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Second Life men's clothing modelled by PeeWee Xomotron


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73. Cattivo "Perfectly Pinstriped" suit in Ivory

The designer of this fine suit is Lissa Maertens. It comprises open and closed jackets in 'ivory', matching trousers with black belt, buttoned shirts in 'Charcoal' and 'Nearly White', thirteen flat ties (on the shirt layer), and five prim flexi ties. We have already seen this same suit on page 1 in 'Sand', on page 2 in 'Pale Blue', and on page 3 in 'Copper'. To see all the tie colours, look at item 25 on page 2, and view image 4 (for the thirteen flat ties) and image 5 (for the five prim ties).

The suit jacket is provided in buttoned and unbuttoned versions, and has optional lower sleeve prim attachments (worn here).

The shirts are provided in a long version (on the jacket layer) as well as in tucked versions (on the shirt and undershirt layers). In the first three pictures, PeeWee is wearing the 'Nearly White' shirt with the flat tie entitled 'Man enough to wear pink'. In images 4 and 5, PeeWee has removed the jacket, and replaced the flat tie with a flexi one in 'Red'. In the final picture (image 6), PeeWee is wearing the closed jacket, the 'charcoal' shirt, and the tie in 'Silver'.

PeeWee's hairstyle is Exile Zack in 'Nutmeg' (designer: Kavar Cleanslate). PeeWee's shoes are Meriken Co Woo in tan leather (designer: Yaszi Mornington). These excellent shoes were featured in close-up in the previous item (no. 72) which is at the bottom of page 3. The tortoiseshell spectacles are Maschienenwerk Jagu (designer unknown). Location of images: Azuchi.

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74. Qidem "W&G James" suit

The designer of the Qidem suit is Leinad Constantine
. The clothing set comprises grey jacket with prim collar attachment, matching trousers with lower leg prim attachments and brown belt, white shirt plus red tie combination, and black shoes. The grey jacket fabric has an unusual appearance, almost like thin leather. In image 7, PeeWee has removed the jacket revealing the trouser belt detail.

PeeWee's skin is a new one - MB Gabriel (designer: Mirca Bekkers). His hairstyle is Bryce Designs Markey in 'Bark' (designer: Bryce Tully). PeeWee's shoes are the ones that came with the suit. Location of images: Misty Mountains.

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75. Okey Design "Diesel Sky" suit

This Okey Design clothing set consists of a white jacket,
blue jeans, blue tank top, blue underpants, black leather gloves, and a pair of laced sports shoes. The four garments (jacket, jeans, tank top, underpants) are by designer phobos Optera. There are a number of prim attachments included, some of which are by other designers: Odin Kawanishi and Vick Koray. The Chuckers sports shoes are by Aseraser Core. All items in the inventory have copy permission.

The jacket has very good texture, and comes with six prims or linked-prim assemblies, all of which needed careful repositioning to fit the size and shape of the PeeWee avatar. There are rolled sleeve prims with blue retaining straps; there are blue shoulder loops; there is a white collar with blue securing belt; and there are a pair of white lapels with a blue belt with chrome buckle emerging from behind the left-hand one. These prims can be seen best in images 5 and 6.

The blue jeans have a figurehead motif on the left thigh (image 9). The Chuckers sports shoes (below left) are excellent in pale blue, pale green and white. The blue tank top has sweat stains front and rear as can be seen in images 7, 8 and 9. The blue underpants have a wide grey waistband with "Diesel" motif. See image 10 for a front view, image 11 for a rear view, and image 12 for a view with the prim bulge attachment (designer: Juliea Diesel) in place.

PeeWee's hairstyle is Bryce Designs Markey in 'Bark' (designer: Bryce Tully). His shoes are the Diesel Chuckers that came with the suit. Location of images: Panta Ta Ethne.

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76. FS Mode & Design "Randy" red suit

The designer of this FS Mode & Design clothing set is Friedrich Wuyts.
It comprises red jacket and trousers, plus three shirt/tie combinations. The jacket is in two parts, on the jacket and skirt layers. In the above picture, PeeWee is wearing the pink shirt with red striped tie. In images 4 and 5, the shirt is white with red striped tie. In image 6, PeeWee is wearing the white shirt with grey striped tie, and the jacket has been removed revealing the upper detail of the trousers, and also the pin which secures the tie. The Santero shoes are a good match for this suit.

PeeWee's hairstyle is Exile Zack in 'Russet' (designer: Kavar Cleanslate). His shoes are are Santero Cool Casual leather grain shoes in 'Oxblood' (designer: Sinsaber Holgado). The black spectacles are Maschienenwerk 5122. PeeWee's pipe is Don Reginaldo Old Wood Billard (designer: Reginaldo Rabeni). The buttonhole is a pink Eurotica rose (designer: Jannik Pikajuna). Location of images: CalanDiva.

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77. Zenith waistcoats and Dirty Rat hat

This item features two very attractive Zenith knitted waistcoats, one striped, the other in a diamond pattern. Both waiscoats are provided as composite items combined with an attractive cream shirt with prim rolled sleeves and collar. (The waistcoats cannot be worn separately from the shirt.) The designer of the clothing is Miffyhoi Rosca. Also featured in this item is the Dirty Rat texture-variable linen hat.

In the first few images, PeeWee is wearing the first waistcoat which is in green stripes on a yellow ground, with brown border and brown rear panel. In the image above, this waistcoat is worn tucked, but it can also be worn long (as in image 6). The trousers which accompany the striped waistcoat are Cattivo Desert Ops dungarees (designer: Lissa Maertens) which have prim buckle/belt-tail attachment visible in the above picture. For image 7, PeeWee has changed into the beige trousers from the Made Men Company Flow suit (designer: Rockwell Maltz) which was featured in item 11 on page 1. These trousers, like the dungarees, make a very good match with the Zenith clothing.

The Dirty Rat texture-variable linen hat did not have the creator's name entered for the hat item itself, but the notecard that came with it was by n0th1ng Ackland. The hat was bought at the Dirty Rat store which was featured in item 67 on page 3. The hat has extremely good texture and comes in attractive pattern and colour variations. On left-clicking the hat, a menu appears, with options for resizing the hat, selecting the fabric pattern, and for tinting the fabric. There are nine fabric patterns to choose from. Image 8 is a composite picture showing all nine patterns. They are:

[top-row] Africa, Plain-grey, Plaid
[middle-row] Blue-striped, Multicolour-striped, Plain-blue
[bottom-row] Dark-blue, Brown-floral, White-floral.

The fabric pattern worn by PeeWee here is Africa. The tinting menu enables one to apply colour washes to any of the fabric patterns. The tinting colours available are 'red', 'yellow', 'green', 'blue', 'purple' and 'cyan' (turquoise), plus 'white' which is the default value implying no colour tint. The hat in 'Africa' which PeeWee is wearing has 'white' selected on the tint menu, as do those in composite image 8. From image 9 onwards (featuring the second waistcoat) the hat fabric pattern selected is Plaid, with the tint value set to 'yellow'.

The second waistcoat has a diamond pattern in green and grey, and can be seen in image 9 onwards. To go with the diamond waistcoat, PeeWee is wearing Cattivo Wide Whale pleated cords in olive (designer: Lissa Maertens) which have already been featured in item 31 on page 2. For the last three images (12, 13 and 14), PeeWee has changed to Meriken Co Offline trousers in olive (designer: Yaszi Mornington). These Meriken Co trousers have already appeared in item 41 on page 2.

PeeWee is not wearing a prim hairstyle, but instead has a hair base (rather than the normal bald base) suitable for wearing under a hat (designer: Ayla Holt). His shoes are Meriken Co Woo in tan leather (designer: Yaszi Mornington). The pipe is Don Reginaldo Classic Briar Bent, designer: Reginaldo Rabeni. Location of images: Garden of dreams.

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78. DE Designs winter pullover and F2H silk trousers

The DE Designs tan winter pullover is by designer DoC Eldritch. The pullover has prim attachments for lower sleeves, roll-neck, and waist section.

The F2H silk trousers are by Frozenll Hastings. They are available in several colours; these ones are in 'lunar'. They have prim attachments for the lower legs. The waist detail (obscured above) can be seen in images 5 and 6 where the pullover is replaced by tucked shirts. In image 5 the shirt is the DE Designs Onyx Windsor white shirt (designer: DoC Eldritch) which has already been seen in item 72 on page 3. In image 6, the shirt is the Head-Toe Menswear 'cinnamon' embroidered satin shirt (designer: Casper Dionne) which is worn here without the rolled sleeve prims. They can be seen in item 42 on page 2. In the final image (number 7), PeeWee is wearing the excellent Vecchi blue pullover with prim hood (designer: Atila Blackmountain) already seen in item 36 on page 2.

PeeWee's hairstyle is Exile Zack in 'Nutmeg' (designer: Kavar Cleanslate). The shoes PeeWee is wearing are SF Design laced dress shoes which can be set to nine different colours, worn here in white. See item 16 on page 1 for a picture (image 5) showing all nine colours. Designer of shoes: swaffette Firefly. The pipe is Don Reginaldo Classic Briar Bent, designer: Reginaldo Rabeni. Location of images: Fatimas Garden Centre, Antique Artistry.

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79. SB Menswear "System-X" suits in 'hazel' and 'beige'

The SB Menswear store has a department devoted to its range of System-X single-breasted and double-breasted suits, including compatible shirts and ties
. The clothing is by designer Sweeny Baxter, apart from some of the prims which are by Charity Steampunk (jacket cuff buttons, tie knots, and wire belt buckles). The System-X clothing is a great improvement on the same designer's Hugo Boss suit which can be seen in item 53 on page 3.

The clothing is sold as single 'mix-and-match' items, as well as in complete suit packs. For PeeWee, I bought a double-breasted jacket in 'hazel', single-breasted jackets in 'hazel' and 'beige', trousers in 'hazel' and 'beige', a light blue shirt, and four ties. This provides a variety of wearing options because the 'hazel' and 'beige' shades go so well together.

In the picture above, PeeWee is wearing the single-breasted open jacket in 'beige', over the blue shirt with the 'hazel' striped tie, combined with the 'hazel' trousers. The single-breasted jackets are provided in open and buttoned versions. The double-breasted jacket (seen in 'hazel' in image 5) only comes in the buttoned version. The jackets are constructed in two parts, on the jacket and skirt layers. I found it quite difficult to arrange the lighting so that both parts of the jacket matched in shade. The pictures here were all taken in 'sunset' lighting since that setting gave a near seamless join at the median line. The jackets can be worn very successfully without the skirt section as can be seen in images 12 and 14.

The trousers come with black belt and a choice of four prim buckles for use with an open jacket (or if no jacket is worn). The buckles come in two designs - rectangular and wire - and in two colours - gold and silver. All four are illustrated here in the later images.

The shirt comes in buttoned-collar and open-neck versions, and with long or short sleeves. The shirt can be worn 'long' - i.e. outside the trouser waistband (see image 16). There are shirt cuff prims for the long-sleeved shirt (see image 9), and rolled sleeve prims for the short-sleeved shirt (image 11). There are collar prims for the buttoned and open-neck shirts.

The ties come in two versions - one tied tightly (as below right), the other tied loosely (as in image 8). Both versions are for use with the buttoned shirt. The first tie PeeWee is wearing is 'hazel' striped. The others are 'hazel' circles (images 5 and 7), 'beige' solid (8), and 'hazel' solid (11). The ties are contructed in two parts - the main body being on the shirt layer, and the knot being a prim attachment. Because the ties occupy the shirt layer, the shirts themselves are on the undershirt layer.

On PeeWee's feet are INDI Designs O'Reilly Low Shoes in dark brown (designer: Jamie Holmer), and brown ribbed socks (designer: Kaejo DaSilva). From image 12 onwards, the shoes are Meriken Co Woo grey suede shoes (designer: Yaszi Mornington). The spectacles are 1968 US Army Glasses by Maschienenwerk. The heavy silver Bootlag bracelet is by Vera Leven. PeeWee's hairstyle is Santino in 'Blonde' (designer: Sebass Easterwood). Location of images: WiccanWays.

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80. Okey Design "Wolverine" suit

This Okey Design clothing set is described as the Wolverine racing gear from the film X-Men. The set comprises jacket, trousers, gloves, boots, and a number of prim attachments. The leather jacket and trousers are by designer phobos Optera. The prim collar and the silver elbow protectors (visible in image 5) are by Sylvia Trilling. The gloves are not attributed, but the gauntlet sleeves are by Freyr Darkstone, who also created the base for the boots. The bottom sections of the boots (covering the foot) are by Failed Inventor, but the upper boot sections are not attributed. The claw necklace is by BadBoy Grun ,the claws are by Eric Linden, and finally, the codpiece is by Juliea Diesel.

In order to illustrate more clearly the prims used in this clothing, I have taken two pictures with the jacket and trousers removed (see images 10 and 11). For reasons of decorum and modesty, PeeWee retains his white underpants (designer: Plinker Blinker) for these pictures.

PeeWee's hairstyle is Santino in 'Blonde' (designer: Sebass Easterwood). The pipe is Don Reginaldo Classic Briar Bent, designer: Reginaldo Rabeni. The spectacles are Hoorenbeek retro sunglasses with bling (designer: Ansor Hoorenbeek). Location of images: Whisper Meadow.

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81. Dutch Touch "KooSie Blue" clothing set

The Dutch Touch clothing is by designer Iki Ikarus. The KooSie Blue set comprises four chequer shirts, two long-sleeve undershirts, and a pair of blue trousers
. The shirts are open-front and worn long (outside the trousers). The first one PeeWee is wearing is in purple chequer on a pale blue ground. The undershirt is pale blue. In image 6, the shirt is in green chequer on a yellow ground. In image 7, the shirt is in indigo chequer on a turquoise (cyan) ground. In image 8, the shirt is in violet chequer on a green ground. In these last two images, the undershirt worn is in indigo. See also image 9 which is a composite showing all four shirts together. The very attractive trousers can be seen more clearly in image 5.

The shoes are Kalnins Elegance colour-variable shoes (designer: Maris Kanto) set to colour 'Pigeonpost'. See item 42 on page 2 for a picture showing all eleven colours which these Kalnins shoes can be set to. The brown ribbed socks are by Kaejo DaSilva. PeeWee's hairstyle is Tonic Brett in 'Auburn' (designer: Blaine Alderson). The 'Auburn' hair comes from a pack of five browns which can be seen in composite image 4. The five browns are, from left to right, 'Chestnut', Beige', 'Auburn', 'Cocoa', 'Umber'. The heavy silver Bootlag necklace and bracelet are by Vera Leven. Location of images: Gallery in the Park and Sculpture Garden, Maekju. The paintings in the background of some of the images are by Julian Rochefort. The sculptures which appear in the video are by Sandhya2 Patel. The paintings and sculptures can be purchased at the venue.

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82. Ceriano Designs "CDO" grey suit

The Ceriano Designs CDO suit pack contains jacket and trousers in a grey fabric, salmon pink waistcoat, white shirt plus grey tie combination, black shoes, and an American flag pin. The clothing is by Draven Ceriano except for the shoes and the pin.
The shoe base is by Pam Axon; the shoes themselves are by Philips Replacement; the pin prim is by Sami Tabla.

The detail of the suit is drawn like a cartoon and is quite eccentric - the left and right lapels do not match, for example. However, the result is very effective. In the first pictures, PeeWee is wearing the grey suit jacket and trousers, along with the white shirt/grey tie combination item on the undershirt layer.

For images 5 to 8 PeeWee has removed the jacket and is wearing the waistcoat which is pink to the front and yellow behind. The waistcoat is available in tucked form on the shirt layer (as can be seen in images 5 and 6) or in a long version worn on the jacket layer (as in images 7 and 8). For the final image, number 9, PeeWee is just in shirt and trousers.

The shoes are the ones which came with the suit. PeeWee's hairstyle is Tonic Troy in 'umber' (designer: Blaine Alderson). The black spectacles are Maschienenwerk 5122. Location of images: Whimsy, Beautiful and Dangerous.

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83. M&MM "Don Antonio" equestrian suit

The M&MM Don Antonio equestrian suit pack contains brown leather jacket, tight corduroy khaki-coloured trousers with black belt, grey shirt with black-patterned tie, waistcoat, leather hat, black riding crop, folded black-patterned top-pocket handkerchief, and dark brown Ghibli riding boots. The clothing is by designer Massimo Blinker apart from the hat, boots and pocket handkerchief which are not attributed. Also worn in the above picture, but not part of the suit pack, are the pipe and monocle. The pipe, monocle and boots are described below under the two smaller pictures.

The M&MM Borsalino hat in brown leather with black-patterned band is well-defined and comes with a menu resizer. I found it difficult to accomodate a prim hairstyle under the hat without making it appear too large, and consequently have chosen a skin with integral scalp hair for PeeWee.

The Gilet Tortora waistcoat is in chocolate herringbone fabric and can be seen in images 4 and 5 where the jacket has been removed. The grey shirt is on the shirt layer, with the collar and black-patterned tie constructed from linked prims. Because the tie is truncated where it is tucked into the waistcoat, the shirt cannot really be worn without the waistcoat on top.

In the advertising board for the Don Antonio clothing, the riding crop is shown tucked into the top of the right boot. I couldn't find a way of achieving this effect because the lower leg attachment points are already occupied by the boot uppers. Instead I have located the crop in the right hand as can be seen in image 4.

On PeeWee's feet are M&MM Ghibli equestrian boots which came with the suit pack. The designer is not attributed. They are in dark brown with red tops. Each boot is in two parts (foot and calf sections) with menu resizers for each part. No boot riser was present in my pack, so I had to use one from another pair of boots to make these boots display correctly.

The monocle and pipe are not part of the suit pack. They were each bought as separate items at the same M&MM Productions store that the suit came from. Neither monocle nor pipe has the designer attributed in the inventory details. The monocle comes with a lens colour-changer menu with 15 different colour options. Image 6 is a composite picture showing all 15 colours which are:

TOP ROW: 'Red', 'Sepia', 'Orange', 'Peach', 'Periwinkle'
MIDDLE ROW: 'Brown', 'Coral', 'Grey', 'Aquamarine', 'Black'
BOTTOM ROW: 'Blue', 'Yellow', 'Sky', 'Thistle', 'Washed'.

As you can see, each option has a different subtle floral pattern in the glass as well as being in a different shade. In the above pictures, the monocle colour is set to number 15 - 'Washed'. The pipe is the M&MM Briar which comes in a pack with two pipes - one black, the other brown. PeeWee is smoking the brown one in the pictures.

In the final two images (7 and 8), PeeWee is with his horse. This is a McLean's Horse Farm Othello black animated horse (designer: Dee McLean). The horse is supplied in two standing poses (see image 7 for one of these), and in the full rideable version (as in image 8). The rideable horse walks, runs and jumps (although the legs co-ordinate best when walking slowly), makes noises (breathing, neighs, Whinnies), does foot stomping with appropriate sounds, has animated ears and eyes and flexi-mane and tail, has a colour-variable saddle blanket, and most fun of all has the ability to poop on demand. The horse can be seen in motion in the video in item 3 on page 1. The horse does a poop during the course of that video.

Location of images: Shadow Brook.

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84. Terra d'ombrA "Ming" and "Zen" suits

This clothing consists of matching and contrasting jackets, shirts and trousers, in blue and natural, by designer maizon Rayna. The textures are very good. There are two jackets - the Ming in dark blue, and the Zen in natural. The Ming jacket is a very deep blue and the texture ressembles that of crushed velvet. The Zen jacket in natural appears to be of linen. The prim collars of the jackets are in an upright 'Mandarin' style. The jacket cuffs are also constructed from prims. The jackets are constructed from two parts - on the jacket and skirt layers. In image 5, PeeWee is wearing the Ming jacket but without the skirt section and without the collar and cuff prims.

There are two sets of shirts and trousers - one blue and the other natural. The shirts have attractive oriental fastenings. The trousers have a dark brown belt. The blue shirt and trousers are best seen in image 6, and the natural ones in images 7 and 8.

The store sells a number of options for this clothing. The one I chose for PeeWee was a full pack which has both jackets plus both sets of shirt and trousers. The colours can be worn as mix-and-match and are shown as such in the various sale boards in the store.

The shoes are Meriken Co Woo grey suede shoes (designer: Yaszi Mornington).
The shoes can be seen in close-up in image 4. PeeWee's hairstyle is Tonic Cameron in 'chestnut' (designer: Blaine Alderson). The heavy silver Bootlag necklace worn by PeeWee in image 7 is by Vera Leven. Location of images: Sunshine Reef.

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85. Doc Wrangler Swank Brothers grey sporting suit

Designer of clothing set: Doc Wrangler. This designer specializes in period clothing and accessories which may have been worn in the late Victorian or Edwardian eras in the American West. Clothing from this designer was first featured in item 24 on page 1.

The current item features the Swank Brothers grey sporting suit. The pack contains grey striped jacket and trousers, pale blue striped shirt with bow tie, black Oxford dress shoes, and two pairs of socks. The pipe and monocle are from elsewhere (see below for these).

I like the style and texture of the gentleman's jacket. It is constructed in two parts on the jacket and skirt layers. The trousers have a black belt and are supplied in two versions - one long (as above) and the other in the style of plus-fours (as seen below and in image 5) where the trousers are tucked into the socks to avoid the mud when out bagging game or playing golf. The socks worn below are in blue Argyle pattern; the other pair of socks are black and are visible in image 5.

The blue striped shirt is not the same one that came with the Swank Brothers drab suit (see item 24) being a little deeper in shade than that one. The white collar and blue polkadot bow tie are made from a linked prim assembly. For image 4, the jacket has been removed revealing the shirt, which for this image is worn without the collar and tie prim.

On the feet are Swank Brothers black Oxford shoes (designer: Doc Wrangler) which came with the suit. These shoes have already been seen in a brown and tan version (page 1, item 24), and in a white version (page 2, item 27). PeeWee's hairstyle is Bryce Designs Richard in 'Mist' (designer: Bryce Tully). The black Briar pipe and the monocle are from M&MM Productions (designer: Massimo Blinker). The monocle, which can be set to any one of 15 different colours patterns, is seen here in 'sky'. See item 83 (above) for a composite image showing all 15 colour variations of the monocle. Location of images: Runestone.

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86. SOHO "103" style jeans and tops

This SOHO style 103 clothing is by designer Boris Juneberry. The three items featured here are knitted v-neck top in beige, knitted deep v-neck cardigan in brown, and dark blue Stan jeans. The top and cardigan are available in several other colours. In the first few images, PeeWee is also wearing a white ribbed undershirt of unknown origin.

The beige top and brown cardigan are provided on all layers in the pack and are wearable in tucked or long versions. In the first few images, the cardigan is worn long over the tucked beige top. In image 6, the beige top is worn long. In image 7, the cardigan is worn in the tucked version. The dark blue jeans have lower leg prim attachments.

PeeWee's hairstyle, which incorporates a red headband, is Anaphora Joon in 'mocha' by Nishant Zobovic. On his feet, PeeWee is wearing Jungle Wear brown leather sandals and Jungle Wear socks, both by designer Lion Valentino. Location of images: Embay Carpe Diem.

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87. subVersion pinstriped suit in 'verdigris'

This subVersion pinstriped suit in 'verdigris' comprises open jacket, waistcoat, and trousers all in a green pinstriped fabric, a green shirt, and two trilby hats - one in green pinstripe, the other in plain green. The designer of the main clothing items is Prynce Llewellyn, the shirt cuff prims are by Flurry Parks, and the hats are by moebius Cooljoke.

In the first few pictures, PeeWee is wearing the pinstriped version of the hat, and the jacket over the tucked green shirt. The shirt is available on all layers in tucked and long versions. The pictures show the shirt collar and shirt cuff prims which are flared over the jacket sleeves.

In image 5, the jacket has been removed and PeeWee is wearing the waistcoat. The waistcoat is double-breasted and not intended to be worn in combination with the jacket. In images 6 and 7, the PeeWee is wearing the shirt in the long version, but with shorter sleeves. There are alternative cuff prims, higher up the forearms, for use with this version of the shirt. These images also illustrate the plain version of the trilby hat.

It is possible to wear the jacket on top of the long version of the shirt, but only if the figure-hugging version of the trousers (on the underpants layer) is worn. This arrangement can be seen in image 8.

PeeWee's skin is a new one - the Delta Pro Max by monsuperchat Flatley. PeeWee's hairstyle is Alli&Ali Designs Stanley in deep blonde (colour no. 5), designer: Alice Klinger. The shoes PeeWee is wearing in images 1 to 7 are Hoorenbeek Margin shoes (designer: Limer Fredriksson) which are texture- and colour-variable. They are worn here in green suede. For image 8, where the trousers are tucked, the Hoorenbeek shoes have been replaced by Cattivo Stomper Engineer boots by Lissa Maertens. Location of images: Serenity Falls.

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88. QG brown chequer shirt and S&S "Classic Burberry" trousers in tartan

The S&S Classic Burberry trousers (designer: SirdeiSirs Admiral) are available in five colours/patterns at the store. The one I chose was 'tartan' which has red chequer stripes on a yellow ground. These low-rise trousers have zip pockets front and rear, and the hems and seams are picked out in a brown contrasting fabric. A prim codpiece is provided which is worn in the pictures. Care must be exercised with the sunset environment setting since, at certain angles to the sun, the codpiece can appear bright pink against the yellow of the rest of the trousers. Image 4 shows the detail on the upper front part of the trousers including the codpiece. Image 5 is the rear shot.

The QG brown chequer shirt (designer: MrFashion Fetiocci) is unbuttoned all the way down and worn long - outside the trousers on the jacket layer. The shirt comes in three versions: one combined with a grey t-shirt worn long (as in images 1 and 3), the second with a similar t-shirt with a broken chain and padlock motif (see image 6), and the third version with no t-shirt underneath. The t-shirts cannot be worn separately from the shirt. The brown shirt collar is a separate prim attachment. The collar is optional, and the shirt looks very good without it, as in image 6.

The rest of the images feature the shirt-alone version, with other garments from PeeWee's wardrobe worn underneath, some with and some without the brown shirt collar. In image 7, PeeWee is wearing a white Juice tucked tank top (designer: JohnnyD Posthorn). In image 8, the shirt is the Macho Golden Flair (designer: Savy Sands). In image 9, the shirt is the Armidi Gisaci Cambridge in 'Gold Afrillia' (designer: Hudsen Armidi). This excellent shirt is worn here as an undershirt. In image 10, a similar Armidi Gisaci Cambridge shirt is worn, this time in 'Egyria Red' with its red collar attached. For more images of the Cambridge shirts see item 32 (on page 2). In image 11, PeeWee is wearing the white Phoenix Rising William shirt (designer: Danial Guisse), first seen in item 50 on page 3. Finally, in images 12 and 13, the shirt is the one from the Menlosophy Glauco brown outfit (designer: ziamela Loon) which was featured in item 30 on page 2.

PeeWee's skin is another new one not yet featured. It is Zooby's Real Skins Carter in 'medium' skin tone (designer: JS Greenwood). There are three other skin tones in the Carter skin to choose from at the store. The skin pack comes with four versions of the skin and a matching shape (not used here). The four skin versions are: with/without scalp hair; with/without chest hair. The version shown in these pictures is with both scalp and chest hair. PeeWee is not wearing a separate hairstyle constructed from prims in these pictures. Having scalp hair integral with the skin makes wearing a hat much easier. However, the hair necessarily appears very short. See image 14 for a close-up of the scalp hair.

The hat is the pattern-variable and tintable one from the Dirty Rat store (designer thought to be: n0th1ng Ackland). The pattern I have selected (via a menu) is 'brown-floral' with no tint applied. See image 15 for a close-up of the hat. See also above (item 77) for a picture showing all nine hat patterns for this excellent hat.

The shoes PeeWee is wearing are Kalnins Elegance (designer: Maris Kanto). These colour-variable shoes are set to the shade 'twine' with "shiny on" activated in these pictures. See item 42 (on page 2) for an image showing all eleven colour variations for the Kalnins shoes.

The gold and emerald ring with bling worn by PeeWee is of unknown origin and does not have the designer recorded. The bling is visible in images 1 and 7. Location of images: Crossing Currents.

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89. GooDVibeZ outfits

The designer of the three GooDVibeZ clothing sets featured here is Klyde Bonetto.

(a) GooDVibeZ "After 5" outfit

See images 1, and 4 to 7. This outfit comprises cream shirt with prim collar/flexi-tie assembly and prim rolled sleeves, and gold trousers with prim braces (suspenders) in the down position. The shirt has a faint diamond pattern; the trousers have a faint chequer pattern. The fabric patterns and the braces are most clearly seen in images 5 and 6.

The best thing about the After 5 outfit is the braces which are very well done. However, they will probably require some work to make them fit your avatar unless you are very lucky. There are four pairs of silver studs attaching the braces to the trouser waistband. The rear studs were in exactly the right place on my avatar, but the front ones appeared to be floating a couple of inches in front of the trousers, which would have suited a slightly fatter shape than has PeeWee. I had to adjust the positions of several individual prims (the front studs, the leather stirrups, and the short fabric sections) using the "edit linked parts" facility in the appearance editor.

(b) GooDVibeZ orange/pink striped outfit

See images 2, and 8 to 10. This outfit consists of orange and pink-striped shirt, and pink trousers. The shirt has cuff prims and also a prim collar and chest-logo assembly. The trousers have lower leg prims. The colours of the clothing are particularly vibrant under the sunset environment setting (see image 10).

(c) GooDVibeZ brown v-neck & shorts outfit

See images 3, 11 and 12. This outfit comprises a gold v-neck shirt with blue motifs on front and back, and patterned trousers rolled up to the knee achieved with prim attachments.

The shoes worn are Elle et Lui Urban Striped trainers in 'used jeans' shade (designer: marie Ruggles). See image 13 for a close-up of the shoes. The tintable socks (set here to pale blue) are by Kaejo DaSilva.

The hairstyle worn by PeeWee is Benjamin by designer Sinnocent Mirabeau. Three different shades of this style have been used above: (a) 'Vanilla', (b) 'Cinnamon', (c) 'Marble-brown'. I have ten different shades of Benjamin which can all be seen together (under sunset lighting) in composite image 14. The shades are:

TOP ROW: 'Burgundy', 'Burgundy-rose', 'Chestnut', 'Cinnamon', 'Creamy-cocoa'
BOTTOM ROW: 'Marble-brown', 'Medium-blonde', 'Milk-chocolate', 'Shiny-black', 'Vanilla'.
Location of images: Garden of Dreams 2.

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90. Paddy's "September 2010" men's outfit and Paddy's fedora

Designer of clothing: Paddy Carter. The men's outfit comprises brown Prada cotton jacket, beige Sailor Fit trousers, two shirts (one red, the other blue), cream Orlando loafers (shoes), and cream Orlando socks. The white fedora with black band was received as a free gift after the clothing outfit was purchased.

Each shirt has two different collar prim attachments - one with shirt collar only and the other with collar and white flexi scarf (as above). The tight fit trousers have a cream and black belt secured with a silver buckle visible when the jacket is removed as in images 6 and 7.

The very nice fedora, which was not part of the outfit, has a menu resizer. See image 5 for a close-up. I found the hat would not easily accommodate a prim hairstyle and accordingly have used a skin with inbuilt scalp hair.

Location of images: Valhal EMO-tions.


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91. subVersion "David" outfit in pale green

This clothing outfit (designer: Prynce Llewellyn) comprises pale green striped v-neck Shux t-shirt, green chequer Shux trousers, David Hi-top trainers, and grey sock tops. The brown socks worn in the first few pictures are not the subVersion ones from the outfit. The reason for this is explained later.

The t-shirt shown above is the tucked version, but there is also provided a long version on the jacket layer (see image 6).

The trousers are provided in versions on the pants and underpants layers. They are three-quarter length with the rolled-up bottom sections created with prims which occupy the lower leg avatar connection points. A prim codpiece (or genital bulge) is provided which is worn in the pictures.

The David Hi-top trainers are excellent and have good detail. See image 4 for a very close shot. As well as the subVersion Impulse logo, they carry images of Michelangelo's marble statue of David from the Florence Academy Gallery. The images of the statue on the left shoe are reversed. See image 5.

In images 4 and 5, you will notice that the grey sock tops provided in the pack are worn, whereas in the earlier images plain brown socks were worn. The reason for this is that the grey sock tops are constructed from prims which occupy the lower leg avatar connection points, and, I believe, cannot be worn at the same time as the rolled trouser bottoms which occupy the same points. The picture of the outfit provided by the seller shows rolled trouser bottoms and grey sock tops worn together. I do not know how this was achieved. However, I have thought of a solution made possible because the rolled trouser prims have copy and modify permissions. See image 6 for my solution. In this picture, PeeWee is wearing the underpants version of the trousers which I have shortened to the knee. I have made copies of the rolled trouser prims, reattached the copies to the upper leg connection points, and repositioned them upwards to coincide with the knee. This frees up the lower leg connection points which can now be used for the grey sock tops. Incidentally, the brown socks worn in the earlier images are Jungle Wear dress socks by Lion Valentino.

PeeWee's skin is a new one not yet featured. It is the PK USA Alf, designer: Psycho Kondor. The hairstyle is Ava-Tare Chris in 'soil' by Catinca Aldrin. This hairstyle is available in ten colours which can be seen together (under sunset lighting) in composite image 7. The shades are:

TOP ROW: 'Auburn', 'Beige', 'Blonde', 'Brick', 'Cocoa'
'Midnight', 'Onyx', 'Platinum', 'Soil', 'Umber'.

The black spectacles are Maschienenwerk 5122 (designer unknown). The Bootlag heavy silver necklace and bracelets are by Vera Leven. The Red Eden rose which PeeWee is wearing on his right breast is by Jannik Pikajuna. The hand-held roses are by Tora Torgeson.

Location of images: Adventure Land Persian Palace.

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92. subVersion Blue Denim/Leather "Combo" clothing set and G&T "Snake Leather" boots

The designer of the clothing set, comprising jeans, shirt, waistcoat, scarf and army cap, is Prynce Llewellyn. The clothing textures are very good. In the pictures, Peewee is also wearing a tank top and boots which are not part of the set. The tank top is the SG Dendi in khaki (designer: Sasha Gopheller). The boots (by G&T Creations), are described below.

The scarf and hat have good textures. Both need to be adjusted for size and position to suit the avatar. See image 4 for a close-up of them.

The low-rise jeans are unusual in that they are made from two different fabrics - blue leather and blue denim. Most of the front is made from leather, whilst most of the rear is from denim. The denim fabric on the rear is worn and threadbare in places exposing the thighs and buttocks. See image 5 for a rear shot.

The jeans are provided on the pants layer (as shown above), but also on the underpants layer, figure-hugging, for tucking into boots. Image 6 illustrates this, with the boots (for this image only) being Cattivo Stomper Engineer boots (designer: Lissa Maertens).

The jeans come in two colour combinations: blue denim/blue leather (as above), and blue denim/black leather. The black leather option can be seen in image 7.

The blue denim shirt is provided on all three layers. The long version (on the jacket layer) has long sleeves and can be seen in image 8. The tucked versions of the shirt have short sleeves which need the rolled sleeve prims.

In the pack, there are six further versions of the shirt combined with the waistcoat. Two of these are long (jacket layer), with blue or black waistcoat. Two are on the shirt layer, and have long sleeves, with blue or black waistcoat. The last two are on the undershirt layer, and have short sleeves, with blue or black waistcoat. The clothing can be worn exactly as you like because all these components are provided.

The waistcoat itself is provided as a separate garment on all three layers (only in blue).

PeeWee's skin is a new one not yet featured. It is the PK Antonio, designer: Psycho Kondor.

The footwear worn here (apart from image 6) are G&T Snake Leather boots (designer: Greenie Lane). The boots come with a touch menu which allows the size and appearance to be altered. There are six colours for the boot leather and two colours for the triangular metal straps. See image 9 for a composite picture illustrating the colours. The leather colours are

TOP ROW: 'Brandy', 'Bordeaux', 'Black'
BOTTOM ROW: 'Grey', 'Brown', 'Off-white'.

The metal strap colours are 'Copper' (first 5 images) and 'Steel' (sixth image). The socks worn are Jungle Wear brown dress socks by Lion Valentino.

Location of images: Playa Grande.

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93. Muism separates and spectacles

These Muism products were bought as separate items from the store. The items are: trouser pack (2 pairs - one striped, one plain), blue paisley Last Night's shirt, blue silk shirt, navy blue Electric waistcoat, Tartan007 flexi tie, and Muism Galliano spectacles. The designer of the clothing is Icemocolo Voom. The designer of the spectacles is not recorded in the inventory.

In the images above above and below right, PeeWee is wearing the paisley shirt and striped trousers. In the picture below left, the silk shirt and plain trousers are worn.

A rear view of the blue paisley Last Night's shirt (without the waistcoat) can be seen in image 4. The shirt is provided on all layers. In image 5, the long version (on the jacket layer) is worn. The rolled shirt sleeves and collar are constructed from prims. There are two versions of the collar - one with a loose button which can be seen in image 6.

The skinny flexi tie is the Muism Tartan007 which is hanging loose. I found it quite difficult to get the size and position of the tie just right for my avatar so that it appears to emerge from the collar correctly from all angles. I had to make the prim assembly quite small. Nevertheless, I am very pleased with the result.

The blue silk shirt is provided in tucked and long (outside the trousers) versions. See image 7 for a rear shot of the tucked version with rolled sleeve prims. The long version of the shirt can be seen in image 8. The shirt is also provided with long sleeves on the undershirt layer (image 9) and a further version on the shirt layer with shaped sleeves for use with a jacket (not illustrated here).

The waistcoat is long (i.e. lies on top of the trousers waistband). See images 9 and 10 for further views of the waistcoat.

The shoes worn by PeeWee are Meriken Co Woo shoes in grey suede (designer: Yaszi Mornington). For close-ups of these excellent shoes see items 62 or 70 on page 3. The hairstyle is the Ava-Tare Chris by designer Catinca Aldrin. The hair colours used in the images here are 'brick' and 'platinum'. The hair comes in ten shades, all of which can be seen above (item 91, image 7).

Location of images: Azuchi.

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94. SF Design brown leather "Easy Rider" outfit and "Greek Fisherman's" hat

The Easy Rider outfit and Greek Fisherman's hat are both by swaffette Firefly of SF Designs. The Easy Rider outfit comprises brown leather Winter jacket, brown leather Easy Rider trousers, and net (see-through) t-shirts and tank tops. The Greek Fisherman's hat was bought as a separate item at the same SF Design store. The boots are not by SF Design; see below for a description of these.

The Greek Fisherman's hat is very well done indeed. It is provided in four versions in the pack - three with an integral hair fringe (in 'light brown', 'dark brown' and 'mahogany'), and one with no hair. The version with 'dark brown' hair is used here. The four versions are provided twice over - one set with resizer (no modify); the other set with modify permissions. See image 4 for a close-up of the hat.

The Winter brown leather jacket has fleece collar and cuff prims, and a flexi body section in two sizes, the smaller of which is illustrated in the image above. The body section is optional. See image 5 for a composite picture which shows the unenhanced jacket, and the jacket with small and large flexi componnents. See also the video sequence for the small flexi component in movement.

The Easy Rider brown leather trousers are provided in versions on the pants layer and on the underpants layer, the latter being figure-hugging for tucking into boots as shown above. The trousers are provided in standard-waistline (as above) and low-rise versions. See image 6 for a shot with the untucked, low-rise version of the trousers (worn with shoes rather than boots).

The prim belt buckle is in brass with Easy Rider logo and Harley-Davidson motorbike icon (see image 7 for a close-up). Two buckles are provided for positioning on the standard and low-rise waistlines.

The net t-shirts and tank tops are provided in two shades (black and white) and can be worn tucked or short. See image 10 for the t-shirt in black, worn tucked. See image 11 for the tank top in white, worn long. Because the t-shirts and tank tops are provided on a choice of layers, one can experiment with overlaying both garments. In image 12, the white tank top (long on the jacket layer) is worn on top of the black t-shirt (tucked on the shirt and underpants layers).

The boots worn in the earlier images are the Cattivo Stomper Engineer boots (designer: Lissa Maertens). The shoes worn in the later images are Meriken Co Woo shoes in 'tan leather' by Yaszi Mornington. See image 13 for a close-up of these fine shoes. The pipe is the Briar in 'black' from the M&MM Productions store (designer not attributed but possibly is Massimo Blinker - see item 83 above).

Location of images: Runestone.

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95. Laqroki beige jacket and "Urban Oxford" shoes

The designer of the Laqroki blazer and shoes is Winter DiPrima. The style of the blazer is quite distinctive and reminiscent of the Laqroki pearl shirt which was featured in item 29 on page 2. As purchased, the blazer is combined with a blue shirt, and neither shirt nor blazer can be worn separately. (There is another buying option in the store which allows the blazer to be worn separately.)

The clothing is provided in two versions - one on the jacket layer with the untucked shirt outside the trousers (as pictured above), and the other version on the shirt/underpants layers with the shirt tucked (as below right). The shirt-layer component has shaped (full) sleeves.

The blazer is very attractive but not flexible in wear because one cannot change the shirt. The only task for me is to chose some trousers which go well with it. Unfortunately, Laqroki are offering jeans only at the moment and I don't want to combine the blazer with jeans. The trousers I have chosen first from PeeWee's wardrobe are pale blue low-rise cotton twill trousers (designer not recorded). These trousers have a diagonal texture, but are otherwise featureless. Nevertheless, the colour match with the shirt is almost perfect which is why have chosen them.

In image 6 and in the video, the trousers are Fashion Forward khaki trousers by Jenna Etzel. In image 7, the blue trousers are from the Dutch Touch KooSie Blue clothing set (designer: Iki Ikarus). Finally, in image 8, the trousers are Armidi Gisaci Ruvido Slacks in 'Mezzanotte' (designers: Hudsen Armidi and London Armidi).

The Laqroki Urban Oxford shoes are well done and have particularly good laces. The shoe base comes already primed with white or black socks. The shoes are available in several other colours at the LAQ store.

PeeWee's skin is a new one not yet featured. It is Ispachi Ben in skintone 'cocoa' (designer: Diarmuid Miklos). Versions with/without scalp hair are provided in the pack.

The hat is the Meriken Co straw hat in 'natural' (designer: Yaszi Mornington). The 'navy' version of this hat has already been seen in item 62 on page 3.

The hair visible in the pictures under the hat is in fact "sf design free hair to wear with hats" (designer: swaffette Firefly). This free gift is like a hairstyle with no hair on the top of the scalp - just a fringe around the back and sides. Because the object has modify and copy permissions, any odd lock of hair which might stick throught a hat can be moved or removed via the Appearance Editor's edit linked parts button.

The pipe is Don Reginaldo Old Wood Billard (designer: Reginaldo Rabeni).

Location of images: Organica.

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96. SF Design grey "Autumn Tweed" suit

The suit, shoes and woolly hat are all by swaffette Firefly of SF Design.

The suit pack comprises grey tweed jacket and trousers, white knitted ribbed jumper with prim folded hood attachment, and prim black and white neckerchief.

The jacket and jumper are provided as separate items in the pack, but if the jacket is worn then the jumper collar (and hence the jumper) needs to be in place to cover the rear of the jacket collar. The jumper can be worn long over the trouser waist band (as illustrated above), or tucked (as in image 6). See also images 7 and 8 which show the jumper after the jacket has been removed.

The jacket is provided with bum-flap and flexi-skirt enhancements achieved by prim attachments. Both attachments are provided in three sizes. The medium flexi-skirt can be seen in images 1 and 4. See also image 6 in which no attachment is present.

The neckerchief is optional. See image 6 for a shot with the neckerchief absent.

PeeWee's skin is a new one not yet featured. It is MiaSnow Adam in skintone 'Tan-7' (designer: MiaSnow Myriam). Versions with/without scalp hair are provided in the pack.

The SF Design laced dress shoes (designer: swaffette Firefly) have already been seen before. The colour of the shoes (set to 'grey' here) can be selected from a choice of nine, via a menu. See item 16 on page 1 for a composite image showing all 9 colours.

The grey woolly hat (designer: swaffette Firefly) has an integral scripted hair fringe which can be set to one of twelve hair colours ('black' here). The olive-coloured version of this woolly hat was used in item 55 on page 3.

PeeWee's pipe is Don Reginaldo Classic Briar Bent (designer: Reginaldo Rabeni).

Location of images: Rostov Saralis Village.

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