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Second Life men's clothing modelled by PeeWee Xomotron


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To read descriptions of the clothing, shoes and hairstyles worn by PeeWee, and for access to PeeWee videos,
visit my Second Life menu - link at top of this page.

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73. Cattivo "Perfectly Pinstriped" suit in Ivory

74. Qidem "W&G James" suit

75. Okey Design "Diesel Sky" suit

76. FS Mode & Design "Randy" red suit

77. Zenith waistcoats and Dirty Rat hat

78. DE Designs winter pullover and F2H silk trousers

79. SB Menswear "System-X" suits in 'hazel' and 'beige'

80. Okey Design "Wolverine" racing gear

81. Dutch Touch "KooSie Blue" clothing set

82. Ceriano Designs "CDO" grey suit

83. M&MM "Don Antonio" equestrian suit

84. Terra d'ombrA "Ming" and "Zen" suits

85. Doc Wrangler Swank Brothers grey sporting suit

86. SOHO "103" style jeans and tops

87. subVersion pinstriped suit in 'verdigris'

88. QG brown chequer shirt and S&S "Classic Burberry" trousers in tartan

89. GooDVibeZ outfits

90. Paddy's "September 2010" men's outfit and Paddy's fedora

91. subVersion "David" outfit in pale green

92. subVersion Blue Denim/Leather "Combo" clothing set and G&T "Snake Leather" boots

93. Muism separates and spectacles

94. SF Design brown leather "Easy Rider" outfit and "Greek Fisherman's" hat

95. Laqroki beige jacket and "Urban Oxford" shoes

96. SF Design grey "Autumn Tweed" suit