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Welwyn Garden City

Keep it Going !

Author: anon

Published: 1943 by Murphy Radio Limited *

Format: Paperback 7" by 4¼" with 40 pages

* This book was published during WW-II but there is no date anywhere in it. A sentence in the book reads "We've had some pretty bad news to swallow during the last three years". I am guessing it was published in about 1943, or possibly late 1942.

The purpose of the booklet was to help ordinary people keep their radio sets going at a time when many radio engineers were in the services or working on war work.

I know that this book is not about Wewlyn Garden City so it really does not belong here. However, it was produced by Murphy Radio in Welwyn Garden City at a time which my uncle worked there so I have included it anyway. He worked there from 1938 to 1945 on War Office Wireless Set No. 14 and No. 28, then later on Beacon Range, and then for the Admiralty on Radar equipment and Mixer units.

    The diagram below is a loose insert folded in half
and tucked inside the booklet