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The Perfect Master - Shri Meher Baba

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Forty-three interviews with Baba, 1934

[Baba's words are in red italic.]

1. A paralysed workman from whose narrative it appeared that he had done some yoga practices which had taught him to accept things as they came, and to feel happy under all conditions.

B. It is not the paralysis of the body that matters, but paralysis of the mind that retards the soul . . . . Yoga practices do not matter much . . . . He has to learn much yet, to progress in spirituality. I will help spiritually.

2. A woman student of psychology who had read about Baba, but was afraid to approach him on account of unconventional ideas. She said that she could not think of Jesus.

B. Why bother about the physical Christ . . . . if she can't get that idea as clearly as she wants. If she can't picture him, she can feel the Christ within. That means the idea of pure love.

Q. She has read the Sermon on the Mount, but can't get a clear conception of him.

B. I will help her. Do one thing. Immediately she gets up every morning, let her have this thought, "Christ is within me," and leave the rest to me. I will help her spiritually.

Q. She said that she had to struggle hard with her husband, who is a Dutch philosopher . . . . and who would not let her come, because he and the family thought it was not advisable. They objected to her coming, not agreeing with the ways in which Baba's coming and visits, etc., were announced. However, she managed to come, but was upset and disappointed that she could not feel Baba as she wanted, and get help from him, as she expected.

3. A daughter of a clergyman.

Q. I am happy to see you.

B. Not nervous ? Anything to ask or say ?

Q. She has doubts about you; and also cannot understand why Western religion calls the Eastern confusing.

B. And the Eastern people say the same about Western religion: everyone thinks his own religion the best. This is ignorance. Jesus never meant that. What does religion mean ? To find God within. What did Jesus teach ? To find him within and not to carry on wars: as his own followers have been doing.

Q. How can we realize that ?

B. Through love, and helping others selflessly. It is very easy; if you think less of yourself and more of others, it is so easy. No matter if she doubts me, or does not even believe in me. I will help her.

Q. She wants to believe in you and has faith in you.

B. But why ! If what you want is within, you will find it only there ! And my aim is only to help you find it, whether you follow me or not.

Q. But it is difficult.

B. I will help you, even if you don't want it. When the sun is high up, and you feel hot, you cannot avoid it. It shines on you even if you don't want it. It is a question of going out of yourself to help others. This contact will help you greatly. My blessings.

4. A lady interested in human welfare. She was silent.

B. Ask if she wants to speak about anything with me.

She nodded refusal.

B. I understand, because what can explanations mean when interior help is at hand ? Real help is spiritual help, and not words and explanations. She feels. I will help her.

The visitor lays her hand in Baba's and sits there for about a minute, then he asks her to leave, with his usual sign, and she goes away much affected.

5. A man who has a confession written in German which he presents to Baba.

B. I'll read it later at leisure. There is no time now, I will answer what you say and help you spiritually.

Q. He doesn't want to talk: in fact, he wants to feel.

B. If I had time, I should have answered his questions and have also given him five minutes to sit near me. However, because he wants to feel, I give him one minute.

He sits by Baba silently for a couple of minutes, after which he is asked to leave.

6. A nurse who has some fears in life which she discloses to Baba.

Q. Oh, I am so happy to see you . . . . I am so tired of life, and very unhappy . . . . I don't see how I can improve !

B. Everyone is unconsciously tired of this life, because every one seeks happiness, but knows not how to get it. But life is beautiful ! It is meant to be happy. I will help you. Then things will appear changed. You will see it. It is always the outlook that counts, and not the object. To-day you feel tired, upset, seeing nothing beautiful in things around you in life. If to-morrow you do not feel bored, but cheerful, it will be due to changed outlook. The easy way is not to make much of things. Take them lightly. Say to yourself, "I am meant to be happy, to make others happy," and gradually you become happier, and make others happier too. Don't suggest to your mind, "I am tired, haggard, depressed," etc. That will make you worse. Always say, "All is well; I will be happy." I will help you. I can and I will. You will feel it.

7. A married lady who has a very good nature.

B. She has a very good heart.

Q. I wish it could be better.

B. This longing is good, and this contact will make it better as she wishes. I will help her spiritually. She will feel it.

8. A man presents a written statement - confessions of the confused state of his life, which makes him believe that he is fallen and utterly broken.

B. I know. No need to tell me, and I will explain. Don't worry. When one is meant for spiritual advancement, one has either love or lust to the extreme. This lust must be converted into love. What is lust but a craving of the physical senses, and love is the craving of the soul. I know all about you and will spiritually help you. Never think that you have fallen so as not to rise again.

B. Does he want to ask anything more ?

Q. He thanks you very much. He got the answer that he wanted, and feels much relieved.

9. A young woman.

B. Wonderful soul. (She stares at Baba.) Does she want to ask anything ?

Q. What must I do for a better life with my mother, who does not approve of what I do ?

B. Think more of her, and less of yourself. That will adjust matters, because even if you think at times that your mother is in the wrong, and you are in the right, or that sometimes she is in the right, and you are in the wrong, still it matters little if you think of her. In short, think less of yourself and more of others. Real happiness is to make others happy.

After a moment's silence, Baba added: Very dear soul, I will help her spiritually.

Q. Thank you very much. I am so happy to have met you.

She asks, before leaving, whether she should tell her mother regarding her feeling for Baba, and if so, when.

B. Yes, I know. But not for a few days. Later on you can, you will feel, I will tell you somehow.

10. A woman. Nervous ? asks Baba. Tell her to be rested. She explains her situation and says she seems to be in love with a church pianist, and asks if that friendship is to be kept up.

B. Where's the harm ?

Q. Catholic law prevents marriage with a man who is divorced. The Church is against . . . . That's the conflict.

B. But do they love each other ?

Q. Yes.

B. Then love is all that matters if there is no lust. I see no harm in it. Let that love grow so that it makes two souls one. I will help her spiritually to make this love grow purer.

11. A woman painter. After the usual greetings.

B. I am also a painter. I paint the hearts of people with colours of spirituality. She is a good soul.

Q. She feels she has a guilty heart.

B. No. She is not guilty as she believes. Everyone has weaknesses; but it is the heart that counts. She need not worry. I will help her spiritually.

Tears in her eyes.

12. A woman who came to ask to develop the divine within her. She felt she could not achieve it alone.

B. She will, by my help. Never be disheartened. It is all within, and I will help her to realize it. I am so happy to see her longing for spiritual attainment.

Q. She does not know anything but this, and asks for nothing else.

B. I am so happy to know this.

Q. How can spirituality be attained ?

B. It cannot be attained by intellect, but by heart and feeling and inner experience. Do one thing. Every night, just before retiring, think for one minute, "The infinite God is within me, and I am part of the Infinite."

13. A man who has lost an eye.

B. Any questions ?

Q. What he craves for is the contact. Questions are therefore unnecessary.

B. Yes, it is true. If it is true that I know everything, then there is no need to ask me. And if you feel I do not know what is the use of asking me ?

Q. He has no doubts as to your powers and knowledge.

B. I will help him spiritually. I like him very, very much.

Q. He has gone through terrible times and struggles.

B. I know. He has a very good heart, and my help will make him understand.

14. A woman who with her husband is in a critical financial position.

Q. Her husband has to fight for material things.

B. I know; but it will be all right. He has a good heart, although he has weaknesses, and I will make matters change. Don't worry.

Q. She asks for spiritual strength in her needs.

B. Yes, it will come. I will help.

15. An old woman artist.

Q. It is puzzling, for at times when one desires good, bad comes out. Must one feel responsible for the bad results of good work ?

B. The essential is to desire good.

Q. She wishes so much to speak to people who should be helped.

B. Always think of helping and not of results. Never worry about results, because "selfless service" means trying to help others, not even thinking that "I am doing this or that."

Q. People misunderstand her good motives.

B. Always work with your heart for the best, and don't worry. The world crucified Christ.

Q. She has the strength to fight it all, but still worries.

B. The fighting is good, but worrying is unnecessary. Remember what I tell you and try to follow it, and I will help you spiritually.

16. An artist, a very fine man and much interested.

B. Happy to see you.

Q. Explains that he has waited for this meeting. He has encountered opposition in many directions.

B. There lies the "fun of the game," to face and encounter difficulty. If not, life becomes dull and monotonous. One can find spirituality only through opposition. One encountering opposition in life becomes enduring, determined, and unaffected like the wall that stands erect and unaffected against the continued strokes of the ball thrown against it. Art is divine. It can only be rightly expressed if opposed, to bring out the inner beauty.

17. A delicate woman who comes with her son, aged sixteen.

B. Feeling nervous ?

Q. Yes.

B. I am also an artist, I have the whole world as my canvas. I paint souls.

Q. She is stricken by failures. She is a very sensitive soul.

B. I know. She has a great heart. It is the "feeling" that matters and not explanations.

Q. She is suffering very much, being unable to express her feeling. She says, "I have never found the way to express myself in art." Creative power did find an outlet through people, but not through art.

B. I know; the way will open; and once it is opened, it will pour forth continually. But it must be opened at the right moment. I will help her. She will feel my help, because I help through pure love. She will have her right ambition. She has a very good heart. I will help her.

18. A sculptor. He had seen in Switzerland that only a few know, and the masses remain ignorant. This problem is a puzzle to him.

B. The Infinite One is in everything and can be expressed in everything.

Q. But is not "happiness" the goal of life ?

B. That is the true aim of life, to attain to real happiness; and it does not matter through what medium it is attained; but it depends on one thing, that is, forgetting self. For those who have no self-interest, even hell is heaven.

Q. He is desperate about the masses being misled into chaos, as is being done at present.

B. It will all end soon. I feel it infinitely more than you do.

Q. He feels that some power must guide the world if it is to go aright.

B. I know; the world is being guided.

Q. He says that you the Master of the East bring new consciousness, but in the West, too, there are means such as art, science, etc., through which consciousness can be increased.

B. The confusion is due to this time of spiritual upheaval. The consciousness desired will come soon. Do not be too anxious.

19. A psychologist.

B. Wonderful soul, I know. And for him there is no need to explain in words. He understands, because it is the feeling that matters and not words. He will do a great work in future for humanity. I will help spiritually.

Q. He knows my circumstances ?

B. Everything, and I will help him in every way.

20. A German artist who brings some of his paintings to Baba, and presents the following typewritten card:- "I am very pleased to meet you, and be able to thank you for those two books which we received from you. Your words find a lively echo in me. They are a matured gift which awakens the good to action."

Q. He says he has seen you before face to face, but does not remember where.

B. Tell him I have known him for a very long time.

Q. He has a feeling that he knows you.

B. And I love him, there is no need for explanation.

Q. Is it a link already established ?

B. Yes, and I will help him spiritually.

Q. It was his desire to meet you for a very long time.

B. No need to explain. I know.

21. A woman student of psychology.

Q. She says she doesn't want to bother you with questions.

B. That is right, to know me through inner feeling.

Q. She always had a great longing to meet you.

Baba makes her sit beside him, and she gives her hand to him.

Q. She wanted so much to be near you.

B. I know how she feels. I will help her.

22. An architect.

B. Anything to ask ?

Q. I cannot ask anything. I am perplexed.

B. Anyway, you can ask. I should like you to sit here and think of what is in your mind.

Q. But it seems absurd to ask anything.

B. Never mind - go on.

Q. I am very anxious to find something real.

B. That something is the only thing worth having. I will help you to find it.

Q. Can I have that ?

B. Yes, you can. It is not through words or explanations that it can be got. It is within you. Your heart has to be opened. I will do it.

Q. In New York I saw some of your people who made me feel I had something else to seek after.

B. And when you find it, you will experience higher things even in your worldly affairs. Every morning, the moment you get up, think for a minute: "It is in me," and be assured that I will help you.

23. A woman who has suffered much.

Q. She is at a very awkward moment. She has fights within and fights without, illnesses and difficulties in her profession. She feels that she fails in every way.

B. I know it all, and will help her. Yes, I will help her.

Q. She wants to have faith in you.

B. Yes, she will feel my help. Now that she has met me, it will gradually change her outlook on life.

Q. She does not believe in herself.

B. My help will make her believe in herself, too; and that's the most beautiful thing in life - to have confidence in one's own self.

Q. Can that really be done ? (she asks, surprised).

B. Yes, I will help her, and everything will change.

Q. Is she condemned to be alone, as she feels now ?

B. No, when the outlook is changed, she won't feel alone any more.

24. A man and wife who have a bookshop in Germany.

Q. Will world conditions take a better turn ?

B. Yes.

Q. Will there be an understanding between the East and the West ?

B. Yes. It has to be. Soon there will be a spiritual, world-wide revolution in which all will have to unite.

Q. Will it be a new religion or union of all religions into one ?

B. Yes, all will be one. It will be a movement of Eternal Love, and a Religion of Love.

Q. Same as Christ's ?

B. Yes.

Q. In this generation ?

B. This change will happen soon, in this generation.

Q. Will it express itself through war ?

B. It might or might not. But it will express itself after an economic war. Your love messages can reach anyone, anywhere, because in all these there is One Infinite God. I will help you spiritually.

25. A man who says he is addicted to drugs.

B. Are you happy ?

Q. No, very, very miserable.

B. Never think that "life is dreadful." "I am tired of life." Such thoughts make life miserable. Life is worth living. If you think it is, difficulties will appear insignificant. I will help you to try to develop love. Never think "I am alone, I have too much to do, I am poor," and so on. All are poor. The whole world is poor. Even the millionaires are poor, because they have greed and want more. Love someone, and you will be rich. Do not worry. My blessings.

26. A woman who just looks at Baba.

After a time of silence, Baba says: In reality, from the spiritual viewpoint, there is never a need for explanation. It is to be felt and experienced. One can, by reading books and having theories, get some intellectual understanding of Truth, but that is not real understanding. One must experience Truth, be able to live in Truth and realize Truth.

Q. Is it difficult ?

B. Very easy.

Q. How ?

B. So easy: but people make it complicated and it seems a gigantic task. I will tell you. Think much of others, and very little of yourself. Very easy. Try, little by little. Just try. When you have a scarf and she (pointing to a friend who came in with her) needs one, give yours to her. Even if she has more, and you nothing, don't feel it. This is simple. Don't take it literally. It is simple. I will help you spiritually.

27. A German Editor. He feels that the Swiss people are not receptive of Eastern lore. The people do not seem to take much interest.

B. Yes, but now they will. The internal message of Love will reach every heart, because it is the same Infinite One in the Swiss, in the German, as in all peoples. It will be unlocked and opened. My love will do that.

Q. Will it affect the materialistic world of the West ?

B. Yes: because when the "turning-point" arrives, those who are materialistic will get a great shock.

Q. Switzerland goes through the same crisis as in 1914.

B. Even if the people do not respond readily to the expression of the message of Love, the spirit of it will work.

Q. He fears that it will be necessary for this country to be attacked by others.

B. Not necessarily. But one shock it will have, to make it understand. It is like a dream into a dream ("Maya" into "Maya"). Sometimes to awaken one from an alluring dream, there is need of another terrible dream.

28. A clergyman and a doctor friend.

Q. From the Christian standpoint, Christ is the only one; he is unique. Do you believe that ?

B. Unique, indeed, from the standpoint of his state and consciousness. The Mahommedans claim that Mahommed is the only prophet. The Hindus claim Krishna, the Buddhists claim Buddha, the Parsees Zoroaster. Each says that his ideal of the prophet is the unique one. But why bother about that ? What do "names" matter ? What is important is the life that Jesus lived. To understand Christ, to know him, one has to live his life. Mere ceremonies, talk, discussions, and criticisms do not help one towards knowing Christ. Christ taught one simple thing - Love - and in few of his followers has that Love developed.

Q. Is this standpoint of love, consistent with Christian dogma ?

B. Love has in it selfless service and renunciation of desires. Pure Love includes everything. If one loves, all other qualities dissolve themselves: and by Love I mean Pure Love - not sexual love as it is meant to-day in the world of matter.

Q. This kind of love is impossible without the help of Masters.

B. God is within and without. Why not seek him within ? If one seeks the Grace of God, and God is not able to give it, what kind of God do you call him ? People talk, but do not seek his Grace. God is Infinite, the Soul of Souls. And the individual souls are the drops of that Infinite Ocean. All this depends on outlook. You see this (pointing to a flower) as a flower; I see God in it.

29. A student of law, who is quiet and tries to understand, but looks blank.

B. Law is good. This Universe is based on the Divine Law of Love which pervades all existence. I will spiritually help her to understand more.

Q. How can I strive at the same time to achieve in life what I want materially ?

B. What does Perfection mean if it does not include material life ? It is practical. One has to adopt that life which keeps materialism and spirituality in balance. How to do that ? Lead the worldly life, attend to all your worldly duties, but long for knowing that which is beyond life. This longing will increase gradually, which will make you free and detached from material results. I will help you spiritually and you will know how to do it.

30. A student of Philosophy.

Q. Can one realize virtue without experiencing vice ?

B. One has to experience virtue and vice to be able to realize the Infinite who is beyond both.

Q. Is Christ only a question of realization ?

B. Yes, Christ is only to be realized.

Q. Is there any great difference between Christ and the Church Religion ?

B. A world of difference. Christ is to be lived and not found in ceremonies.

Q. Do you believe that . . . . was an initiate ?

B. How can I speak against anyone when I find the Infinite in everyone ? But why bother about names ? You can be an initiate yourself. The same Infinite is within you as within any initiate.

Q. Is this path-finding more difficult in the West than in the East ?

B. No, it is a different outlook only; because in the East as in the West there are the same obstacles. Also in both, there are good hearts. And in the teachings of great men, both East and West, there is Love - the same method differently expressed.

31. A housekeeper.

Q. She wants to hold your arm and be with you for a couple of minutes.

Baba lets her sit by his side. She holds his arm in hers, and sits in silence.

B. I will help her.

Q. She needs it very much. She asks, "Why am I naughty ?"

B. Why think like that, and why worry about it ? It is good to think of our defects to improve them, but don't always worry about defects.

32. A writer of books, partly paralysed.

Q. With my own language I speak with God, because I love truth.

B. Love for truth is everything; hence no need of speaking.

Q. If we love Truth, there is no death, no paralysis.

B. Very true. That's the way one should feel.

Q. I cannot imagine how people can be anti-God ?

B. It is due to delusion. Once this disappears, they understand.

33. A woman and her daughter.

Q. How can one develop conscience ?

B. Conscience can never be defined as right or wrong, because it is not based on intellect. So when one feels, conscience speaks.

Q. Is it responsive to internal happenings ?

B. To-day your conscience might say believe in me, and to morrow it might say do not believe in me. Conscience means immediate response to emotion and so always do what you feel. If you feel to-day believe in me, do believe. To-morrow if you don't feel so, don't believe. Conscience is different from discrimination.

Q. Is there something higher than conscience or discrimination ?

B. Yes, higher than discrimination is Divine Love, and when one really loves, conscience and discrimination are out of place. Everything is immaterial then; nothing counts.

34. A man who has read yoga books, and is a pupil of one who proclaims himself to be a leading master.

Q. Is he right to call himself such ?

B. Everyone has a right to call himself what he likes. It is for others to accept or challenge it. It depends on his living, rather than his teachings.

35. A man who sat silent for about two minutes, and when Baba asked him said he had his desire.

Q. He is seeking for inner freedom, for he can then be useful to humanity.

B. Yes, it is only after finding the Divine Freedom that one can impart happiness to others. I will help him spiritually to have that Freedom.

36. A woman.

Q. Would you help me to understand the process of evolution ?

B. Yes. It is the process through which a soul has to pass to attain the human form to realize the Truth. And human beings have also to experience suffering to realize God, which is the goal of humanity and of Eternal Happiness.

37. A woman with her son, an actor.

Q. How can one achieve one's ambition ? He (pointing to her son) is an artist.

B. Art is one of the means through which the soul expresses itself; and inspires others. But to do that thoroughly, he must have his inner emotions aroused thoroughly. If you feel that something checks you from expressing yourself, then you have to do one thing, that is, to adjust your mental attitude thus: just before you do anything, think, "I can and will express it thoroughly," and every time you act you will find you are more convinced. It is the mind that is closed. There are many actors, who, either through inferiority or through nervousness or dryness, feel that they cannot express their parts, and this negative feeling of the mind checks expression. While acting, think you are one of the greatest actors of the world and try to express yourself thoroughly. I will help you spiritually. Just think you are the greatest actor. Where's the harm in thinking that ? If it is not for "pride," but for bringing the best out of you that you do it, then there is nothing wrong.

Q. What binds her to the Almighty ?

B. Divine Love.

Q. But she does not feel she has it.

B. That is because she is unconscious of it. She will feel it now, and I will help her.

38. An artist.

B. I love artists, because through art one can express oneself.

Q. Up till now, through ideas, he tried to find the source of ideas. Is there any other way to find the Divine ? He has painted fine paintings for a church, and seeks a deeper insight.

B. Yes, he has a right to understand. Art, when inspired with love, leads to higher realms. Love art, and that art will open for you the inner life. When you paint, you forget everything except your object. When you are too much engrossed in it, you are lost in it; and when you are lost in it, your ego diminishes, Love infinite appears; and when Love is created, God is attained. So you see how art can lead one to find Infinite God.

Q. He realizes that his "ego" must in a selfless way express the Divine Infinite.

B. Then that ego is not finite and limited. It becomes the Selfless Unlimited Ego.

Q. But this he will always try to develop more and more through art and then leave it to you.

B. Yes, I will help him spiritually.

Q. He is sorry to have spoken so much.

B. No, don't worry. I am so glad. He has a very good heart. He will have my help.

39. A doctor and her sister.

Q. How can one be a good doctor and use medical science best ?

B. It is simple. Through Love. If you love your work, you can do it with love, and anything that is done with love has perfect results. To be a good doctor, always have in mind that to you all patients good or bad, big or small, are equal. Treat with as much care and interest a beggar as you would a millionaire. It is simple and practical, and yet a good many doctors do not observe this simple rule. Only if a doctor realizes that One Infinite God is within all, then that doctor works like a saint. I am a doctor of souls. To me, good or bad, all are lovable; and I help each according to his need. But although it is simple for you to be a doctor, it is very difficult to practise it. So many things interfere, reputation, name, money, society, circumstances, and so on. Is it clear ? You can be a good doctor if you keep this in mind. You are such a fine soul. I will help you.

40. Introduced as an artist, and his two Sons.

B. I am also a painter. I paint with the colours of spirituality.

Q. That is what he wants, spiritual insight.

B. It will come. Anything more to ask ?

Q. I want a better opening for the expression of art, something spiritual.

B. It will come. For the present, do whatever you think appropriate for expressing your art, and when you feel something better to express, then automatically and by itself it will open out to you.

Q. That is what he thinks also.

B. There is a painter in India. When we were both young he came to me and showed me his paintings. They were fantastic. Though I saw and knew they were not good, yet I said, "It is good, go on." After a year or so, he came back to me and showed me some more. They were marvellous. Yet I did not say they were marvellous. I said, "Go on," and to-day he is one of the greatest artists of the East. So whatever you feel like doing, go on doing. It will go on developing by itself. How do you like my painting ? (The artist looked round when Baba pointed to the beautiful scenery outside.) All this is my painting.

Q. I wish I could paint a thousandth part of it.

B. You will when you get the proper intuition. I will help you.

41. An historian of art.

Q. What's the solution of this world-wide misery ? Will it be solved through martyrdom ?

B. Yes, through martyrdom by many. But that is a question of collective effort. What about you personally ?

Q. I am not concerned about myself personally.

B. But the personal question does come in, even with a desire to serve others selflessly, as you do, because your individual efforts for the good of others have a collective effect. For example, a leper amongst a crowd of healthy people would spoil the whole atmosphere with the infection of disease. So also another, scented profusely, and emitting delicious odours from his person, would spread fragrance around him. That is, personal means collective, and collective means personal. So in order to be able to help others, you yourself must first have knowledge and power.

Q. Putting one's personal question aside, trying one's utmost to help one's fellows, if they do not understand, what has one to do ?

B. It means that the feeling of happiness is not so deep in them as in you. It is the lifelong aim of every soul to impart happiness to others, even if it be at the sacrifice of one's own.

Q. Perhaps one who is not always encouraged by circumstances, feels dejected at times.

B. But that will change. You have a good heart. I like you very much. Every human being has some weakness. But it is the heart that matters.

Q. How is selfishness caused ?

B. At the root of all selfishness is self-interest, want, desire. If two dogs see a bone, they fight because they both want it. Both desire to possess it. Even if they do not see and do not fight, all the same, the desire is there.

Q. Is there fear ?

B. Why do people fear ? Because they are afraid of losing the things they want to possess.

Q. What are the means to be fearless ?

B. The only possible means is the spiritual change of heart. That only will make people satisfied. For instance, why do people drink ? Peasants who labour hard all day, when they come home after the day's work, drink for stimulation. But if they were to get something else instead, they would be satisfied with that, until their desire for stimulation disappeared. So, for the satisfaction of cravings created through desire and want, spiritual unfoldment is needed.

Q. But how could spiritual unfoldment come when selfishness and desire are there deep-rooted ?

B. That will be done by Love. Love has such powers as to unite all hearts.

Q. What are the hours and time that you advise for concentration for spiritual work ?

B. There is no fixed time. I do it, when I feel like doing it. It is Infinite. There is no rule for the Infinite.

42. A well-known dancer.

B. Dancing is a good art if expressed rightly. It has divine qualities, and if properly done, it has wonderful effects. If done wrongly, it has the opposite effect . . . . I am happy to see you.

Q. I feel so happy too.

B. Anything more ?

Q. Since a certain time, he has not clearly understood his own individual way to do things, i.e., the right way to express himself through art.

B. Soon you will know. I will help you spiritually. You will feel it. This contact will help you henceforth.

43. The son of one of Baba's disciples.

Q. How could I have happiness ?

B. Everyone in the world, consciously or unconsciously, seeks happiness in one form or another. You seek it in your own way. Even a murderer seeks happiness, which he hopes to find in the very act of murder, that is why he commits it. Why or when does a man commit murder ? Either through hatred or jealousy. And because he thinks he will find happiness if he commits murder, he takes his revenge for hatred or jealousy. Again, why does a man commit suicide ? Because he expects to find happiness in it. Why does a man drink ? Because of the happiness he expects to derive from the drink. But what happiness does he derive from the drink, and how long does it last ? Only as long as the effect of the intoxication lasts. When it cools down, he feels broken, dejected, and miserable. It is the same with lust. One does it for the happiness one derives, even for the moment. But it is only for the time being that one derives happiness from one action or another; and when it is over, one is miserable again. Real happiness is different. It never changes or ceases. It is permanent, everlasting . . . . and it lies there; there, within you. It is sleeping (latent) and must be opened (unlocked). Once it is opened, it is always happiness.

I am the source of happiness, the Sun of all Bliss. But there is a curtain that veils you from the sun and you do not see it. Now, because of your inability to see owing to the curtain you cannot say there is no sun. The sun is there, shining and spreading its lustre all over the world; but you do not allow its rays to approach you, obstructing them with the veil of ignorance. Remove that and you will see the sun. I will help you to tear open the curtain and enable you to find happiness with it. I love you; I love you all.

Q. Will I pass my examination ?

B. I am afraid, no.

Q. Then I won't go.

B. No, you must go. What's wrong even if you fail ? Suppose you pass, what happens ? You find happiness for the time being. Then again the question, what would you do next ? You are made unhappy at the new problem, and so on. So why worry ? However, I will see that you pass. You must go in for the examination. I will turn the key.