAlice Spinks LOYD1888Staithes, Hinderwell, Yorkshiree1 - BULLEN
LOYDAlwyn Edward LOYD1893Ringland, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDAnn Maria LOYD (LORD)1859Bergh Apton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDAnna Elizabeth LOYD (LLOYD)1853Wacton, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LOYDArthur Henry LOYD1893Ashwellthorpe, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDAugusta Jane LOYD1891Burgh St Margaret, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDAugusta LOYD1857Bergh Apton, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDBelinda LOYD (LLOYD)1846Wacton, Norfolkc, c1 - BULLEN
LOYDBertie Charles LOYD1890Billockby, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDCharles Frederick LOYD1867Hopton, Suffolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDCharles Henry LOYD1856Bergh Apton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDCharles LOYD (LLOYD)1844Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDCharles LOYD (LORD)1814Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LOYDDaniel LOYD1858Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDDonald LOYD (LLOYD)1863Hopton, Suffolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDDonald LOYD1893North Shields, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
LOYDElivina LOYD (LLOYD)1829Tasburgh, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LOYDElizabeth Ellen LOYD1868Bergh Apton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDElizabeth LOYD (LLOYD)1842Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDElizabeth LOYD (LORD)1870Bergh Apton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDElizabeth LOYD1853Bergh Apton, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDEllen Elizabeth LOYD1869Gorleston, Suffolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDEllen Maria LOYD1887Cawston, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDEllen Pallent LOYD1887North Shields, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
LOYDEmma Elizabeth LOYD (LLOYD)1857Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDEphraim LOYD1852Bergh Apron, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDEphraim Robert LOYD1886Romford, Essexe3 - BULLEN
LOYDEphraim Spratt LOYD (LORD)1856Bergh Apton, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LOYDErnest Frank LOYD1890Romford, Essexe3 - BULLEN
LOYDEthel Dorothy LOYD1891Diss, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDEthel Maud M. LOYD1884Billockby, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDEthel Susanna LOYD1880Bergh Apton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDFlorence LOYD1900Cullercoats, Tynemouth, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
LOYDFrank LOYD1882Hove, Sussexe1 - BULLEN
LOYDFrederick LOYD1884Romford, Essexe3 - BULLEN
LOYDGeorge LOYD (LLOYD)1830Wacton, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LOYDGeorge LOYD (LORD)1808Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc, c2 - BULLEN
LOYDGeorge Watson LOYD1879Warboys, Huntingdonshiree4 - BULLEN
LOYDGertrude Mary LOYD1891Ringland, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDHannah Eleanor M. LOYD1898Bergh Apton, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDHannah Louisa LOYD (LORD)1860Bergh Apton, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDHarriet LOYD (LLOYD)1854Wacton, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LOYDHarriet LOYD1839Wacton, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LOYDHarriet LOYD1872Gorleston, Suffolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDHarry LOYD1864Bergh Apton, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LOYDHenry James LOYD (LLOYD)1859Stratton St Michael, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDHenry LOYD (LLOYD)1812Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc, c4 - BULLEN
LOYDHenry LOYD (LLOYD)1847Wacton, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LOYDHenry LOYD (LLOYD)1858Wacton, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LOYDHenry LOYD1836Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDHenry LOYD1849Pulham St Mary, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LOYDHenry LOYD1850Bergh Apton, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDHenry LOYD1855Bergh Apton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDHerbert William LOYD1892Romford, Essexe3 - BULLEN
LOYDIsabella Sanderson LOYD1891North Shields, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
LOYDJames LOYD1803Wacton or Long Stratton, Norfolkc, c1 - BULLEN
LOYDJames Purvis LOYD1900North Shields, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
LOYDJames William LOYD1876North Shields, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
LOYDJane LLOYD1855Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDJob LOYD1857Bergh Apton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDJohn LOYD (LLOYD)1839Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc, c1 - BULLEN
LOYDJohn LOYD (LORD)1860Bergh Apton, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LOYDJohn LOYD1810Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LOYDJohn LOYD1842Wacton, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LOYDJohn LOYD1843Bergh Apton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDJohn LOYD1852Bergh Apton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDJohn LOYD1874North Shields, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
LOYDJohn Spratt LOYD1831Woodton, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LOYDLevi LOYD1832Long Stratton or Wacton, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDLevi Spratt LOYD1872Bergh Apton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDLevi Stephen LOYD1899Bergh Apton, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDLewis Harry LOYD1886Billockby, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDLouis LOYD (LLOYD)1851Wacton, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LOYDMabel Eliza LOYD1900Forncett St Peter, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LOYDMabel Mary (May) LOYD (LLOYD)1876Neatishead, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDMabel Rachel LOYD1889Ringland, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDMargaret LOYD1853Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDMark Edward James LOYD1880Shelton, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LOYDMary Ann LOYD (LLOYD)1843Tibenham, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LOYDMary Ann LOYD1832Wacton or Pulham Market, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LOYDMary Ann LOYD1835Pulham, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LOYDMary Ann LOYD1849Wacton, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LOYDMary Ann LOYD1862Stratton St Michael, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDMary Jane LOYD1882Wacton, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LOYDMary LOYD1848Bergh Apton, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDMary LOYD1848Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDMary LOYD1851Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDMary LOYD1865Hopton, Suffolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDMary LOYD1889Forncett St Peter, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LOYDMatilda LOYD (LORD)1856Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDMaurice LOYD (LLOYD)1839Wacton, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LOYDMay Myrtle G. LOYD1896Wells next the Sea, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDMinnie LOYD (LORD)1868Bergh Apton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDNathaniel LOYD1845Wacton, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LOYDNellie LOYD1892Forncett St Peter, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LOYDPatience LOYD (LOYDE)1843Bergh Apton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDPercy Edward LOYD1895Romford, Essexe3 - BULLEN
LOYDPriscilla Emeline LOYD1864Bergh Apton, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDRachel LOYD1872Bergh Apton, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LOYDReginald Thomas LOYD1895Ashwellthorpe, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDRhoda Margaret LOYD (LORD)1865Bergh Apton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDRobert LOYD1805Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LOYDRobert LOYD1836Wacton, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
LOYDRobert LOYD1846Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDRobert LOYD1849Bergh Apton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDRobert LOYD1888North Shields, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
LOYDRosina LOYD (LLOYD)1860Bergh Apton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDRosina LOYD (LORD)1858Bergh Apton, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LOYDSarah LOYD1802Wacton, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LOYDSidney Henry LOYD1883Foulsham, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDSusan LOYD1827Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc - BULLEN
LOYDSusann LOYD1837Long Stratton St Mary, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDSusanna LOYD (LLOYD)1850Wacton, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LOYDThomas William LOYD1881Grimston, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDThomas William LOYD1885Cawston, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDViolet Elizabeth LOYD1899Wicklewood, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
LOYDWalter Charles LOYD1886Norwich, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LOYDWalter John LOYD1883Billockby, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDWilliam Henry S. LOYD1878Neatishead, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDWilliam LOYD (LLOYD)1853Wacton, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
LOYDWilliam LOYD (LLOYD)1864Wacton, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
LOYDWilliam LOYD1856Bergh Apton, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDWilliam LOYD1867Bergh Apton, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
LOYDWilliam Stephen LOYD1866Bergh Apton, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
LOYDEGeorge LOYDE (LOYD)1846Bergh Apton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
LUBBOCKHonor LUBBOCKc1780? (husb. b. Aylsham)a - GOLD/GOULD
LUCKThomas James LUCK1874Maidstone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
LUCYMargaret LUCY1834Bermondsey, Surreyf - WEGG
LULLINGENLuise LULLINGEN?? (husb. b. 1848, Frankenthal)FLEURY
LUNDArchibald Kenneth LUND1894Derby, Derbyshireb - RUST
LUNDBernard William LUND1885Derby, Derbyshireb - RUST
LUNDDorothy Joyce LUND1896Derby, Derbyshireb - RUST
LUNDEdwin Thomas LUND1856Dunnington, Yorkshireb - RUST
LUNDLeslie Wilfrid LUND1891Derby, Derbyshireb - RUST
LUNDMarjorie LUND1887Derby, Derbyshireb - RUST
LUNDReginald John LUND1888Derby, Derbyshireb - RUST
LYONSGeorge Joseph LYONS~1826? (m. 1879 St Geo Han Sq, Mdx)c - WEGG
MACCARTYFlorence MacCARTY?? (son b. 1790, Cork)e - CASH
MACCARTYFlorence MacCARTY~1790Bantry, Cork, Irelande - CASH
MACKENZIEHope Macdonald MACKENZIE1877St Pancras, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
MADDISEmma MADDIS1857Mutford, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
MADDOCKSErnest Christopher MADDOCKS1880Birmingham, WarwickshireALEXANDER
MADDOCKSFrederick MADDOCKS 1866Birmingham, WarwickshireALEXANDER
MADDOCKSFrederick MADDOCKS1895Birmingham, WarwickshireALEXANDER
MADDOCKSHarold Ernest MADDOCKS1898Birmingham, WarwickshireALEXANDER
MAHONEYMary MAHONEY1849Lambeth, Surreyf - WEGG
MAJORMaria Elizabeth MAJOR1830Woolwich, Kenta2 - BULLEN
MALLARDAmy Elizabeth MALLARD1884West Ham, EssexDABBS
MANNINGMary Ann MANNING1840Chatham, Kentb1 - BULLEN
MANSELLLouisa Agnes MANSELL1890Penshurst, Kentb8 - BULLEN
MANSELLMinnie MANSELL1887Penshurst, Kentb8 - BULLEN
MANSELLSamuel MANSELL1858Thorpe, Surreyb8 - BULLEN
MANSFIELDGeorge MANSFIELD1843Wroxham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
MANSFIELDJabez George MANSFIELD1879Wroxham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
MANSFIELDMaria Elizabeth MANSFIELD1875Wroxham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
MANSFIELDMaude Mary MANSFIELD1877Wroxham, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
MANTORCharles MANTOR1850St George in the East, Middlesexd - CASH
MANTORCharles MANTOR1877Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
MANTOREdwin MANTOR1882Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
MANTORMary Ann E. MANTOR1884Tottenham, Middlesexd - CASH
MANTORRoger MANTOR1875Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
MANTORThomas Rose MANTOR1879Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
MARCHEllen Phillis MARCH1872Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
MARJORAMWilliam MARJORAM1898Ipswich, Suffolkg1 - WEGG
MASONAnnie Lizzie MASON1889Goole, Yorkshireb7 - BULLEN
MASONJohn MASON1878Sprowston, Norfolkc - RUST
MASONWalter Joshua MASON1893Leeds, Yorkshireb7 - BULLEN
MASONWalter MASON1860Howden, Yorkshireb7 - BULLEN
MASTERSBerty Robert MASTERS1899Bow, MiddlesexDABBS
MASTERSFlorence Frances MASTERS1892Whitechapel, MiddlesexDABBS
MASTERSHenry Edwin MASTERS1894Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
MASTERSRobert MASTERS1866St Pancras (Marylebone), MiddlesexDABBS
MATHEWSDorothy Mildred MATHEWS1894Cardiff, Glamorgana3 - BULLEN
MATHEWSElsie May MATHEWS1889Cardiff, Glamorgana3 - BULLEN
MATHEWSWilliam Bernard MATHEWS1890Cardiff, Glamorgana3 - BULLEN
MATHEWSWilliam Henry MATHEWS1860Penarth, Cardiff, Glamorgana3 - BULLEN
MATTHEWSWilliam MATTHEWS1873Norwich, Norfolkb - REEVE
MAYHEWAlfred MAYHEW1891Flixton, Suffolkf - BULLEN
MAYHEWEmily MAYHEW1892Flixton, Suffolkf - BULLEN
MAYHEWJohn MAYHEW1854Darsham, Suffolkf - BULLEN
MAYHEWRose MAYHEW1889Flixton, Suffolkf - BULLEN
MAYHEWWalter MAYHEW1894Flixton, Suffolkf - BULLEN
MAYHEWWilliam John MAYHEW1888Flixton, Suffolkf - BULLEN
McCALLBenny McCALL1893Glasgow, Scotlandd1 - WEGG
McCALLDaniel McCALL1866Glasgow, Scotlandd1 - WEGG
McCALLRose Annie S. McCALL1895Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
McCALLRose Catherine A. McCALL1891Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
MCCARTYEllen Eliza McCARTY1854Bethnal Green, Middlesexd, e - CASH
MCCARTYMary Ann McCARTY1838Whitechapel, Middlesexe - CASH
MEACHAMEllen M. MEACHAM1887Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
MEACHAMHenry William MEACHAM1860Beccles, Suffolkb1 - BULLEN
MEACHAMHilda Maud MEACHAM1891Thorpe, Norwich, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
MEACHENEdgar Albert MEACHEN1896Oulton, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
MEACHENEdgar Alonzo MEACHEN1873Chelmsford, Essexb8 - BULLEN
MEACHENEdward Arthur MEACHEN1898Oulton, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
MEACHENEthel Adelaide MECHEN1895Oulton, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
MEACHENJessie Ellen MEACHEN1899Oulton, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
MEADNellie Agnes MEAD1879Hornsey, MiddlesexDABBS
MEARJemima MEAR1776Forncett St Mary, Norfolka, c - BULLEN
MEERSJane MEERS1798Deal, Kenta, a1 - BULLEN
METCALFFrancis Albert METCALF1876Gorleston, Suffolkb - KNIGHTS
METCALFEFrank Nathaniel METCALFE1899Gorleston, Suffolkb - KNIGHTS
MIDDLEDITCHEmma Matilda MIDDLEDITCH (RUSHMER)1873Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
MIDDLEDITCHIsabella MIDDLEDITCH1850Coney Weston, Suffolkd2 - WEGG
MILLEREthel MILLER1892West Ham, EssexDABBS
MILLERFlorence Fanny MILLER1883West Ham, EssexDABBS
MILLERGertrude Minnie MILLER1896West Ham, EssexDABBS
MILLERMaud Violet MILLER1888West Ham, EssexDABBS
MILLERMay Beatrice MILLER1885West Ham, EssexDABBS
MILLERSidney Francis MILLER1890West Ham, EssexDABBS
MILLERThomas Francis MILLER1858St Pancras, MiddlesexDABBS
MILLSAnn MILLS1862Reedham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
MILLSCharlotte MILLS1870Heigham, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
MILLSEdward MILLS1871Reedham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
MILLSElizabeth MILLS (SAUL)1860Reedham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
MILLSHarry MILLS (SAUL)1868Reedham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
MILLSJohn MILLS (SAUL)1866Reedham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
MILLSSamuel MILLS1873Reedham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
MILLSSimon Leonard MILLS (SAUL)1863Reedham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
MILLSSimon MILLS (SAUL)1833Reedham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
MINOVSKYJosef MINOVSKY?? (wife b. 1879, Stuttgart)FLEURY
MONKMANElizabeth MONKMAN1857Hornsea, Yorkshireb - RUST
MOORCharles MOOR(E)1845Hempnall, Norfolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREAlice Eliza MOORE1875Loddon, Norfolkb - REEVE
MOOREBenjamin MOORE1884Wrentham, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOORECarola MOORE1884Seething, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
MOORECharles George MOORE1899Southwold, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOORECharles MOORE1853Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
MOORECharles MOORE1864Southelmham St Cross, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOORECharles MOORE1877Mundham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
MOOREChristianna MOORE1873Darsham, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREDaisy Elizabeth MOORE1894Reydon, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREDoris Louisa MOORE1897Southwold, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREEllen MOORE1871Darsham, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREEmma MOORE1883Mundham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
MOOREFrederick Abraham MOORE1891Reydon, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREFrederick MOORE1877Darsham, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREGeorge MOORE1843Hempnall, Norfolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREGeorge MOORE1850Loddon, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
MOOREGeorge MOORE1880Darsham, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREHarriet MOORE1848Hempnall, Norfolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREHenry Charles MOORE1895Southwold, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREJames MOORE1840Hempnall, Norfolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREJames MOORE1862Southelmham St Cross, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREJames MOORE1876Mundham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
MOOREJohn MOORE1803Hempnall, Norfolkd, d2 - BULLEN
MOOREJohn MOORE1866Southelmham St Cross, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOORELily Sarah MOORE1888Reydon, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREMaria MOORE1838Hempnall, Norfolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREMartha Emma MOORE1898Reydon, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREMary MOORE1826Hempnall, Norfolke2, e3 - BULLEN
MOOREMary MOORE1833Hempnall, Norfolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREMay MOORE1889Reydon, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREReginald Charles MOORE1886Reydon, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOORESarah MOORE1831Hempnall, Norfolkd2 - BULLEN
MOORESidney James MOORE1887Reydon, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOORESybil Mary MOORE1892Reydon, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREWilliam MOORE1836Hempnall. Norfolkd2 - BULLEN
MOOREWilliam MOORE1860Southelmham St Cross, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
MORTLOCKGeorge Benjamin MORTLOCK1851Pimlico, Middlesexf - REEVE
MOSSSusanna MOSS1868Newbury, Berkshiree - REEVE
MOWSERJonathan MOWSER1789Cratfield, SuffolkALEXANDER
MOWSERMaria MOWSER1815Cratfield, SuffolkALEXANDER
MUNDAYHerbert Albert MUNDAY1877Norwich, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
MUNDAYHerbert Arthur MUNDAY1898Norwich, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
MUNDAYThomas MUNDAY1900Norwich, Norfolkb9 - BULLEN
MUNNSMinnie MUNNS1865Clerkenwell, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
MUTTETCharles William MUTTET (MUTTIT)1877Ilketshall St John, Suffolkf - BULLEN
NASHSelina Maria NASH1859Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
NELSONJohn NELSON1875Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
NELSONWilliam John NELSON1898Silfield, Wymondham, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
NEWMANMary NEWMAN1804Tunstead, Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
NEWSTEADCatherine NEWSTEAD1885Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
NEWSTEADCharles NEWSTEAD1887Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
NEWSTEDCharles NEWSTED1853Ashby, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
NEWTONJames Charles NEWTON1854Islington, Middlesexb - CASH
NEWTONJohn Henry NEWTON1852Islington, Middlesexb - CASH
NEWTONRosa Ann NEWTON1871Holloway, Middlesexb - CASH
NIALClara NIAL1860Bethnal Green, MiddlesexHARLEY
NICHOLLSCharlotte Catherine NICHOLLS1841Bowness, Cumberlandh - WEGG
NICHOLLSEdith NICHOLLS1877Reedham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
NICHOLSWilliam Henry NICHOLS1868Lower Hellesdon, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSAlbert Edward NOBBS1888Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
NOBBSAlbert Edwin NOBBS1881Whittington, Chesterfield, Derbyshired3 - BULLEN
NOBBSAlbert NOBBS1890Oxnead, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSAlfred James NOBBS1892Framingham Pigot, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSAlice Emma NOBBS1867Framingham Earl, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSAlice Jane NOBBS1858Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSAlice NOBBS1859Framingham Earl, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSAnn NOBBS1863Alburgh, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSAnna Maria NOBBS1858Framingham Earl, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSAnnie Elizabeth NOBBS1887Scottow, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSBeatrice NOBBS1889Colchester, Essexd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSBertha May NOBBS1869Lewisham, Kentd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSCharles Edward NOBBS1878Dowley Gap or Morton, Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
NOBBSCharles NOBBS1839Norwich, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSClara Ellen NOBBS1886Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
NOBBSClara Louise NOBBS1882Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSClara NOBBS1856Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSCyril Alfred NOBBS1891Bishop Middleham, Drm. d - GOLD/GOULD
NOBBSEdgar William NOBBS1893Framingham Pigot, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSEdith NOBBS1900Colchester, Essexd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSEdward NOBBS1818Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSEdward NOBBS1859Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSEdward NOBBS1876Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSEdward William NOBBS1896Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSEliza NOBBS1838Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSElizabeth Martha NOBBS1884Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSElizabeth NOBBS1815Buxton, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
NOBBSElizabeth NOBBS1828Hempnall, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSElizabeth NOBBS1829Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSElizabeth NOBBS1841Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSElizabeth NOBBS1849Pulham, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSElizabeth NOBBS1850Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSEllen NOBBS1854Topcroft, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSEllen NOBBS1883Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
NOBBSEllen NOBBS1884Old Heath, Colchester, Essexd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSEmma Harriet NOBBS1875Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSEmma Honor NOBBS1861Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSEmma NOBBS1847Norwich, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSEthel Maud NOBBS1892Oxnead, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSEvelyn France NOBBS1891Bishop Middleham, Drm. d - GOLD/GOULD
NOBBSFlorence NOBBS1892Colchester, Essexd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSFrank NOBBS1898Framingham Pigot, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSFrederick Eric NOBBS1900Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
NOBBSFrederick William NOBBS1880Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSGeorge Henry B. NOBBS1875New Whittington, Chesterfield, Derbyshired3 - BULLEN
NOBBSGeorge Henry NOBBS1884Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
NOBBSGeorge NOBBS1816Bedingham, Norfolkd, d3 - BULLEN
NOBBSGeorge NOBBS1845Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSGeorge NOBBS1852Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSGeorge NOBBS1862Framingham Earl, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSGeorge NOBBS1871Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSGerald Leonard NOBBS1899Bishop Middleham, Drm. d - GOLD/GOULD
NOBBSGertrude Annie NOBBS1888Bishop Middleham, Drm. d - GOLD/GOULD
NOBBSGertrude Elizabeth NOBBS1871Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSGertrude NOBBS1892Framingham Earl, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSGertrude NOBBS1896Colchester, Essexd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSHarry George NOBBS1867Lewisham, Kentd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSHarry George NOBBS1870Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSHenry NOBBS1839Fritton, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSHerbert James NOBBS1894Colchester, Essexd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSHerbert Wilch NOBBS1879Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSHonor NOBBS1809Bedingham, Norfolkd, d2 - BULLEN
NOBBSIrene Elizabeth A. NOBBS1896Bishop Middleham, Drm. d - GOLD/GOULD
NOBBSJacob NOBBS1853Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSJames Courtney NOBBS1891Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
NOBBSJames Courtney NOBBS1896Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
NOBBSJames NOBBS1774Bedingham, Norfolka, d - BULLEN
NOBBSJames NOBBS1832Hempnall, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSJames NOBBS1841Fritton, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSJames NOBBS1843Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSJames NOBBS1846Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSJames NOBBS1864Foulsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
NOBBSJames NOBBS1868Framingham Earl, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSJames NOBBS1878Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSJeremiah NOBBS1852Topcroft, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSJohn NOBBS1804Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSJohn NOBBS1882Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSJohn Robert NOBBS1898Framingham Pigot, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSLucy Clara NOBBS1868Trowse Newton, Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSMabel Jane NOBBS1892Framingham Pigot, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSMargaret Ann NOBBS (BECK)1886Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
NOBBSMaria NOBBS1830Hempnall, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSMaria NOBBS1849Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSMaria NOBBS1854Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSMaria NOBBS1880Morton, Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
NOBBSMariah NOBBS1813Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSMartha NOBBS1856Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSMary Ann E. NOBBS1874Dowley Gap, Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
NOBBSMary Ann NOBBS1831Norwich, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSMary Ann NOBBS1851Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSMary Ann NOBBS1882Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
NOBBSMary Jane NOBBS1899Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
NOBBSMaud Emlie NOBBS1886Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSNelly Maria NOBBS1873Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSOlive Rebecca NOBBS1895Framingham Pigot, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSPercy NOBBS1895Framingham Pigot, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSPercy Philip NOBBS1880Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSRebecca NOBBS1875Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSRichard NOBBS1895Bingley, Yorkshired - BULLEN
NOBBSRobert Charles NOBBS1894Framingham Pigot, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSRobert NOBBS1806Bedingham, Norfolkd, d1 - BULLEN
NOBBSRobert NOBBS1838Fritton, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSRobert Thomas NOBBS1861Framingham Earl, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSRose Alexandra NOBBS1900Framingham Pigot, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSRose Anna NOBBS1873Wortwell, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSRosetta Beatrice NOBBS1873Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSSarah NOBBS1846Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSSybil Edith NOBBS1894Bishop Middleham, Drm. d - GOLD/GOULD
NOBBSSydney William NOBBS1877Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
NOBBSWilliam NOBBS1811Bedingham, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSWilliam NOBBS1834Hempnall, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSWilliam NOBBS1836Norwich, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSWilliam NOBBS1849Norwich, Norfolkd - BULLEN
NOBBSWilliam NOBBS1887Colchester, Essexd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSWilliam Valentine NOBBS1864Framingham Earl, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NOBBSWinifred Alice NOBBS1897Framingham Pigot, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
NORMANAbraham NORMAN1849Seething, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
NORMANGeorge NORMAN1853Mundham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
NORMANHarry NORMAN1880Barsham, Suffolkb3 - BULLEN
NORMANHenry NORMAN1850Seething, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
NORMANJohn NORMAN1845Seething, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
NORMANLouisa NORMAN1863Needham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
NORMANRachel NORMAN1846Seething, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
NORMANStephen NORMAN1806Spexhall, Suffolkb3 - BULLEN
NORTHAmelia NORTH1868St Pancras, Middlesexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
NUNNEsther NUNN1834Cove Hithe, Suffolkb8 - BULLEN
O'CONNORMary Ann O'CONNOR1861Canterbury, Kentb - BAMBRIDGE
OLDFIELDMary OLDFIELD1868Chesterfield, Derbyshiref - RUST
OLORENSHAWClara May OLORENSHAW1894Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
OLORENSHAWHenry Ernest OLORENSHAW1862Rugby, Warwickshired3 - BULLEN
OLORENSHAWJessie OLORENSHAW1889Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
OVERSONJane Anne OVERSON1875Holbeach, Lincolnshireb3 - BULLEN
OXBOROUGHAnnie Elizabeth OXBOROUGH1885Beccles, Suffolke - GOLD/GOULD
OXSPRINGEllen (Helen) OXSPRING1849Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield, Yorkshireb - CASH
PAFFEYCharlotte Rose PAFFEY1898Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - CASH
PAFFEYJohn Arthur PAFFEY1876Whitechapel, Middlesexc - CASH
PAGEAlice Eleanor PAGE1858Hempnall, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PAGEAlice Elizabeth PAGE1879Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PAGEAlice Mary PAGE1870Ludham, Norfolkb - WEGG
PAGEAnn PAGE1849Hempnall, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PAGEDinah PAGE1859Ilketshall St John, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
PAGEEdward Rudd PAGE1892Claxton, Norfolkd - RUST
PAGEEliza Caroline PAGE1855Brandiston, Norfolkd - RUST
PAGEEliza PAGE1890Claxton, Norfolkd - RUST
PAGEElizabeth Ellen PAGE1853Hempnall, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PAGEElizabeth PAGEc1741Norfolka - BULLEN
PAGEEmma Eliza PAGE1878Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PAGEEmma Martha PAGE1868Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PAGEEmma PAGE1851Brandiston, Norfolkd - RUST
PAGEFrances Jessie PAGE1858Brandiston, Norfolkd - RUST
PAGEGeorgiana Caroline PAGE1841Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb - WEGG
PAGEGeorgiana PAGE1853Brandiston, Norfolkd - RUST
PAGEHerndan Alfred PAGE1866Ludham, Norfolkb - WEGG
PAGEIsaac George PAGE1888Hardley, Norfolkd - RUST
PAGEIsaac PAGE1826Saxlingham Thorpe, Norfolkd - RUST
PAGEIsaac PAGE1862Brandiston, Norfolkd - RUST
PAGEJames Alfred Porter PAGE1828Stokesby, Norfolkb - WEGG
PAGEJames Ernest PAGE1869Ludham, Norfolkb - WEGG
PAGEJames Jeremiah PAGE1862Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PAGEJanet Maud PAGE1882Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PAGEJohn PAGE1799Fritton, Norfolkb, b2 - BULLEN
PAGEJohn PAGE1860Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PAGEJohn PAGE1866Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PAGEJulia PAGE1864Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PAGEKate PAGE1860Brandiston, Norfolkd - RUST
PAGEKate PAGE1883Rockland St Mary, Norfolkd - RUST
PAGEMary Ann PAGE1849Brandiston, Norfolkd - RUST
PAGEMary Ann PAGE1851Hempnall, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PAGEMiriam Margrett PAGE1862Ludham, Norfolkb - WEGG
PAGEOmar Alfred PAGE1864Ludham, Norfolkb - WEGG
PAGERosetta Rudd PAGE1885Hardley, Norfolkd - RUST
PAGESarah Alice PAGE1856Brandiston, Norfolkd - RUST
PAGEWilliam James PAGE1856Hempnall, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PAGEWilliam PAGE1821Topcroft, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PAGEWilliam PAGE1824Topcroft, Norfolkb2 - BULLEN
PALLANTEllen PALLANT1840Chedgrave, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
PALMEREdmund PALMER1842Buxton, Norfolka - RUST
PALMEREliza Easter PALMER1871Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
PALMERElizabeth PALMER1835Buxton, Norfolka - RUST
PALMERJohn PALMER1827Hevingham, Norfolkc - RUST
PALMERMartha PALMER1832Buxton, Norfolka - RUST
PALMERMatilda Elizabeth PALMER1859Buxton Lamas, Norfolkc - RUST
PALMERPhilip PALMER1807Wood or Field Dalling, Norfolka - RUST
PALMERPhilip PALMER1838Buxton, Norfolka - RUST
PALMERSarah PALMER1829Buxton, Norfolka - RUST
PALMERSophia PALMER1841Buxton, Norfolka - RUST
PALMERWilliam PALMER1847Buxton, Norfolka - RUST
PARKERCharles PARKER1844Kirkie, India or Kirtrees, East Indiesd3 - BULLEN
PARMENTEREmma Louisa PARMENTER1866Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
PARTRIDGECharlotte PARTRIDGE1843Winchmore Hill, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
PAVYMary Blanche PAVY1857Wroughton, Wiltshirec - WEGG
PAYNEAlbert John PAYNE?? (wife b. 1893 Bungay)c - REEVE
PEACHFred PEACH1867Wandsworth, Surreya3 - BULLEN
PEACHWilliam Shelvey PEACH1898Wandsworth, Surreya3 - BULLEN
PEAKEClara Agnes PEAKE1861Stepney, Middlesexd2 - WEGG
PEAPLEJane PEAPLE1842Rodbourne Cheney, Wiltshirec - GOLD/GOULD
PEARSECharlotte PEARSE~1813? (m. 1837 Stepney, Mdx)c - WEGG
PEARSONCharles Ernest PEARSON1875Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
PEARSONEmily Louisa D. PEARSON1897Queenborough, Kenta3 - BULLEN
PEARSONHenry Matthew PEARSON1843Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
PEARSONHenry Samuel PEARSON1894Queenborough, Kenta3 - BULLEN
PEARSONHenry William PEARSON1865Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
PEARSONHerbert John PEARSON1873Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
PEARSONLouisa Emily PEARSON1869Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
PEARSONLouisa PEARSON1870Belmont, Durhame - GOLD/GOULD
PEARSONLouisa PEARSON1872Hull, Yorkshired1 - WEGG
PEARSONSamuel Charles PEARSON1867Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
PEARSONValentine James PEARSON1870Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
PEARSONWilliam Arthur PEARSON1877Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
PELLSEleanor Susannah PELLS1853Ipswich, Suffolkg1 - WEGG
PERKESEliza Margaret PERKES1851Dudley, Worcestershirea1 - BULLEN
PIGOTTAdelaide Mary PIGOTT1862Cromer, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTAlbert William PIGOTT1868Sheringham, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTAlice Ann PIGOTT1824Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
PIGOTTArthur John PIGOTT1879Cromer, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTArthur Leslie PIGOTT1896Finsbury Park, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTCharles Henry PIGOTT1871Sheringham, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTCharles Henry PIGOTT1879Cromer, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTCharles Russel PIGOTT1898Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
PIGOTTDonald Claude PIGOTT1897Rayne, Essexg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTDorothy Maud PIGOTT1892Islington, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTEdward Albert PIGOTT1870Cromer, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTEdwin Hamblen PIGOTT1870Sheringham, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTEleanor PIGOTT1827Sheringham, Norfolkg1, h - WEGG
PIGOTTEllis Robert PIGOTT1865Cromer, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTEva Maria PIGOTT1872Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
PIGOTTFlorence Mary PIGOTT1863Cromer, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTFrank Hamblen PIGOTT1866Sheringham, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTFrederick Charles PIGOTT1863Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
PIGOTTGeorge Hillary PIGOTT1865South Weald, Essexg1 - WEGG
PIGOTTGeorge Hillery PIGOTT1897Beeston Regis, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
PIGOTTGladys Irene PIGOTT1894Hornchurch, Essexg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTGladys Marion PIGOTT1890Holloway, Middlesexg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTHannah Jane PIGOTT1864Salthouse, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
PIGOTTHarriet Eliza PIGOTT1861Weybourne, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
PIGOTTHarriet PIGOTT1823Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
PIGOTTHarry Field PIGOTT1867Cromer, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTHarry Willis PIGOTT1900Erpingham, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTHorace PIGOTT1860Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
PIGOTTJames Henry PIGOTT1832Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
PIGOTTKenneth Charles PIGOTT1900Halvergate, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTMargaret Maria PIGOTT1838Stody, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTPercy Gerald PIGOTT1874Letheringsett, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTRachel Ellen PIGOTT1858Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
PIGOTTRachel PIGOTT1836Sheringham, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTRobert PIGOTT1795Sheringham, Norfolkc, g1, g2 - WEGG
PIGOTTRobert PIGOTT1825Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
PIGOTTRussell Hamblen PIGOTT1867Sheringham, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTSusanna PIGOTT1830Sheringham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
PIGOTTWalter George PIGOTT1840Stody, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTWalter George PIGOTT1864Cromer, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTWilliam Frederick PIGOTT1868Cromer, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PIGOTTWilliam PIGOTT1834Sheringham, Norfolkg2 - WEGG
PINDAREdith Marion PINDAR1900Hull, Yorkshireb - RUST
PINDARHarry PINDAR1878York, Yorkshireb - RUST
PIPEAnna Laura PIPE1889Beccles, Suffolkb - REEVE
PITCHEREliza PITCHER1836Kirby Cane, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
PLATTCharlotte Ann PLATT1848Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
PLATTMartha PLATT1846Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
PLATTThomas PLATT1845Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
PLATTWilliam Henry PLATT1850Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
PLATTWilliam PLATT1811Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
PLATTWilliam PLATT1842Bethnal Green, Middlesexa - CASH
PLATTENAmy PLATTEN1816Aylsham, Norfolkb - GOLD/GOULD
PLEASENCEAnn PLEASENCEc1730? (husb. b. Buxton)a - GOLD/GOULD
POINTERAnn POINTER1828Sloley, Norfolkb - WEGG
POPAYAgnes Phoebe J. POPAY1893Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
POPAYHannah Sarah J. POPAY1891Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
POPAYRobert Charles G. POPAY1868Winterton, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
PORTERHenry John PORTER1828Norwich, Norfolkd - BULLEN
POTTENMary Eliza POTTEN (POTTIN)1866Lamberhurst, Kent/Sussexa3 - BULLEN
PRATTEliza PRATT1893Stalham, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
PRATTEliza PRATT1893Stalham, Norfolke - RUST
PRATTJohn PRATT?? (wife b 1819 Aylsham)f - RUST
PRATTLucy PRATT1856Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
PRESSEffie PRESS1895Overstrand, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
PRESSFrederick William B. PRESS1887Ramsholt, Suffolkc3 - BULLEN
PRESSFrederick William PRESS1863North Walsham, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
PRESSGeorge Edward PRESS1893Roughton, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
PRESSLeonard Albert PRESS1897Overstrand, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
PRICECatherine Eliza PRICE1882Merton Abbey, Surreyb - CASH
PRICECharles Henry PRICE1852Shoreditch, Middlesexb - CASH
PRICECharles Henry PRICE1873St Giles, Middlesexb - CASH
PRICECharles Henry W. PRICE1897Homerton, Hackney, Middlesexb - CASH
PRICEHerbert Benger PRICE1885Tooting, Surreyb - CASH
PRICEMabel Elizabeth PRICE1887Bow, Middlesexb - CASH
PRICEMaud Elizabeth PRICE1879Bow, Middlesexb - CASH
PRICEWalter Edward PRICE1889Leytonstone, Essexb - CASH
PRINCEAda Eliza PRINCE1882Tottenham, Middlesexd - CASH
PRINCEAgnes Mabel PRINCE1886Walthamstow, Essexd - CASH
PRINCEAlice Amelia PRINCE1883Tottenham, Middlesexd - CASH
PRINCEEmily Ellen PRINCE1891Walthamstow, Essexd - CASH
PRINCEHenry George A. V. PRINCE1889Walthamstow, Essexd - CASH
PRINCEHenry George Christmas PRINCE1859Hackney, Middlesexd - CASH
PRINCEMaud Daisy R. PRINCE1884Tottenham, Middlesexd - CASH
PRINCERosenia L. PRINCE1894Walthamstow, Essexd - CASH
PUCKSLYMartha PUCKSLY?? (d 1743 Aylsham)a - RUST
PURKISEliza PURKIS1880Battersea, Surreyd - CASH
PURVISIsabella Sanderson PURVIS1864North Shields, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
PYCRAFTJames Bird PYCRAFT (PYCROFT)1854Catfield, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
PYCROFTAnnie Beatrice T. PYCROFT1894Barry, Glamorganb7 - BULLEN
PYCROFTRichard George PYCROFT1898Barry, Glamorganb7 - BULLEN
PYECharlotte Maria PYE1824Norwich, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
PYEHarriet Eliza PYE1855Hevingham, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
PYEWilliam PYE1846Lamas, Norfolkc - RUST
PYKEFlorence Margery PYKE1893Gresham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
PYKEHerbert Durrant PYKE1869Gresham, Norfolkg1 - WEGG
RACKHAMHarry James RACKHAM1873Saffron Walden, Essexb - BAMBRIDGE
RAMLucy RAM1857Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
RANDALLGeorge Frederick RANDALL1871Guildford, Surreyc - KNIGHTS
RANDELLAlbert RANDELL1863North Walsham, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
RANDELLArnold RANDELL1889Harleston, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
RANDELLBlanch RANDELL1862North Walsham, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
RANDELLDorcas RANDEL1886Maldon, Essexb - BAMBRIDGE
RANDELLHarriet RANDELL1831Cromer, Norfolkb - GOLD/GOULD
RANDELLHerbert RANDELL1861Buxton, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
RANDELLHerbert RANDELL1891Maldon, Essexb - BAMBRIDGE
RANDELLJames RANDELL1835North Walsham, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
RANDELLMatilda RANDELL1872North Walsham, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
RANDELLPercival RANDELL1888Harleston, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
RANDLESOMEAlbert Edward RANDLESOME1892Bedingham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
RANDLESOMECatherine RANDLESOME1876Mundham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
RANDLESOMECharlotte RANDLESOME1870Sisland, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
RANDLESOMEElizabeth RANDLESOME1858Sisland, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
RANDLESOMEEllen Louisa RANDLESOME1884Carleton St Peter, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
RANDLESOMEEthel Elizabeth RANDLESOME1887Bedingham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
RANDLESOMEGeorge RANDLESOME1862Sisland, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
RANDLESOMEHarriet RANDLESOME1857Sisland, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
RANDLESOMEJane RANDLESOME1877Heckingham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
RANDLESOMELewis George RANDLESOME1890Bedingham, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
RANDLESOMEPhoebe RANDLESOME1864Sisland, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
RAQUETGeorg RAQUET?? (wife b. 1881, Stuttgart)FLEURY
READElizabeth READ?? (husb. b. 1768 Tunstead)a - BAMBRIDGE
READGeorge C. READ?? (wife b. 1892 Brantham)c - CASH
READGeorge Samuel READ1867Norwich, Norfolke1 - BAMBRIDGE
READWilliam Bassett READ1893Wandsworth, Surreye1 - BAMBRIDGE
REDGRAVEAlbert Bertie REDGRAVE1887Norwich, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEAlbert Michael REDGRAVE1898Norwich, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEAnnie May REDGRAVE1886Norwich, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEBeatrice Sarah REDGRAVE1891Norwich, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEBertie Samuel REDGRAVE1891Sprowston, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEBessie Flora REDGRAVE1883Norwich, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVECharles Edward REDGRAVE1871Kirstead, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVECharles Edward REDGRAVE1889Norwich, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEEdith Mabel REDGRAVE1876Kirstead, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEGerald Vivian REDGRAVE1897Norwich, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEHannah Daisy REDGRAVE1889Norwich, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEJohn Frederick REDGRAVE1900Norwich, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVELeonard Arthur REDGRAVE1895Sprowston, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVELily Dora REDGRAVE1890Rackheath, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEMichael Archibald REDGRAVE1884Norwich, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEMichael REDGRAVE1851Kirstead, Norfolkb4, b5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEMinnie Martha REDGRAVE1881Kirstead, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEOlive Stella REDGRAVE1898Sprowston, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEPercy Herbert REDGRAVE1900Sprowston, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVERichard REDGRAVE1874Kirstead, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVESamuel James REDGRAVE1872Kirstead, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEViolet Elizabeth REDGRAVE1879Kirstead, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REDGRAVEWilliam Job REDGRAVE1877Kirstead, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN
REEVEAbba REEVE1837Denton, Norfolke - REEVE
REEVEAbba REEVE1846Denton, Norfolke - REEVE
REEVEAbby REEVE1835Denton, Norfolke - REEVE
REEVEAgnes Elizabeth REEVE1869Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
REEVEAlbert Patchell REEVE1876Hull, Yorkshired1 - WEGG
REEVEAlice Hannah REEVE1854St Pancras, Middlesexe - REEVE
REEVEAlice Maud REEVE1878Hull, Yorkshired1 - WEGG
REEVEAlice May REEVE1899Hull, Yorkshired1 - WEGG
REEVEAmelia Elizabeth Petchell REEVE1852Hautbois, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
REEVEAmelia Elizabeth REEVE1871Thorpe, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
REEVEAnne REEVE1806Bedingham, Norfolka, f - REEVE
REEVEArthur Herbert REEVE1886Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEArthur James REEVE1866Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
REEVEBertie William REEVE(S)1900Clothall, Hitchin, Hertsa - REEVE
REEVEBertram Henry REEVE1882St Pancras, Middlesexe - REEVE
REEVECharles Albert REEVE1867Camden Town, Middlesexe - REEVE
REEVECharles Nathan REEVE1839Denton, Norfolka - REEVE
REEVECharles REEVE1888Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVECharlotte REEVE1813Bedingham, Norfolka - REEVE
REEVEEdith Emma REEVE1872Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEEdith Etty REEVE1868Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEEdward REEVE1779Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
REEVEEdward REEVEc1757Norfolka - BULLEN
REEVEEliza REEVE1853Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEElizabeth Browne REEVE1844Loddon, Norfolkd - REEVE
REEVEElizabeth REEVE1775Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
REEVEElizabeth REEVE1800Bedingham, Norfolka - REEVE
REEVEElizabeth REEVE1827Woodton, Norfolka - REEVE
REEVEEllen Eliza Rebecca REEVE1888Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEEmma REEVE1856Bungay, Suffolkf - GOLD/GOULD
REEVEEmma REEVE1856Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEEmma REEVE1856Bungay, Suffolke - RUST
REEVEErnest Charles REEVE1892Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEErnest George REEVE1879Camden Town, Middlesexe - REEVE
REEVEFanny REEVE1834Denton, Norfolke - REEVE
REEVEFlora REEVE1897Norfolka - REEVE
REEVEFlorence Eliza REEVE1868Abington, Cambridgeshiree - REEVE
REEVEFlorence Kate REEVE1898Clothall, Hitchin, Hertsa - REEVE
REEVEGeorge REEVE1890Hull, Yorkshired1 - WEGG
REEVEGladys Kate A. REEVE1898Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEGwendoline Petchell REEVE1893Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
REEVEHarriet REEVE1833Woodton, Norfolka - REEVE
REEVEHarriet REEVE1852Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEHarry REEVE1851Denton, Norfolka - REEVE
REEVEHarry REEVE1864Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEHarry REEVE1887Hull, Yorkshired1 - WEGG
REEVEHenry C. REEVE1866Greenwich, Kenta - REEVE
REEVEHephzibah REEVE1828Woodton, Norfolka - REEVE
REEVEHonor REEVE1831Woodton, Norfolka, c - REEVE
REEVEHonor REEVE1849Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEIvy Florence E. REEVE1900Camden Town, Middlesexe - REEVE
REEVEJames Petchel REEVE1850Coltishall, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
REEVEJames Petchel REEVE1887Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
REEVEJames REEVE1798Bedingham, Norfolka - REEVE
REEVEJames REEVE1822Woodton, Norfolka - KNIGHTS
REEVEJames REEVE1822Woodton, Norfolka, b - REEVE
REEVEJames REEVE1833Denton, Norfolke - REEVE
REEVEJames REEVE1859Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEJames REEVE1895Norfolka - REEVE
REEVEJames REEVEc1771Norfolka - BULLEN
REEVEJames REEVEc1771Norfolka - REEVE
REEVEJames Robert REEVE1885Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEJane REEVE1843Denton, Norfolke - REEVE
REEVEJohn Ernest REEVE1877Camden Town, Middlesexe - REEVE
REEVEJohn REEVE1810Bedingham, Norfolka - REEVE
REEVEJohn REEVE1829Bedinghgam, Norfolke - REEVE
REEVEJohn William REEVE1864Greenwich, Kenta - REEVE
REEVEKate Rebecca REEVE1876Heigham, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
REEVELily REEVE1892Norfolka - REEVE
REEVELouisa REEVE1898Hull, Yorkshired1 - WEGG
REEVELucy REEVE1850Denton, Norfolke - REEVE
REEVEMabel Edith Julia REEVE1893Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEMaria REEVE1820Bedingham, Norfolka - REEVE
REEVEMary REEVE1801Bedingham, Norfolka - REEVE
REEVEMary REEVE1823Campsall, Yorkshirea, f - BULLEN
REEVEMary REEVE1826Bedingham, Norfolke - REEVE
REEVEMatthew James REEVE1866Greenwich, Kenta - REEVE
REEVEMaud REEVE1884Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEMinnie REEVE1884Hull, Yorkshired1 - WEGG
REEVEPhebe REEVE1818Bedingham, Norfolka, d - REEVE
REEVERobert Henry REEVE1855St Pancras, Middlesexe - REEVE
REEVERobert REEVE1780Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
REEVERobert REEVE1805Bedingham, Norfolka, e - REEVE
REEVERobert REEVE1824Woodton, Norfolka - REEVE
REEVERobert REEVE1830Bedingham, Norfolke - REEVE
REEVERobert REEVE1837Denton, Norfolka - REEVE
REEVERobert REEVE1861Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVERobert William James REEVE1876Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVERosena Hannah REEVE1875Camden Town, Middlesexe - REEVE
REEVESarah REEVE1783Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
REEVESarah REEVE1870St Pancras, Middlesexe - REEVE
REEVESidney REEVE1887Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVESusanna REEVE1778Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
REEVEThomas P. REEVE1844Coltishall, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
REEVEThomas Pearson REEVE1896Hull, Yorkshired1 - WEGG
REEVEThomas Petchell REEVE1871Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
REEVEWalter Henry REEVE1889Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
REEVEWalter REEVE1883Hull, Yorkshired1 - WEGG
REEVEWalter REEVE1895Hull, Yorkshired1 - WEGG
REEVEWilliam REEVE1835Denton, Norfolka - REEVE
REEVEWilliam REEVE1839Denton, Norfolke - REEVE
REEVEWilliam REEVE1840Denton, Norfolke - REEVE
REEVEWilliam REEVE1845Denton, Norfolke - REEVE
REEVEWilliam REEVE1894Hull, Yorkshired1 - WEGG
REYNOLDSJames REYNOLDS~1704? (m. 1732 Stratton S'lss, Norfolk)a - WEGG
RICHARDSElizabeth RICHARDS1811Edmonton, Middlesexb - CASH
RICHARDSONCharlotte RICHARDSON1830Stepney, Middlesexc - WEGG
RICHARDSONElizabeth RICHARDSON1824Stepney, Middlesexc - WEGG
RICHARDSONMary Ann RICHARDSON1827Stepney, Middlesexc - WEGG
RICHARDSONSarah RICHARDSON1832Stepney, Middlesexc - WEGG
RICHARDSONWilliam RICHARDSON1789Stepney, Middlesexc - WEGG
RICHESEliza RICHES1838Alpington, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
RIDLEYCharles Albert RIDLEY1897St Pancras, Middlesexe - REEVE
RIDLEYCharles RIDLEY1868Camden Town, Middlesexe - REEVE
RIDLEYEthel Rachel RIDLEY1890St Pancras, Middlesexe - REEVE
RIDLEYHilda May RIDLEY1892St Pancras, Middlesexe - REEVE
RITTERRalph Herbert RITTER1895Ogden, Utahe - WEGG
RIXAlbert George RIX1898Hardley, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
RIXArthur RIX1899Hardley, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
RIXGeorge RIX1864Hales, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
RIXRosa Ellen RIX1900Hardley, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
ROBERTSEliza ROBERTS1895Howden, Yorkshiref - GOLD/GOULD
ROBERTSEliza ROBERTS1895Howden, Yorkshiree - RUST
ROBERTSHonor ROBERTS1832Hempnall, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
ROBINSONMartha Cocksedge ROBINSON1854Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
ROBINSONThomas R. ROBINSON?? (wife b. 1894 Poplar)d - CASH
ROGERSJoseph Henry Roe ROGERS1855St James, Middlesexd - RUST
ROPERJane ROPER1869Onehouse, Suffolkd1 - BULLEN
ROUTEdward John ROUT (REEVE)1887Hempnall, Norfolka - REEVE
ROUTRosanna ROUT1867Hempnall, Norfolka - REEVE
ROWEEliza ROWE1877North Walsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
ROWEJulia Ann ROWE1850Hove, Sussexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
ROWLANDColin Joseph ROWLAND1897Rushmere, Suffolkc2 - BULLEN
ROWLANDEllie Alice ROWLAND1889Rushmere, Suffolkc2 - BULLEN
ROWLANDFrank Cecil ROWLAND1895Rushmere, Suffolkc2 - BULLEN
ROWLANDHarriot ROWLAND1840Aslacton, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
ROWLANDLucy Ellen ROWLAND1888Rushmere, Suffolkc2 - BULLEN
ROWLANDRobert ROWLAND (LLOYD)1862Aslacton, Norfolkc2 - BULLEN
ROWLANDSydney Robert ROWLAND1885Rushmere, Suffolkc2 - BULLEN
RUDDAmelia RUDD1857Rockland St Mary, Norfolkd - RUST
RUMSBYSarah Ann RUMSBY1838Heckingham, Norfolke2, e4 - BULLEN
RUSHMERAgnes Maria RUSHMER1880Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERAlfred Richard J. RUSHMER1888Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERAlice Louisa RUSHMER1871Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
RUSHMERAnna Maria RUSHMER1843Thorpe, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
RUSHMERArthur William RUSHMER1877Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERBarbara Ellen RUSHMER1900Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERBenjamin George RUSHMER1893Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
RUSHMERBenjamin John RUSHMER1868Walsingham, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
RUSHMERBenjamin RUSHMER1842Thorpe, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
RUSHMERCharles Arthur RUSHMER1878Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERCharles Arthur RUSHMER1899Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERCharles RUSHMER1861Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERDaisy Maud RUSHMER1899Leytonstone, Essexd2 - WEGG
RUSHMEREdith Susie RUSHMER1893Leytonstone, Essexd2 - WEGG
RUSHMEREliza RUSHMER1825Dilham, Norfolkb - WEGG
RUSHMEREliza RUSHMER1857Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMEREmily Agnes RUSHMER1892Stratford, Essexd2 - WEGG
RUSHMEREmily RUSHMER1823Norfolkb, e - WEGG
RUSHMERFrancis Charles RUSHMER1889Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
RUSHMERFrederick Robert RUSHMER1881Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERGeorge RUSHMER1821Limpenhoe, Norfolkb, d1, d2 - WEGG
RUSHMERGeorge William G. RUSHMER1874Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERGeorge William RUSHMER1851Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERGeorge William RUSHMER1898Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
RUSHMERGeorgianna RUSHMER1893Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERHenry RUSHMER1875Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERHilda RUSHMER1895Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERJames RUSHMER1889Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERJane RUSHMER1840Sprowston, Norfolkb - WEGG
RUSHMERLaura Alice RUSHMER1897Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERLelia Olive RUSHMER1899Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERLeonard Victor RUSHMER1900Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
RUSHMERLouisa Eliza RUSHMER (RUSHMORE)1863Kirkley, Suffolkd1 - BULLEN
RUSHMERLouise Rosa RUSHMER1891Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
RUSHMERMartha Cocksedge RUSHMER1870Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERMary Ann RUSHMER1845Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
RUSHMERRebecca RUSHMER1849Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
RUSHMERRobert Albert RUSHMER1885Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERRobert RUSHMER1853Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERSabina RUSHMER1863Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERSamuel Edward RUSHMER1891Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERSarah RUSHMER1855Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERThomas Arthur RUSHMER1865Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERThomas Arthur RUSHMER1883Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
RUSHMERViolet Hilda RUSHMER1896Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
RUSHMERWilliam RUSHMER1793Freethorpe, Norfolkb - WEGG
RUSHMEREFlorence Maria RUSHMERE1860Kirkley, Suffolkd1 - BULLEN
RUSHMOREAnnie RUSHMORE1864Kirkley, Suffolkd1 - BULLEN
RUSHMOREWilliam RUSHMORE1834Kirstead, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
RUSHMOREWilliam RUSHMORE1859Framlingham, Norfolkd1 - BULLEN
RUSSELLAlexander Easter RUSSELL1894Ogden, Utahe - WEGG
RUSSELLAlexander Walton RUSSELL1868Huntsville, Utahe - WEGG
RUSSELLDavid RUSSELL1896Ogden, Utahe - WEGG
RUSSELLEdgar Walton RUSSELL1893Ogden, Utahe - WEGG
RUSSELLEmily Ronalda RUSSELL1900Ogden, Utahe - WEGG
RUSSELLIda Maude RUSSELL1897Ogden, Utahe - WEGG
RUSSELLNellie May RUSSELL1891Ogden, Utahe - WEGG
RUSTAlice Winifred RUST1886Gloucester, Gloucestershiref - RUST
RUSTAnn Elizabeth RUST1851Aylsham, Norfolkf - RUST
RUSTAnn RUST?? (d 1784 Aylsham)a - RUST
RUSTAnn RUST1782Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTAnne RUST?? (d 1740 Aylsham)a - RUST
RUSTAnne RUST1722Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTAnne RUST1840Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTArabella RUST1734Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTArthur William RUST1858Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTBasil Roberts RUST1900Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTCecil Bertie RUST1889Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTCharles Valentine RUST (FRANKLING)1825Buxton, Norfolka, c - RUST
RUSTEdmund RUST1754Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTEdmund RUST1770Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTElizabeth Ann Easter RUST1835Hainford, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTElizabeth RUST1732Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTElizabeth RUST1745Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTElizabeth RUST1859Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTEric James RUST1888Sheffield, Yorkshiref - RUST
RUSTEric Roland RUST1896Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTEthel Mary RUST1876Sheffield, Yorkshiref - RUST
RUSTEvelyn May RUST1890Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTFlorence Mary RUST1897Sheffield, Yorkshiref - RUST
RUSTFrances RUST1780Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTHannah RUST1819Aylsham, Norfolkf - RUST
RUSTHarry Lenton RUST1874Sheffield, Yorkshiref - RUST
RUSTHelen Lenton RUST1880Heeley, Yorkshiref - RUST
RUSTHenry James RUST1849Aylsham, Norfolkf - RUST
RUSTJames Edward RUST1791Buxton, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTJames H. RUST1866Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTJames Herbert RUST1894Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTJames RUST?? (d 1755 Aylsham)a - RUST
RUSTJames RUST1730Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTJames RUST1736Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTJames RUST1750Cawston, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTJames RUST1768Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTJames RUST1797Buxton, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTJames RUST1821Aylsham, Norfolkf - RUST
RUSTJames RUST1837Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTJames RUST1858Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTJohn RUST1725Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTJohn RUST1748Cawston, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTJohn RUST1757Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTJohn RUST1775Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTJohn RUST1803Buxton, Norfolka, d - RUST
RUSTLaurence Bertie RUST1892Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTLilian Emma RUST1869Sheffield, Yorkshiref - RUST
RUSTMartha RUST1727Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTMartha RUST1728Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTMartha RUST1809Buxton, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTMary RUST1766Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTMary RUST1794Buxton, Norfolka, b - RUST
RUSTMatilda RUST1841Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTNorman Henry RUST1883Gloucester, Gloucestershiref - RUST
RUSTRobert RUST1863Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTRose RUST1732Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTSarah Ann RUST1848Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTSarah RUST1772Aylsham, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTSarah RUST1814Buxton, Norfolka - RUST
RUSTSarah RUST1828Buxton, Norfolkd - RUST
RUSTSarah RUST1831Hainford, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTSelina Elizabeth RUST1872Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTSophia RUST1806Buxton, Norfolka, f - GOLD/GOULD
RUSTSophia RUST1806Buxton, Norfolka, e - RUST
RUSTSophia RUST1828Hainford, Norfolka, c - RUST
RUSTSusanna RUST1842Aylsham, Norfolkf - RUST
RUSTThomas RUST?? (d 1775 Aylsham)a - RUST
RUSTThomas RUST1852Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
RUSTVincent Henry RUST1864Sheffield, Yorkshiref - RUST
RUSTVincent RUST1776Aylsham, Norfolka, f - RUST
RUSTVincent RUST1817Aylsham, Norfolkf - RUST
RUSTViolet Emma RUST1899Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshiref - RUST
RUSTWilliam Allison RUST1865Sheffield, Yorkshiref - RUST
RUSTWilliam Arthur RUST1878Heeley, Yorkshiref - RUST
RUSTWilliam Butler RUST1837Aylsham, Norfolkf - RUST
RUSTWilliam RUST1800Buxton, Norfolka, c - RUST
RUSTWilliam RUST1816Aylsham, Norfolkf - RUST
RUSTWilliam RUST1825Hainford, Norfolkc - RUST
SAULAnn SAUL1827Brampton, Norfolkc - RUST
SAUNDERSAlice SAUNDERS1899Normanton, Yorkshirec1 - BULLEN
SAUNDERSEmily Florence SAUNDERS1890Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SAUNDERSFlorence Amy SAUNDERS1900Normanton, Yorkshirec1 - BULLEN
SAUNDERSJoseph Sidney SAUNDERS1856Sedgley, Worcestershirea2 - BULLEN
SAUNDERSLouisa Elizabeth SAUNDERS1885Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SAUNDERSMartha Agnes SAUNDERS1883Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SAUNDERSRachel SAUNDERS1872Westminster, Middlesexc - BULLEN
SAVAGEEmily SAVAGE (ATTHOWE)1851Hevingham, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
SAVORYArthur Benjamin SAVORY?? (wife b. 1883 Gt Yarmouth)ALEXANDER
SAWORDCharlotte SAWORD1868Hackney, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
SAWORDSarah Cecile (Sichel) SAWORD1872Hackney, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
SCARFFSarah SCARFF1714Bedingham, Norfolka - BULLEN
SCHALCKKatherina SCHALCK?? (sis. b. 1851, Wicker)FLEURY
SCHALCKMargaretha Elisabetha SCHALCK1851Wicker, GermanyFLEURY
SCHALCKPeter Adam SCHALCK?? (sis. b. 1851, Wicker)FLEURY
SCHALCKSebastian SCHALCK?? (son b. 1803, Wicker)FLEURY
SCHMALZERAndreas SCHMALZER1824Frankenthal, GermanyFLEURY
SCHMALZERElizabetha SCHMALZER1840Frankenthal, GermanyFLEURY
SCHMALZERFrancisci Xaverius SCHMALZER?? (m. 1785, Frankenthal)FLEURY
SCHMALZERFranciscus Josephus SCHMALZER1835Frankenthal, GermanyFLEURY
SCHMALZERHenrietta SCHMALZER1830Frankenthal, GermanyFLEURY
SCHMALZERPhilipp SCHMALZER1793Frankenthal, GermanyFLEURY
SCHMALZERVeronica SCHMALZER1787Frankenthal, GermanyFLEURY
SCHMALZERVeronica SCHMALZER1820Frankenthal, GermanyFLEURY
SCHMIDTK. SCHMIDT?? (husb. b. 1884, Stuttgart)FLEURY
SCHUBERTAnna SCHUBERT1890Schkeuditz, GermanyFLEURY
SCOTTHarriett SCOTT1856Horsford, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
SEAMANRose Marianne SEAMAN1841London, Englandd1 - WEGG
SEBBORNEllen Ann SEBBORN1864Fingringhoe, Blackheath, Colchester, Essexd1 - BULLEN
SHEARMANAnnie SHEARMAN1900Lindfield, Sussexd - BULLEN
SHEARMANArthur SHEARMAN1898Lindfield, Sussexd - BULLEN
SHEARMANHenry SHEARMAN1857Kings Worthy, Hampshired - BULLEN
SHELVEYAgnes Clara SHELVEY1874Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
SHELVEYAgnes Clara SHELVEY1893Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
SHELVEYAnnie Louisa SHELVEY1876Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
SHELVEYEmma May SHELVEY1896Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
SHELVEYJames Bullen SHELVEY1865Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
SHELVEYJohn William SHELVEY1867Deal, Kenta3 - BULLEN
SHELVEYLilian Elizabeth SHELVEY1899Walmer, Kenta3 - BULLEN
SHELVEYLilian Rose SHELVEY1890Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
SHELVEYMary Ann SHELVEY1870Deal, Kenta3 - BULLEN
SHELVEYMary SHELVEY1888Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
SHELVEYRose Emily SHELVEY1881Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
SHELVEYWilliam Henry SHELVEY1878Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
SHORTMary SHORT1803Cratfield, Suffolka, e - REEVE
SHORTENElizabeth SHORTEN1835Sprowston, Norfolkb - RUST
SHREEVEAlice (Maud) SHREEVE1860Strumpshaw, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
SHREEVEEdgar Ernest SHREEVE1866Aylsham, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
SHREEVEEthel May L. SHREEVE (LLOYD)1882Great Plumstead, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
SHREEVEGilbert Ernest SHREEVE1896Cawston, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
SHREEVELeslie Bertram SHREEVE1895Cawston, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
SHREEVEMargery Marion B. SHREEVE1897Cawston, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
SHRIEVEMartha Elizabeth SHRIEVE (SHREEVE)1847Strumpshaw, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
SIMSAlbert SIMS1895Bermondsey, Surreyd - REEVE
SIMSAlice SIMS1897Walthamstow, Essexd - REEVE
SIMSArthur David SIMS1888Brighton, Sussexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
SIMSCharles George J. SIMS1871Horselydown, Surreyd - REEVE
SIMSDavid SIMS1861Brighton, Sussexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
SIMSDoris SIMS1899Walthamstow, Essexd - REEVE
SIMSHerbert SIMS1884Brighton, Sussexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
SKINNERAlfred William SKINNER1868Stradbroke, Suffolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
SKINNERAnna Flossie SKINNER1892Stradbroke, Suffolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
SKINNERMargery Helen SKINNER1898Stradbroke, Suffolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
SKINNERSarah Jane SKINNER1866Deal, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SKINNERStanley SKINNER1894Stradbroke, Suffolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
SKIPPERMaria SKIPPER1854Costessey, Norfolkb - REEVE
SLATERAlice May SLATER1894Horsham St Faith, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
SLATERHenrietta SLATER1884Bawburgh, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
SLATERRosina SLATER1891Bawburgh, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
SLATERWalter George SLATER1887Bawburgh, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
SLATERWilliam John SLATER1882Bawburgh, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
SLAUGHTERWilliam George SLAUGHTER (SLETER)1857Ludham, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
SLETERHenry Frederick SLETER1880Bawburgh, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
SMITHAlfred SMITH1891Norwich, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHAnna Bullen SMITH1860Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SMITHAnnie SMITH1857Marylebone, Middlesexg - BAMBRIDGE
SMITHAnnie SMITH1889Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHArthur SMITHc1875? (wife b. Strat. Straw)d - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHBeatrice May SMITH1889Norwich, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHBenjamin SMITH1818Alburgh, Norfolka, f - BULLEN
SMITHBenjamin SMITH1861Wortwell, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHBenjamin SMITH1885Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHCatherine SMITH?? (m. 1801, Deal, Kent)a, a1 - BULLEN
SMITHCharles SMITH1866Wortwell, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHCharles SMITH1881Worstead, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHEdward John SMITH1879Norwich, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHEdward Reeve SMITH1843Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHElizabeth Ann SMITH1851Camberwell, Surreyd2 - BAMBRIDGE
SMITHElizabeth Maria SMITH1863Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SMITHElizabeth SMITH1851Ditchingham, Norfolkb - KNIGHTS
SMITHEllen Clara SMITH1876Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SMITHEllen Laura SMITH1884Sloley, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHEllen SMITH1866Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHEmma Elizabeth SMITH1844Woodstock, OxfordshireFLEURY
SMITHEmma SMITH1877Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHEmma Susan SMITH1864Hampstead, Middlesexb - BAMBRIDGE
SMITHErnest SMITH1868Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHEthel SMITH1891Homerton, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHFlorence SMITH1888Kirkley, Lowestoft, Suffolkf - BULLEN
SMITHFrederick Benjamin SMITH1885Norwich, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHGeorge SMITH1855Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHGeorge SMITH1884Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHGeorge T. SMITH1841Stutebury Downs, OxfordshireFLEURY
SMITHGertrude Emma SMITH1881Norwich, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHHannah Eliza SMITH1875Southelmham St Cross, Suffolkf - BULLEN
SMITHHarriet SMITH1873Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHHelen Victoria SMITH1887Norwich, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHHenry Arthur SMITH1878Worstead, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHHenry Fagg SMITH1870Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SMITHHenry SMITH1867Bermondsey, Surreyc - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHHenry SMITH1894Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SMITHHerbert SMITH1894Norwich, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHHester Fanny SMITH1883Norwich, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHHonor Eliza SMITH1848Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHJane SMITH1845Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHJane SMITH1875Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHJohn SMITH1851Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHJohn SMITH1881Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHLeslie Hewitt SMITH1900Thetford, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHLouisa Elizabeth SMITH1865Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SMITHLydia SMITH1770Buxton, Norfolka - RUST
SMITHMargaret SMITH1837Bury, Lancashirec2 - BULLEN
SMITHMartha Ann SMITH1830Stanhoe, Norfolkb - BAMBRIDGE
SMITHMartha Eliza SMITH1873Southelmham St Cross, Suffolkf - BULLEN
SMITHMartha Louisa SMITH1865Wyke near Thornford, Sherborne, Dorseta2 - BULLEN
SMITHMartha R. SMITH1876Southelmham St Cross, Suffolkf - BULLEN
SMITHMartha SMITH1859Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHMary Ann Eliza SMITH1877Worstead, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHMary Emma SMITH1861Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SMITHMary SMITH1873Wortwell, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHMary SMITHc1754Norfolka - BULLEN
SMITHMatilda Jane SMITH1879Worstead, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHMatilda SMITH1842Wacton, Norfolkc4 - BULLEN
SMITHNora Kathleen SMITH1896Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SMITHRichard Jarrold SMITH1896Great Yarmouth, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHRichard SMITH1863Wortwell, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHRobert Bullen SMITH1868Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SMITHRobert Bullen SMITH1899Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SMITHRobert SMITH1825Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SMITHRosa SMITH1880Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHSamuel George SMITH1878Norwich, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHSamuel SMITH1853Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHWalter SMITH1892Norwich, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHWilliam Henry SMITH1858Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SMITHWilliam Henry SMITH1895Folkestone, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SMITHWilliam SMITH1870Alburgh, Norfolkf - BULLEN
SMITHWilliam SMITH1890Kirkley, Lowestoft, Suffolkf - BULLEN
SMITHWinifred SMITH1898Stoke Newington, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHSONBathsheba Laura SMITHSON1875Stratton Strawless, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHSONElisha SMITHSON1863Stratton Strawless, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHSONEmily SMITHSON1868Stratton Strawless, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHSONHezekiah SMITHSON1855Stratton Strawless, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHSONKathleen Mary A. SMITHSON1897Great Yarmouth, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHSONLissie Laurie F. SMITHSON1895Great Yarmouth, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHSONMargaret Alice SMITHSON1866Stratton Strawless, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHSONMargery Noal SMITHSON1900Thorpe St Andrews, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHSONSelina SMITHSON1873Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHSONWilliam SMITHSON1833Stratton Strawless, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
SMITHSONWilliam SMITHSON1871Stratton Strawless, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
SOLLYMary Ann SOLLY1805Brabourne, Kenta1, a2, a3 - BULLEN
SPANTONSarah Ann SPANTON1846Dilham, Norfolke2 - BAMBRIDGE
SPARROWCaroline Elizabeth SPARROW1891Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPARROWCharles SPARROW1853Gosport, Hampshirea1 - BULLEN
SPARROWEthel Jane SPARROW1889Gosport, Hampshirea1 - BULLEN
SPARROWMary Ann SPARROW1895Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPARROWWilliam Charles J. J. B. SPARROW1899Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPINKSJane SPINKS (SPINK)1854Staithes, Hinderwell, Yorkshiree1 - BULLEN
SPINNERMary Ann SPINNER1848Deal, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SPITTEL (SPITTLE)Frederick James SPITTEL (SPITTLE)1854Streatham, Surreyb - CASH
SPITTLECharles Frederick SPITTLE1880Streatham, Surreyb - CASH
SPONDERAnnie Elizabeth SPONDER1886Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERBethia Sarah Ann SPONDER1874Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERCaroline Elizabeth SPONDER1863Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDEREmily Maria SPONDER1870Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERFrederick Edward SPONDER1846Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERFrederick Edward SPONDER1868Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERFrederick Edward SPONDER1889Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERGeorge Charles SPONDER1864Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERJames Robert SPONDER1826Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERJames SPONDER1792St Marylebone, Middlesexa1 - BULLEN
SPONDERJames William SPONDER1836Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERJames William SPONDER1862Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERJane Amy SPONDER1827Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERJane Emma SPONDER1866Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERJohn Robert SPONDER1840Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERJoseph Thomas SPONDER1872Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERMaria Catherine SPONDER1829Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERMary Ann SPONDER1831Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERSusannah Martha SPONDER1892Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERSusannah SPONDER1838Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERThomas George SPONDER1843Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPONDERThomas SPONDER1889Walmer, Kenta1 - BULLEN
SPOONERAlice SPOONER1897Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
SPOONERWilliam Thomas Daniel SPOONER1873Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb1 - BULLEN
SPRATTClara Harvey SPRATT1859Kirby Bedon, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
SPRATTMary SPRATT1791Bedingham, Norfolka, e1, e2 - BULLEN
SPRINGALLAnnie Maria SPRINGALL1877Romford, Essexd - RUST
SPRINGALLArthur John SPRINGALL1893Wood Green, Middlesexd - RUST
SPRINGALLBessie SPRINGALL1889Wood Green, Middlesexd - RUST
SPRINGALLEllen Emma P. SPRINGALL1875Downham Market, Norfolkd - RUST
SPRINGALLElsie SPRINGALL1887Wood Green, Middlesexd - RUST
SPRINGALLFrederick Isaac J. SPRINGALL1871Norwich, Norfolkd - RUST
SPRINGALLFrederick William SPRINGALL1847Norwich, Norfolkd - RUST
SPRINGALLHerbert SPRINGALL1891Wood Green, Middlesexd - RUST
SPRINGALLKate Ellen F. SPRINGALL1872Norwich, Norfolkd - RUST
SPRINGALLMabel SPRINGALL1885Islington or Holloway, Middlesexd - RUST
SPRINGALLMary SPRINGALL1882Finsbury Park, Middlesexd - RUST
SPRINGALLMaud Alice SPRINGALL1876Romford, Essexd - RUST
SPRINGALLWilliam Henry SPRINGALL1880Romford, Essexd - RUST
SPYERFlorence Beatrice SPYER1861Brighton, Sussexd1 - BAMBRIDGE
STACEYFrances Charlotte STACEY1842Burgh Flegg, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
STALKERPhillis (Phillias) STALKER1862Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberlandc2 - BULLEN
STANDAGECaroline Annie STANDAGE1869Chelsea, Middlesexf - REEVE
STANGROOMCharlotte Cook STANGROOM1900Bearpark, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
STANGROOMCharlotte STANGROOM1872Wooley, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
STANGROOMElizabeth Cook STANGROOM1889Bearpark, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
STANGROOMElizabeth STANGROOM1862Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
STANGROOMHannah Cook STANGROOM1891Bearpark, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
STANGROOMHarry Cook STANGROOM1888Bearpark, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
STANGROOMHenry Cook STANGROOM1864Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
STANGROOMJames Cook STANGROOM1868Lanchester, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
STANGROOMJames Cook STANGROOM1893Bearpark, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
STANGROOMMargaret Cook STANGROOM1897Bearpark, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
STANGROOMMargaret STANGROOM1870Lanchester, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
STANGROOMOliver Cook STANGROOM1836Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
STANGROOMOliver Cook STANGROOM1895Bearpark, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
STANGROOMWilliam Cook STANGROOM1897Bearpark, Durhamd - GOLD/GOULD
STAPLESAmelia STAPLES1811Huntingdona, f - BAMBRIDGE
STEVENSAlice Lloyd STEVENS1883Camberwell, Surreyc4 - BULLEN
STEVENSAnnie Edith STEVENS1881Camberwell, Surreyc4 - BULLEN
STEVENSEthel Jane STEVENS1885Camberwell, Surreyc4 - BULLEN
STEVENSHenry STEVENS1842Hythend, Wraysbury, Buckinghamshirec4 - BULLEN
STEVENSHenry STEVENS1888Camberwell, Surreyc4 - BULLEN
STEVENSHerbert Lloyd STEVENS1880Lambeth, Surreyc4 - BULLEN
STIBBENSAnn STIBBENS1799Buxton, Norfolka, d - RUST
STOCKSFrank STOCKS1879Goole, Yorkshireb7 - BULLEN
STOCKSMinnie STOCKS1883Goole, Yorkshireb7 - BULLEN
STOKESJames Albert STOKESc1854Englandb7 - BULLEN
STOTENJessie STOTEN1885Enfield, MiddlesexDABBS
STUBBSAgnes Florence STUBBS1899Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
STUBBSAlfred STUBBS1868Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
STUBBSNellie Edith STUBBS1897Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
STUBBSWilliam STUBBS1870Norwich, Norfolkd1 - WEGG
STUDDAlice I. STUDD?? (husb. b. 1894 Brantham)c - CASH
STURGESSFlora S. STURGESS1888Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
STURGESSJohn STURGESS1892Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
STURGESSWalter G. STURGESS1889Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
STURGESSWalter STURGESS1865Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
STURMANMaud Alice G. STURMAN (CUBITT)1898Bungay, Suffolkb - REEVE
STURMANWilliam Cubitt STURMAN1875Norwich, Norfolkb - REEVE
SUFFOLKHenry SUFFOLK1833Burgh, Norfolka - RUST
SULYJoseph SULY?? (wife b 1722 Aylsham)a - RUST
SUTTONAlice Mary SUTTON1875Marsham, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
SUTTONClifford Archie SUTTON1899Aylsham, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
SUTTONElizabeth Esther SUTTON1848Kingsdown by Ringmould, Kenta2 - BULLEN
SUTTONGeorge SUTTON1853Marsham, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
SUTTONGeorge Thomas SUTTON1880Marsham, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
SUTTONGladys Louisa SUTTON1897Aylsham, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
SUTTONRobert SUTTON1830Marsham, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
SUTTONThomas SUTTON1857Marsham, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
SUTTONWilliam Archer SUTTON1871Marsham, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
SWANNEmily SWANN1844Aylsham, Norfolkd - GOLD/GOULD
SWIFTEdith Florence E. SWIFT1897Bush Hill Park, Enfield, Middlesexb1 - BULLEN
SWIFTJohn William SWIFT1875Norwich, Nofolkd2 - WEGG
SWIFTThomas SWIFT1854Brighton, Ssx (or Stratford, Esx)d2 - WEGG
SWIFTWilliam Ernest SWIFT1875Clerkenwell, Middlesexb1 - BULLEN
SWIFTWilliam Thomas SWIFT1900Islington, Middlesexb1 - BULLEN
SWINARDElizabeth Maria SWINARD1876Dover, Kenta3 - BULLEN
TATEDavid TATE1787Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEEliza Maria TATE1841Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEElizabeth TATE1760Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEElizabeth TATE1782Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEElizabeth TATE1815Dilham, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEEmily Susanna TATE1855Worstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEEmily TATE1882Norwich, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEGeorge TATE1724? (m. Tunstead, Norfolk)a, b - WEGG
TATEGeorge TATE1762Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEGeorge TATE1793Dilham, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEJames TATE1758Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEJames TATE1791Dilham, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEJames TATE1813Dilham, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEMaria TATE1796Dilham, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEMaria TATE1818Dilham, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEMary TATE1788Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEMary TATE1798Dilham, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEMercy TATE1757Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEPercy TATE1880Norwich, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATERichard TATE1755Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATERichard TATE1785Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATERichard TATE1826Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATESarah TATE1788Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATESarah TATE1801Dilham, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATESusanah TATE1840Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEWilliam TATE1852Worstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEWilliam TATE1860Tunstead, Norfolkb - WEGG
TATEWilliam TATE1877Norwich, Norfolkb - WEGG
TAYLORElizabeth Lewis TAYLOR1862Battersea, Surreyd1 - BAMBRIDGE
TAYLORJane Ann TAYLOR1843Margate, Kenta1 - BULLEN
TAYLORLewis TAYLOR1828Old Catton, Norfolkc - BULLEN
TEMPLEAnn TEMPLE?? (husb b. 1843 Denton)f - REEVE
TEMPLECharles TEMPLE1830Chelsea, Middlesexf - REEVE
TEMPLECharles TEMPLE1856Chelsea, Middlesexf - REEVE
TEMPLEEmma TEMPLE1854Chelsea, Middlesexf - REEVE
TEMPLEGeorge TEMPLE1858Chelsea, Middlesexf - REEVE
TEMPLEMary TEMPLE1860Chelsea, Middlesexf - REEVE
THAINCharlotte THAIN1805Saxlingham, Norfolkd, d1 - BULLEN
THAXTERFrederick James THAXTER~1880? (m. 1899 Norwich, Norfolk)d2 - WEGG
THAXTERGladys Hilda P. THAXTER1900Norwich, Nofolkd2 - WEGG
THOMASEliza THOMAS1848Beaulieu, Hampshireb - BULLEN
THOMPSONEthel Iddes THOMPSON1877Great Yarmouth, Norfolkb - BULLEN
THOMPSONGeorge Robert B. THOMPSON1900Crimplesham, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
THOMPSONRobert THOMPSON1871Wiggenhall St Germain, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
THROWERAlice THROWER1850Burlingham St Andrew, Norfolkb - RUST
THROWERCaroline Matilda THROWER1879Hempnall, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
THROWEREllen Letitia THROWER (WEBB)1897Hedenham, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
THROWERHarriet THROWER1842Gorleston, Suffolkc - BAMBRIDGE
THURLOWCharlotte THURLOW1837Tivetshall St Mary, Norfolkb7 - BULLEN
TILBURYEmma TILBURY1855Lane End, Marlow, Buckinghamshiree1 - BULLEN
TILLETElizabeth TILLET1776Norfolka - BAMBRIDGE
TODDJohn TODD1863Hellington, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
TODDMilly Clara TODD1894Thurton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
TODDRobert John TODD1891Langley, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
TODDSydney Levi TODD1896Thurton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
TOOKEElizabeth TOOKE1835Bedingham, Norfolka - REEVE
TOOKEGeorge Edward TOOKE1876Flegg Burgh, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
TOOKEHarriet TOOKE1836Hempnall, Norfolka - REEVE
TOOKEHenry Edward TOOKE1899Billockby, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
TOOKEJames TOOKE1841Hempnall, Norfolka - REEVE
TOOKEMatthew TOOKE1815Hempnall, Norfolka - REEVE
TOOKEPhebe TOOKE1839Hempnall, Norfolka - REEVE
TOOKEReginald George TOOKE1898Flegg Burgh, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
TOWNSCharlotte Elizabeth TOWNS1858Clerkenwell, Middlesexa - CASH
TOWNSCharlotte Ellen TOWNS1868Clerkenwell, Middlesexa - CASH
TOWNSCharlotte Selina TOWNS1865Clerkenwell, Middlesexa - CASH
TOWNSElizabeth Alice TOWNS1865Clerkenwell, Middlesexa - CASH
TOWNSFrancis George H. TOWNS1899Walworth, Surreya - CASH
TOWNSHenry Thomas TOWNS1856Clerkenwell, Middlesexa - CASH
TOWNSHenry TOWNS1831Wendover, Buckinghamshirea - CASH
TOWNSVictor William H. TOWNS1898Walworth, Surreya - CASH
TOWNSWilliam Henry TOWNS1861Clerkenwell, Middlesexa - CASH
TRITTONAmy TRITTON1878Lewisham, Kente - REEVE
TRITTONArthur TRITTON1870Lewisham, Kente - REEVE
TRITTONArthur TRITTON1876Lewisham, Kente - REEVE
TRITTONErnest Ingram TRITTON1865Lewisham, Kente - REEVE
TRITTONFrances Elizabeth TRITTON1860Lewisham, Kente - REEVE
TRITTONFrederick TRITTON1872Lewisham, Kente - REEVE
TRITTONGeorge TRITTON1862Lewisham, Kente - REEVE
TRITTONHerbert TRITTON1867Lewisham, Kente - REEVE
TRITTONLouisa TRITTON1879Lewisham, Kente - REEVE
TRITTONWilliam TRITTON1863Lewisham, Kente - REEVE
TROREYElizabeth Phoebe R. TROREY1869Stondon, Essexd - REEVE
TROREYHenry TROREY1845Tunstead, Norfolkd - REEVE
TROREYHenry William J. TROREY1868Stondon, Essexd - REEVE
TRORYAlbert Victor TRORY1872Bermondsey, Surreyd - REEVE
TRORYAlice Mary TRORY1870Bermondsey, Surreyd - REEVE
TRORYEdith Louise TRORY1874Bermondsey, Surreyd - REEVE
TRORYEmily Lilian TRORY1879Bermondsey, Surreyd - REEVE
TRORYEthel Grace TRORY1883Bermondsey, Surreyd - REEVE
TRORYFlorence Kate TRORY1876Bermondsey, Surreyd - REEVE
TRORYNellie Gertrude TRORY1878Bermondsey, Surreyd - REEVE
TROTTEdith Maria TROTT1896Norwich, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
TROTTRobert William TROTT1871Norwich, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
TROTTRobert William TROTT1900Norwich, Norfolkc1 - BULLEN
TUCKAlbert George TUCK1889Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKAlice Hilda TUCK1894Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKAlice TUCK1870Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKAnn TUCK1837Tunstead, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKEdith Matilda TUCK1897Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKElizabeth TUCK1863Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKEthel Maud TUCK1896Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKFrederick Jarrod TUCK1888Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKFrederick Jarrod TUCK1890Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKGeorge Robert TUCK1865Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKGeorge Stevens TUCK1817Tunstead, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKGeorge William TUCK1840Smallburgh, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKGeorge William TUCK1841Smallburgh, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKHarriet Kathleen TUCK1891Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKHarriet TUCK1850Coltishall, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKHarriet TUCK1861Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKJane TUCK1873Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKJared (Jarrod/Gerard) TUCK1845Smallburgh, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKMary Ann TUCK1868Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKMary TUCK1836Tunstead, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKRobert TUCK1843Smallburgh, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TUCKRose Elizabeth TUCK1899Great Yarmouth, Norfolkc - BAMBRIDGE
TULLYWilliam George TULLY1874Elsdon, Northumberlanda2 - BULLEN
TURKCharles TURK1844Hampton Wick, Middlesexe - REEVE
TURKFlorence TURK1877Lewisham, Kente - REEVE
TURKJane TURK1863Lewisham, Kente - REEVE
TURKMary TURK1875Holloway, Middlesexe - REEVE
TURNERAlfred John TURNER1877Clapton, Middlesexb - CASH
TURNEREdith Lilian TURNER1898Hackney, Middlesexb - CASH
TURNEREdward James Shadworth TURNER1860St Pancras, Middlesexf - GOLD/GOULD
TURNEREdward James Shadworth TURNER1860St Pancras, Middlesexe - RUST
TURNERElizabeth Matilda G. TURNER1875Cantley, Norfolke3 - BULLEN
TURNERFrederick Bertie TURNER1886? (wife b. Bungay)b - REEVE
TURNEROlive Clara TURNER1900Hackney, Middlesexb - CASH
VAN ROOKHUIJZENJan Zacharias VAN ROOKHUIJZEN1887Haarlem, Hollande - WEGG
VENUSCharlotte VENUS1858Dublin, Irelandc2 - BULLEN
VINCENTIsabella VINCENT1867Bungay, Suffolkc - REEVE
VINSOMEEphraim VINSOME1900Hetton-le-Hole, Durhame - GOLD/GOULD
WAGNERINCatharina WAGNERIN?? (m. 1785, Frankenthal)FLEURY
WALKERAgnes WALKER1882Drayton Bassett, Staffordshirec - KNIGHTS
WALKERAlbert Willie WALKER1891Fradley, Staffordshirec - KNIGHTS
WALKERAnnet Nellie A. WALKER1889Fazeley, Staffordshirec - KNIGHTS
WALKEREva Dorothy WALKER1900Tamworth, Staffordshirec - KNIGHTS
WALKERFred WALKER1894Marchington, Staffordshirec - KNIGHTS
WALKERHorace WALKER1884Drayton Bassett, Staffordshirec - KNIGHTS
WALKERJames Thomas WALKER1886Fazeley, Staffordshirec - KNIGHTS
WALKERMadge WALKER1897Hopwas, Staffordshirec - KNIGHTS
WALKERThomas WALKER1859Drayton Bassett, Staffordshirec - KNIGHTS
WALLERAlice WALLER1877Bungay, Suffolke - GOLD/GOULD
WARDElsy Elizabeth WARD1893Rockland St Mary, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
WARDSamuel James WARD1868Rockland St Mary, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
WARMANEdith WARMAN1890Leeds, Yorkshireb3 - BULLEN
WARMANEdith WARMAN1897Leeds, Yorkshireb3 - BULLEN
WARMANEmily WARMAN1890Leeds, Yorkshireb3 - BULLEN
WARMANEthel Emily WARMAN1893Leeds, Yorkshireb3 - BULLEN
WARMANFlorrie WARMAN1891Leeds, Yorkshireb3 - BULLEN
WARMANGertrude WARMAN1887Leeds, Yorkshireb3 - BULLEN
WARMANJames William WARMAN1881Leeds, Yorkshireb3 - BULLEN
WARMANLouisa WARMAN1885Leeds, Yorkshireb3 - BULLEN
WARMANWalter Freeston WARMAN1883Leeds, Yorkshireb3 - BULLEN
WARMANWilliam James WARMAN1855Horstead, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
WARMISHAMWilfred WARMISHAM1878Altrincham, CheshireDABBS
WARNER(Arthur) William (Joshua) WARNER1875Wood Dalling, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
WARNERGeorge William E. WARNER1898Fornham St Martin, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
WARNERGertrude Elizabeth WARNER1896Fornham St Martin, Suffolkd3 - BULLEN
WARNERJohn William WARNER1895Great Snoring, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
WASTELLAlfred WASTELL1885Bethnal Green, Middlesexd - CASH
WATSONAlbert William WATSON1882Hardley, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
WATSONAlexander Mackenzie WATSON?? (wife b. 1874 Gt Yarmouth)ALEXANDER
WATSONCharlotte WATSON1818Marsham, Norfolkc - GOLD/GOULD
WATSONChristabel WATSON1891Langley, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
WATSONJames Robert WATSON1881Hardley, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
WATSONJames WATSON1858Hardley, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
WATSONRosina WATSON1885Hardley, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
WEBBAlfred George WEBB1876Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBBernard John WEBB1900Shotley, Suffolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBBlanch Fanny WEBB1881Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBCecil WEBB1887Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBCharles Victor WEBB1900Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBCharles WEBB1874Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBDorothy Charlotte G. WEBB1893Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBElizabeth WEBB1854Clare, Pyrton, Oxfordshired1 - BAMBRIDGE
WEBBEthel Laurena WEBB1888Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBGertrude Ellen WEBB1880Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBHenry WEBB1878Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBJames WEBB1825Norwich, Norfolkb - WEGG
WEBBJames WEBB1848Woodton, Norfolkb4, b6 - BULLEN
WEBBJames WEBB1873Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBLouie Jessie WEBB1890Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBLouisa WEBB1870Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBMary A. WEBB1872Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBPolly WEBB1871Woodton, Norfolkb8 - BULLEN
WEBBRobert George WEBB1899Hedenham, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBRussell Thomas WEBB1883Woodton, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBBViolet Mary WEBB1898Shotley, Suffolkb6 - BULLEN
WEBSTERCatharine Ruby WEBSTER1898Hindolveston, Norfolkd - BULLEN
WEBSTERErnest William WEBSTER1899Hindolveston, Norfolkd - BULLEN
WEBSTERJohn WEBSTER1900Hindolveston, Norfolkd - BULLEN
WEBSTERWilliam George WEBSTER1868Walcot Green, Norfolkd - BULLEN
WEEKSElizabeth Alice Sarah WEEKS (HAYES)1884 St Leonards on Sea, Sussex a - CASH
WEEKSEmily WEEKSc1848Woolwich, Kenta - CASH
WEGGAmey WEGG1701Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGAnne WEGG1687Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGCrossley WEGG1700Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGDorothy WEGG1709Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGEdward WEGG1705Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGEdward WEGG1706Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGElizabeth WEGG1665Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGElizabeth WEGG1697Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGJames WEGG1688Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGJohn WEGG~1644? (1st ch. b. 1665 Buxton, Norfolk)a - WEGG
WEGGJohn WEGG1695Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGMargaret WEGG1693Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGMary WEGG1699Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGMary WEGG1704Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGMercy WEGG1702Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGRichard WEGG1680Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGRose WEGG1702Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGSarah WEGG1681Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGSarah WEGG1683Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGSarah WEGG1697Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGSusannah WEGG1707Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGSymon WEGG1696Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGWilliam WEGG1704Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGEEdward WEGGE1677Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGEMary WEGGE1675Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WEGGEWilliam WEGGE1674Buxton, Norfolka - WEGG
WELLSLetitia Jane WELLS1843Dover, Kenta3 - BULLEN
WESTCharles Arthur WEST1851Oxford, OxfordshireFLEURY
WESTCharles Arthur WEST1880Woodstock, OxfordshireFLEURY
WESTEdith Elizabeth WEST1887Woodstock, OxfordshireFLEURY
WESTEmma Bishop (Emily) WEST1888Woodstock, OxfordshireFLEURY
WESTFlorence May WEST1890Woodstock, OxfordshireFLEURY
WESTFlorence May WEST1891Barsham, Suffolkb7 - BULLEN
WESTFrances Annie WEST1883Woodstock, OxfordshireFLEURY
WESTMary Louisa WEST1873Woodstock, OxfordshireFLEURY
WESTWilliam WEST1868Barsham, Suffolkb7 - BULLEN
WETTENGELAugusta Emilie WETTENGEL1866Bethnal Green, MiddlesexDABBS
WHEATLEYDaisy Emily WHEATLEY1891Mile End, Middlesexd - CASH
WHILESCharles William WHILES1871Ashby St Mary, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
WHILEYAlice Evangeline WHILEY1860Norwich, Norfolkb - GOLD/GOULD
WHILEYAlice Maud Mary WHILEY1889Ealing, Middlesexb - GOLD/GOULD
WHILEYCharlotte WHILEY1843Aylsham, Norfolkb - GOLD/GOULD
WHILEYEdward George Henry WHILEY1869Chichester, Sussexb - GOLD/GOULD
WHILEYEdward WHILEY1841Aylsham, Norfolkb - GOLD/GOULD
WHILEYEmma Mary WHILEY1856Aylsham, Norfolkb - GOLD/GOULD
WHILEYFrances WHILEY1837Aylsham, Norfolkb - GOLD/GOULD
WHILEYGeorge WHILEY1817Aylsham, Norfolkb - GOLD/GOULD
WHILEYHarriet Jane WHILEY1854Aylsham, Norfolkb - GOLD/GOULD
WHILEYJames WHILEY1784Aylsham, Norfolka, b - GOLD/GOULD
WHILEYWilliam WHILEY1847Aylsham, Norfolkb - GOLD/GOULD
WHITEHEADAlbert Edward WHITEHEAD1895Blackburn, Lancashiree1 - BAMBRIDGE
WHITEHEADAntoinette WHITEHEAD1886Blackburn, Lancashiree1 - BAMBRIDGE
WHITEHEADCassandra WHITEHEAD1889Blackburn, Lancashiree1 - BAMBRIDGE
WHITEHEADHarriet WHITEHEAD1888Blackburn, Lancashiree1 - BAMBRIDGE
WHITEHEADJohn Leonard WHITEHEAD1884Blackburn, Lancashiree1 - BAMBRIDGE
WHITEHEADMatthias WHITEHEAD1841Blackburn, Lancashiree1 - BAMBRIDGE
WHITEHEADMatthias William WHITEHEAD1883Blackburn, Lancashiree1 - BAMBRIDGE
WHITEHEADVictor Hugo WHITEHEAD1893Blackburn, Lancashiree1 - BAMBRIDGE
WHITINGAnna Lilian WHITING1885Chelsea, Middlesexd3 - BULLEN
WHITINGAnna WHITING1860Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
WHITINGArthur WHITING1866Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
WHITINGFrank WHITING1875Chelsea, Middlesexd3 - BULLEN
WHITINGGeorge WHITING1860Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
WHITINGHenry WHITING1871Ore, Sussexa3 - BULLEN
WHITINGHerbert WHITING1873Soho, Middlesexd3 - BULLEN
WHITINGMabel Gertrude WHITING1891Westminster, Middlesexd3 - BULLEN
WHITINGMargaret Eliza WHITING1868Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
WHITINGMaud WHITING1877Saxlingham, Norfolkb6 - BULLEN
WHITINGMinnie Clara WHITING1899Folkestone, Kenta3 - BULLEN
WHITINGRosa May WHITING1893Chelsea, Middlesexd3 - BULLEN
WHITINGRosa WHITING1871Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
WHITINGSamuel George WHITING1886Chelsea, Middlesexd3 - BULLEN
WHITINGSamuel WHITING1865Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
WHITINGWilliam Herbert WHITING1891Chelsea, Middlesexd3 - BULLEN
WHITINGWilliam WHITING1836Shottesham, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
WHITWOODElijah WHITWOOD1851Chedgrave, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
WILBYSarah WILBY1840Great Yarmouth, NorfolkALEXANDER
WILCHEmma Elizabeth WILCH1844Norwich, Norfolkd3 - BULLEN
WILDSRichard WILDS1813Deal, Kenta1 - BULLEN
WILKERSONEliza WILKERSON1878Shipdham, Norfolkc3 - BULLEN
WILKINSAlbert John WILKINS1862Deal, Kenta1 - BULLEN
WILLATTSJane WILLATTS1865Chelsea, Middlesexd3 - BULLEN
WILLEREliza WILLER1829Prob. Nth. Walsham, Norfolkb - WEGG
WILLERJames WILLER1838North Walsham, Norfolkb - WEGG
WILLERLorenzo J. WILLER1871North Walsham, Norfolkb - WEGG
WILLERMargaret Elizabeth WILLER1835North Walsham, Norfolkb - WEGG
WILLERMaria WILLER1823North Walsham, Norfolkb - WEGG
WILLERWilliam WILLER1798North Walsham, Norfolkb - WEGG
WILLIAMSEdith WILLIAMS1878Blofield, Norfolkb - WEGG
WILLIAMSEdith WILLIAMS1884St Pancras, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
WILLIAMSEthel WILLIAMS1883Whetstone, Middlesexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
WILLIAMSEunice WILLIAMS1895Tottenham, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
WILLIAMSGwynyth Louise WILLIAMS1896Finchley, Middlesexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
WILLIAMSHenry WILLIAMS1864St Pancras, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
WILLIAMSHerbert Albert WILLIAMS1879Blofield, Norfolkb - WEGG
WILLIAMSJames Edward WILLIAMS1881Blofield, Norfolkb - WEGG
WILLIAMSLily Sarah WILLIAMS1877Blofield, Norfolkb - WEGG
WILLIAMSMaud WILLIAMS1884Blofield, Norfolkb - WEGG
WILLIAMSMaude WILLIAMS1881Whetstone, Middlesexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
WILLIAMSMay Gertrude WILLIAMS1886St Pancras, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
WILLIAMSMay WILLIAMS1891Finchley, Middlesexd2 - BAMBRIDGE
WILLIAMSSydney Frank WILLIAMS1887St Pancras, Middlesexc - GOLD/GOULD
WILLIAMSThomas Richard WILLIAMS1854Llanfrynach, Breconshired2 - BAMBRIDGE
WILLIAMSThomas WILLIAMS1851Swardeston, Norfolkb - WEGG
WILLINGHAMEdith Alice WILLINGHAM1872Moulsham, Essexg2 - WEGG
WILLISGeorgiana WILLIS1865London, Englandg2 - WEGG
WILSONAnnie Ruth WILSON1890Bergh Apton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
WILSONElizabeth WILSON1891Bergh Apton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
WILSONEmma Maud WILSON1893Walsingham, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
WILSONHarriet Elizabeth Jane WILSON1854St Pancras, Middlesexg1 - WEGG
WILSONHenry Charles WILSON1887Bergh Apton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
WILSONHenry William WILSON1865Shottesham All Saints, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
WILSONMargaret Elizabeth WILSON1889Bergh Apton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
WILSONMartha WILSON1875Cullercoats, Tynemouth, Northumberlande1 - BULLEN
WILSONMinnie Maria WILSON1888Bergh Apton, Norfolke4 - BULLEN
WILSONSusan Alice WILSON1862Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
WILTSHIREAnn Catherine WILTSHIRE1844Bethnal Green, Middlesexc - CASH
WINTERFrederick Augustus WINTER1860Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
WINTERFrederick George WINTER1880Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
WINTERGerrtude Eliza WINTER1887Norwich, Norfolkd2 - WEGG
WINTERBOTTOMFlorence WINTERBOTTOM1872Sheffield, Yorkshiref - RUST
WISBEYElizabeth Rebecca WISBEY1853Cambridge, Cambridgeshireg1 - WEGG
WISDOMEmily Eliza WISDOM~1878? (m. 1905 Hackney)h - WEGG
WOODMary WOOD1860Kingsland/Stoke Newington, Middlesexb - CASH
WOODCOCKGeorge WOODCOCK1846Newton St Faith, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
WOODCOCKGeorge WOODCOCK1846Newton St Faith, Norfolke - RUST
WOODHOUSEAdelaide Alice WOODHOUSE1891Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
WOODHOUSEAlbert Victor WOODHOUSE1888Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
WOODHOUSEIda Elizabeth WOODHOUSE1879Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
WOODHOUSEMary Ann WOODHOUSE1861Southrepps, Norfolkb3 - BULLEN
WOODHOUSEMatthew Pert WOODHOUSE1856Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
WOODHOUSEWilliam Stephen WOODHOUSE1880Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
WOODLANDRobert Edward WOODLAND1892St Pancras, Middlesexe - REEVE
WOODSBritannia Ellen WOODS1866Buxton, Norfolkc - RUST
WOODSElizabeth WOODS1860Mutford, Suffolke2 - BULLEN
WOODSJohn WOODS~1707? (m. 1732 Buxton, Norfolk)a - WEGG
WOODSSusanna WOODS1736Lamas, Norfolka - WEGG
WOOLFAlbert Arthur R. WOOLF1897Hammersmith, Middlesexd1 - WEGG
WOOLFArthur Henry WOOLF1872Barnes, Surreyd1 - WEGG
WOOLFEllen Agnes R. WOOLF1895Hammersmith, Middlesexd1 - WEGG
WOOLTORTONJeremiah WOOLTORTON1821Denton, Norfolka, d - REEVE
WOTTONEthel Gladys E. WOTTON1897Walthamstow, Essexd - REEVE
WOTTONWalter William WOTTON1868Horselydown, Surreyd - REEVE
WRIGHTCharles Edward WRIGHT1894Ogden, Utahe - WEGG
WRIGHTClara WRIGHT1856Dereham, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
WRIGHTEdward Thomas WRIGHT1828Tunstead, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
WRIGHTEllen Mary WRIGHT1863Southwold, Suffolkd2 - BULLEN
WRIGHTGeorge Edward WRIGHT1873Tunstead, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
WRIGHTNorah WRIGHT1900Paddington, Middlesexc4 - BULLEN
WRIGHTSamuel WRIGHT1855Leamington, Warwickshirec4 - BULLEN
WRIGHTSarah WRIGHT1829Woodton, Norfolke2 - BULLEN
WRIGHTThomas Bambridge WRIGHT1863Tunstead, Norfolkd1 - BAMBRIDGE
WYATTSophia WYATT~1770? (m. 1791 London)c - WEGG
WYLIECyril Alleyne WYLIE1893St Pancras, Middlesexb - CASH
YALLOPAgnes Elizabeth YALLOP1876Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPAlfred George YALLOP1892Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPAlfred Jacob YALLOP1871Kirstead, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPAlice Rhoda YALLOP1861Seething, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPBeatrice Annie YALLOP1895Keswick, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPBeatrice Maude YALLOP1889Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPBertie Charles YALLOP1885Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPBertie William YALLOP1885Keswick, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPBessie Eliza YALLOP1883Brooke, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPCaroline YALLOP1856Woodton, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPEdith Mabel YALLOP1890Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPEdward YALLOP1969Kirstead, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPEliza YALLOP1821Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
YALLOPEllen Louisa YALLOP1879Keswick, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPEmma YALLOP (LORD)1841Woodton, Norfolke1 - BULLEN
YALLOPFlorence Mary YALLOP1881Kirstead, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPFlorence Sarah J. YALLOP1887Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPFrederick YALLOP1869Kirstead, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPGeorge Henry YALLOP1884Woodton, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPGeorge YALLOP1824Bedingham, Norfolkb, b4 - BULLEN
YALLOPGeorge YALLOP1853Woodton, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPGertrude Maude YALLOP1877Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPHariett YALLOP1865Kirstead, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPHorace Benjamin YALLOP1891Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPHorace Robert YALLOP1893Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPJane YALLOP1851Woodton, Norfolkb4, b6 - BULLEN
YALLOPJohn William YALLOP1886Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPJonathan Henry YALLOP1858Woodton, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPMaria YALLOP1849Woodton, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPMaud Louisa YALLOP1895Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPRobert Horace YALLOP1863Kirstead, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPRobert Thomas YALLOP1893Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPRosa Isabel YALLOP1888Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPSamuel Edward YALLOP1891Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPSidney Charles YALLOP1888Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPThomas George YALLOP1882Keswick, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPViolet Elizabeth YALLOP1882Brooke, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPWilliam Haze YALLOP1875Harford Bridges, Norwich, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YALLOPWilliam YALLOP1854Bedingham, Norfolkb4 - BULLEN
YAXLEYAgnes Lily YAXELEY1895Forncett, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
YAXLEYAgnes Lily YAXLEY1895Forncett, Norfolke - RUST
YAXLEYAlice Rose YAXELEY1894Forncett, Norfolkf - GOLD/GOULD
YAXLEYAlice Rose YAXLEY1894Forncett, Norfolke - RUST
YAXLEYRebecca Ellen YAXLEY1869Sprowston, Norfolkb5 - BULLEN