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I have been researching my own family history for about 10 years and have created 77 ancestral charts which can be accessed below. The charts are grouped by my main ancestral surnames — CASH, FLEURY, DABBS, GOULD etc.

Most of the information on my charts has come from records which I have seen myself, and I can provide for anyone who asks all the record references on which each chart is based. Some of the information has come from other related people with whom I have been in contact along the way. Where this has happened I have annotated the charts accordingly to give credit to the other researchers. I have not included on my charts any person born after 1900 in order not to impinge on the privacy of living persons.

Most of my information has come from GRO indexes, BMD certificates, UK census records, and parish records.

For those new to this, GRO indexes are the alphabetic lists of civil registrations of births, marriages and deaths which are compiled each quarter from information from all English and Welsh register offices. Civil registrations began in the UK in the third quarter of 1837. The GRO indexes can be looked up in libraries or county record offices, or online.

BMD certificates are paper documents provided when a civil registration of a birth, marriage or death is recorded by a registrar. Copies of the certificates can be ordered online costing £11 each and come through the post. Before ordering a certificate, the event must be identified in the GRO indexes in order to obtain the correct reference information required to order the certificate. I have got about 200 certificates, mostly of relatives in my direct line, and mostly purchased by myself, but some obtained as copies from other researchers. Where the © symbol appears on a chart against an event, I have a copy of the BMD certificate. For all my certificates I have created transcripts which can be accessed below.

The first full UK census where the names of every person was written down was in 1841. Under the hundred-year rule, the latest census available to the public is the one taken in 1921. Censuses can be looked up in libraries or county record offices, and are available online.

Parish records can go back a long way, but the information recorded for each event (baptism, marriage or burial) gets more scant the further back in time you go. When I started doing research, my main source for parish records was the database of the Mormon Church which was, and still is, available free online. But I also purchased my own copies of parish records for parishes of particular interest (mostly villages in Norfolk and Suffolk) on microfiche, and bought a fiche-reader for use at home. Since then many more parish records have become available online. I have prepared partial transcripts from some of my sets of microfiche which can be accessed from links further down this page.

Most of my own ancestral lines peter out around the late 1700s. Research based purely on parish records (prior to 1837) has to be taken with a degree of scepticism. With parish records of marriages (or banns), the names of the parents of the bride and groom were not normally recorded. This means that when tracing backwards, the vital link with the previous generation may depend on guesswork or assumptions. People with their own inherited written records such as family bible inscriptions, or with famous ancestors who have left their mark, can be more certain that their findings are correct. I had nothing like that to go on. If anyone spots a mistake or omission in a chart please do contact me — I want to make the charts as accurate as possible and am very grateful for extra information.

Below are some links which I have found useful:

FreeBMD free website for searching the GRO indexes.

GRO website for ordering BMD certificates.

Ancestry website (UK branch) with a huge amount of data for looking at GRO indexes, UK censuses, parish records, and more. Some looking-up is free but you have to pay for full access. Although expensive, the annual subscription is better value than paying for records piecemeal.

IGI free website for LDS databases of parish records for the UK and many other countries. LDS stands for Latter-day Saints — short for Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints or Mormon Church. IGI stands for International Genealogical Index which brings all LDS sources together into a single search screen.

SmartDraw website for buying the drawing package I used to create my charts. N.B. I created the charts manually — not using the SmartDraw family history templates, nor an automatic link to my family history database. SmartDraw is expensive to buy but I found it easy to use after a time.

PrimoPDF website from which I downloaded the free program to generate the Adobe pdf versions of my charts from the SmartDraw files.

Adobe Reader website from which the Adobe Reader program (for displaying pdf files) can be downloaded free if you have not already got it.

My e-mail address is alan_cash@hotmail.com
(there is an underscore character between 'alan' and 'cash')



The charts, name indexes, and BMD transcripts

With the Adobe charts you can zoom in to enlarge the image without the text becoming blurry. You will need to zoom to about 75% to make the print readable on the screen. Try pressing CTRL+ ("control plus") for a quick way of zooming in. On my charts, square brackets enclose a [maiden surname].


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then you may need to download the Adobe Reader (link above).

MASTER NAME INDEX to all the charts   text page


Descendants of Mary ALEXANDER of Fressingfield, Suffolk

Mary ALEXANDER chart   Adobe pdf
Name index to chart   text page
Transcripts of BMD certificates   text page


Descendants of John BAMBRIDGE and Anne COLMAN of Tunstead, Norfolk

a.....John BAMBRIDGE and Anne COLMAN chart   Adobe pdf
b.....Mary Ann BAMBRIDGE and Thomas LANE chart   Adobe pdf
c.....Mary BAMBRIDGE chart   Adobe pdf
d1...Robert BAMBRIDGE and Mary ALLEN chart - part 1   Adobe pdf
d2...Robert BAMBRIDGE and Mary ALLEN chart - part 2   Adobe pdf
e1...William BAMBRIDGE and Sarah HANNANT chart - part 1   Adobe pdf
e2...William BAMBRIDGE and Sarah HANNANT chart - part 2   Adobe pdf
f.....Edward Colman BAMBRIDGE and Amelia STAPLES chart   Adobe pdf
g....Robert BAMBRIDGE and Martha HUMPHERY chart   Adobe pdf
Name index to charts   text page
Transcripts of BMD certificates   text page


Descendants of John BULLEN and Sarah SCARFF of Bedingham, Norfolk

a.....John BULLEN and Sarah SCARFF chart   Adobe pdf
a1...Robert BULLEN and Catherine SMITH chart   Adobe pdf
a2...William Richard BULLEN and Mary Ann SOLLY chart - part 1   Adobe pdf
a3...William Richard BULLEN and Mary Ann SOLLY chart - part 2   Adobe pdf
b.....Susannah LORD and Abraham LEGOOD chart   Adobe pdf
b1...Honor LEGOOD chart   Adobe pdf
b2...Ann LEGOOD and John PAGE chart   Adobe pdf
b3...Esther LEGOOD and Abraham FRESTONE chart   Adobe pdf
b4...Elizabeth CROW and George YALLOP chart   Adobe pdf
b5...Ann Elizabeth CROWE and Michael REDGRAVE chart   Adobe pdf
b6...Jane YALLOP and James WEBB chart   Adobe pdf
b7...Rhoda LEGOOD chart   Adobe pdf
b8...James LEGOOD and Mary CODLING chart - part 1   Adobe pdf
b9...James LEGOOD and Mary CODLING chart - part 2   Adobe pdf
c.....Robert LORD and Jemima MEAR chart   Adobe pdf
c1...James and Mary LOYD chart   Adobe pdf
c2...George LOYD and Sophia BANHAM chart   Adobe pdf
c3...Eliza LORD and Daniel BARNARD chart   Adobe pdf
c4...Henry LOYD and Susan GOODRUM chart   Adobe pdf
d.....Elizabeth LORD and James NOBBS chart   Adobe pdf
d1...Robert NOBBS and Charlotte THAIN chart   Adobe pdf
d2...Honor NOBBS and John MOORE chart   Adobe pdf
d3...George NOBBS and Maria FARROW chart   Adobe pdf
e1...Henry LORD and Mary SPRATT - part 1 chart   Adobe pdf
e2...Henry LORD and Mary SPRATT - part 2 chart   Adobe pdf
e3...Stephen LORD and Mary MOORE chart   Adobe pdf
e4...Levy LORD and Maria FLOWERS chart   Adobe pdf
f.....Mary REEVE and Benjamin SMITH chart   Adobe pdf
Name index to charts   text page
Transcripts of BMD certificates   text page


Descendants of Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth CASH of Bethnal Green

a...Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth CASH chart   Adobe pdf
b...George and Sarah CASH chart   Adobe pdf
c...Elizabeth CASH and Alfred Benjamin DALTREY chart   Adobe pdf
d...William CASH and Hannah HARLEY chart   Adobe pdf
e...Ellen Elizabeth McCARTY chart   Adobe pdf
Name index to charts   text page
Transcripts of BMD certificates   text page


Descendants of James DABBS, gentleman

James DABBS chart   Adobe pdf
Name index to chart   text page
Transcripts of BMD certificates   text page


FLEURY of Stuttgart

FLEURY of Stuttgart chart   Adobe pdf
Name index to chart   text page
Transcripts of BMD certificates   text page
Hermann FLEURY, portrait painter.   text page
Hermann FLEURY junior, postcard artist.   text page
Catalogue of H. FLEURY junior postcards   text page
Hugo FLEURY, stamp and banknote designer   text page


Descendants of Edward and Mary GOLD of Buxton, Norfolk

a...Edward and Mary GOLD chart   Adobe pdf
b...Frances GOULD and James WHILEY chart   Adobe pdf
c...Phoebe GOLD and Isaac GREENWOOD chart   Adobe pdf
d...William GOULD and Elizabeth GIBSON chart   Adobe pdf
e...William GOULD and Elizabeth COLLINS chart   Adobe pdf
f...Charles GOULD and Sophia RUST chart   Adobe pdf
Name index to charts   text page
Transcripts of BMD certificates   text page


Descendants of Thomas and Hannah HARLEY of Bethnal Green

Thomas and Hannah HARLEY chart   Adobe pdf
Name index to chart   text page


Descendants of Philip KNIGHTS and Mary ALEXANDER of Norfolk

a...Philip KNIGHTS and Mary ALEXANDER chart   Adobe pdf
b...Maria KNIGHTS and Frederick CORNISH chart   Adobe pdf
c...Eliza KNIGHTS and James BUCKENHAM or BUCKINGHAM chart   Adobe pdf
Name index to charts   text page
Transcripts of BMD certificates   text page


Descendants of James REEVE and Elizabeth BULLEN of Bedingham, Norfolk

a...James REEVE and Elizabeth BULLEN chart   Adobe pdf
b...James REEVE and Emma KNIGHTS chart   Adobe pdf
c...Honor REEVE and John HONEYWOOD chart   Adobe pdf
d...Phebe REEVE and Mr BROWNE chart   Adobe pdf
e...Robert REEVE and Mary SHORT chart   Adobe pdf
f...Anne REEVE and Robert FOLGATE chart   Adobe pdf
Name index to charts   text page
Transcripts of BMD certificates   text page


Descendants of James RUST and Martha PUCKSLY of Aylsham, Norfolk

a...James RUST and Martha PUCKSLY chart   Adobe pdf
b...Mary RUST and John CHAPMAN chart   Adobe pdf
c...William RUST and Charlotte BECK chart   Adobe pdf
d...John RUST and Ann STIBBENS chart   Adobe pdf
e...Sophia RUST and Charles GOULD chart   Adobe pdf
f...Vincent RUST and Hannah HOWARD chart   Adobe pdf
Name index to charts   text page
Transcripts of BMD certificates   text page


Descendants of John WEGG of Buxton, Norfolk

a.....John WEGG chart   Adobe pdf
b.....Mercy LIGHTUP and George TATE chart   Adobe pdf
c.....Richard LIGHTUP and Susanna COOK chart   Adobe pdf
d1...George RUSHMER and Rebecca COLE chart - part 1   Adobe pdf
d2...George RUSHMER and Rebecca COLE chart - part 2   Adobe pdf
e.....Emily RUSHMER and Benjamin Stephen Powell CROMPTON chart   Adobe pdf
f.....George DOVE chart   Adobe pdf
g1...Harriet LIGHTUP and Robert PIGOTT chart - part 1   Adobe pdf
g2...Harriet LIGHTUP and Robert PIGOTT chart - part 2   Adobe pdf
h.....Richard William LIGHTUP and Rebecca LEDIARD chart   Adobe pdf
Name index to charts   text page
MASTER NAME INDEX to all the above charts   text page


Alan CASH pedigree chart   Adobe pdf


Parish registers on microfiche

I have microfiche sets bought from the Norfolk Record Office and the Suffolk Record Office for the parishes listed below. Some of the registers have gaps in the records which means that the date ranges below indicate only the earliest and latest dates on the fiches. For some of these registers, I have created transcripts for specific surnames relevant to my own family history. Click on the links below to view these transcripts.

Alburgh, Norfolk

20 microfiches. Baptisms 1541-1900. Marriages 1541-1900. Burials 1540-1900. Banns 1754-1900.

Transcript   for surnames: BROWN, BULLEN, KNIGHTS, REEVE, WOODS.

Bedingham, Norfolk

9 microfiches. Baptisms 1555-1904. Marriages 1561-1836. Burials 1557-1812. Banns 1754-1833.

Transcript   for surnames: BULLEN, LEGOOD, LORD, PAGE, REEVE.

Buxton, Norfolk

16 microfiches. Baptisms 1665-1896. Marriages 1665-1837. Burials 1665-1872. Banns 1754-1925.

Transcript: no.

Denton, Norfolk

19 microfiches. Baptisms 1559-1902. Marriages 1559-1902. Burials 1559-1901. Banns 1754-1902.

Transcript   for surnames: BROWN, BULLEN, KNIGHTS, REEVE, WOODS.

Fritton, Norfolk

11 microfiches. Baptisms 1558-1837. Marriages 1558-1835. Burials 1558-1812. Banns 1755-1900.

Transcript: no.

Hempnall, Norfolk

31 microfhiches. Baptisms 1567-1908. Marriages 1561-1904. Burials 1560-1901. Banns 1754-1900.

Transcript: no.

Topcroft, Norfolk

15 microfiches. Baptisms 1556-1899. Marriages 1557-1900. Burials 1557-1904. Banns 1783-1910.

Transcript: no.

Tunstead, Norfolk

17 microfiches. Baptisms 1678-1900. Marriages 1678-1901. Burials 1678-1908. Banns 1754-1901.

Transcript   for surnames: BAMBRIDGE, COLMAN, REEVE.

Woodton, Norfolk

13 microfiches. Baptisms 1538-1870. Marriages 1538-1836. Burials 1538-1914. Banns 1754-1901.


Southelmham, Suffolk (4 parishes)

Southelmham All Saints with St Nicholas

8 microfiches. Baptisms 1708-1967. Marriages 1709-1943. Burials 1710-1979. Banns 1823-1914.

Southelmham St Cross

7 microfiches. Baptisms 1558-1901. Marriages 1558-1948. Burials 1558-1808. Banns 1754-1976.

Southelmham St Margaret

6 microfiches. Baptisms 1679-1900. Marriages 1679-1923. Burials 1679-1900. Banns 1755-1823.

Southelmham St Peter

4 microfiches. Baptisms 1695-1900. Marriages 1695-1899. Burials 1678-1895. Banns 1754-1819.

Transcript (4 parishes) part 1   for surnames: BROWN, KNIGHTS.

Transcript (4 parishes) part 2   for surnames: LING, LOCKWOOD, BEDINGFIELD, BARBER, CHANDLER, WOODS.