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Charles Benjamin Purdom


C. B. Purdom

The above sketch by M. Somer appears as the frontispiece in
Purdom's 1951 autobiography "Life Over Again"


C. B. Purdom - Biographical Notes

by Alan Cash

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Some books by C. B. Purdom

    Click title for extracts and my notes on the book   Author   Published
  The Garden City - A Study in the Development of a Modern Town   C. B. Purdom   1913
  Town Theory and Practice
Essays by Lethaby, Pepler, Chambers, Unwin, Reiss and Purdom
  C. B. Purdom (editor)   1921
  The Building of Satellite Towns   C. B. Purdom   1925
  Everyman (magazine) Vol. 1, No. 1, 31st January 1929   C. B. Purdom (editor)   1929
  The Swan Shakespeare - A Player's Edition (Comedies)   C. B. Purdom (editor)   1930
  Producing Plays - A Handbook for Producers and Players   C. B. Purdom   1930
  The Perfect Master - Shri Meher Baba   C. B. Purdom   1937
  World Organization - Federal or Functional ?
Transcript of round-table radio discussion
  C. B. Purdom and others   1945
  The Building of Satellite Towns (2nd edition)   C. B. Purdom   1949
  Drama. The Quarterly Theatre Review. Spring 1965.
Includes article: Shaw the Business Man by C. B. Purdom
  Ivor Brown (editor)   1965

Some of the above items also appear on my Welwyn Garden City book menu (link at top of page)




Short video of C. B. Purdom
interviewing Shri Meher Baba

On 8th April 1932, in London, Shri Meher Baba was interviewed by C. B. Purdom for Paramount News. The Indian mystic, believed by many to be Avatar, had not communicated verbally for seven years. In this clip, lasting just over a minute, he communicates by means of an alphabet board. The commentary by C. B. Purdom (despite the poor sound quality) shows the most perfect diction of the English language by any person that I have ever heard. Click on the link below to view the video. Please first make sure your sound is turned on.

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Short video of C. B. Purdom
on the occasion of his 50th wedding anniversary

In the video, Charles Purdom appears with his wife, Lilian Antonia Purdom, and their granddaughter, Nicole, in July 1962, in the garden of their home at 39 Woodland Rise, Welwyn Garden City. The original film was made in Super-8 by their son, Edmund Purdom. The video has been kindly provided by Antoinette de Pourtalès. Click on the link below to view the video. Please first make sure your sound is turned on.

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The Purdom Audio Tapes

In 1964, at the age of 80, in the year before his death, Charles Purdom gave talks in New York on drama and on Meher Baba. The talks were recorded, and audio tapes have been kindly provided by Antoinette de Pourtalès. I have prepared transcripts of the talks. My transcripts, and the audio recordings themselves, are available here.

The Nature of Drama   click here *   22 minutes. 3,500 words.
What was Shakespeare's Secret ?   click here *   25 minutes. 3,800 words.

The relation of the God-Man, Meher Baba,
to the God-Man, Jesus Christ

  click here *   58 minutes. 7,700 words.

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