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Second Life men's clothing modelled by PeeWee Xomotron


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To read descriptions of the clothing, shoes and hairstyles worn by PeeWee, and for access to PeeWee videos,
visit my Second Life menu - link at top of this page.

Click any image below to display an enlargement in a popup window. Click the popup window to close it.

1. Geezer Garments "Smooth Macadamia Navi" blue suit

2. Cattivo "Perfectly Pinstriped" sand suit

3. AAlto "Klassic" brick suit

4. SF Design "Henley" blue blazer and white flannels set

5. Hoorenbeek "Ansor Milano" beige suit

6. SF Design "Saville Aqua" blue suit

7. SF Design "Countryboy Autumn" clothing set

8. Metro Men orange and yellow striped suit

9. Sartoria "S196 Project" light green outfit

10. INDI Designs "Aaron (b)" clothing set

11. Made Men "Company Flow" clothing set

12. BeReal beige suit

13. Cattivo "Englishman" suit

14. Metro Men brown and tan striped suit

15. INDI Designs "Harvey 12" clothing set

16. PamelaHot Korobase beige casual suit

17. BeReal black suit

18. Geezer Garments "Randy Dandy" blue suit

19. Juice jeans and men's tops

20. Shai "Alpine Man Earth" suit

21. Savvy grey pinstriped suit and Style for Him men's tops

22. Shai "Conservationist Safari Fatigue" suit

23. Whitfield "Britain Boy" shirt and trousers set

24. Doc Wrangler Swank Brothers gear