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Welwyn Garden City

The Welwyn Garden City Directory for 1939

Author: (anon)

Published: 1939 by Welwyn Publications Limited

Format: Paperback 7¼" by 4¾" with 240 pages

This directory contains much very interesting information about Welwyn Garden City as it was just before the outbreak of the Second World War. Included is a month by month account of events from May 1919 to December 1938; eleven pages of information about clubs and societies in Welwyn Garden City; a street directory of heads of household; and an alphabetic list of heads of household. Glued inside the front of the book is a fold-out street map (18" by 14") of Welwyn Garden City which can be seen at the bottom of this webpage. The large image below is on page 60 of the handbook and is a drawing of the new stores building under construction at the time the handbook was being prepared.

The full contents list appears on page 5. Hover the mouse over the thumbnails to reveal the page numbers.

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WGC street map 1939

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Reverse of map

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