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Second Life men's clothing modelled by PeeWee Xomotron


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To read descriptions of the clothing, shoes and hairstyles worn by PeeWee, and for access to PeeWee videos,
visit my Second Life menu - link at top of this page.

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49. Sartoria S21 Portofino pink suit

50. Phoenix Rising cardigan, shirts and trousers

51. KA Designs unisex "Rity" suit in brown

52. Havana "Dare" jackets, shirts and trousers

53. SB "Hugo Boss" beige suit

54. SG "Dendi" tank tops, XTC "Signature" leathers, and Valiant "Triniti" jeans

55. Valiant "Spring Military" black suit

56. SF Design white beachwear set (tintable)

57. Cattivo "Perfectly Pinstriped" suit in Copper

58. "Tropical Joe" shirt and trousers with King For Men "Bucket" hats

59. King For Men pink suit with red shirt and yellow tie

60. Fashion Forward shirt and trousers

61. PeeWee shape

62. Meriken Co "Gingham" grey suit and other items from Meriken Co.

63. Chic Dimensions "Sophistication" suit in lime

64. Roosters "Classic" pinstriped tuxedo

65. DE Designs "Camel Hair" coat, "Onyx Oxford" shirts, and "Rogue" cargo cords

66. Concept Clothing "Class" suit in bordeau

67. Crias Rowlands orange overalls and blue lightweight trousers from Dirty Rat store

68. Skins for avatar

69. ZEN Wall Street "Professor" clothing set

70. T.S.D. "Blue Man" denim suit

71. Cattivo "Academic" clothing set

72. DE Designs "Onyx Windsor" shirts and corduroy trousers