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Welwyn Garden City

A Guide Book to Comradeship

Author: (anon)

Published: 1944 jointly by the Welwyn Garden City Youth Committee and Welwyn Garden City Youth Council

Format: Paperback 6¼" by 4" with 30 pages

I do not know the precise date of this little booklet, but from the text on the back page (see below) I guess it was printed in 1944. C. H. G. Small (Honorary Secretary of the Welwyn Garden City Youth Committee), who is mentioned as the contact for future copies of the booklet, was appointed in 1939 as headmaster of Handside School, which had opened in 1923. Mr Small later became headmaster of the Howard School when that was opened in 1953 (see Welwyn Garden City - the Official Handbook and Directory 1953/54, for which click here).

There are over thirty youth organisations recorded in the booklet which is a great number considering the small size of the population at the time. Immediately before the war this was about 15,000 and afterwards about 18,000, although the population was considerably swollen above these figures during the war years with displaced persons. For population figures, see The Building of Satellite Towns (second edition), 1949, C. B. Purdom, for which click here, especially the population table in Part III, Chapter I, for which click here.

The booklet was printed at The Broadwater Press. The front cover artwork is signed J. E. Kean.

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Chairman: Councillor L. O. Bowmer   Hon. Secretary: Mr C. H. G. Small
Hon. Treasurer: Dr K. S. Richard

Chairman: Eugene Strauss   Hon. Secretary: Robert Maher
Hon. Treasurer: Walter Rojkov

Miss A. E. Fitzjohn

An invitation to all Young People in Welwyn Garden City
L. O. Bowmer, E. Strauss



Air Training Corps Squadron 1166
Leader: Flt/Lt. J. M. CARSON, R.A.F.V.R.

Army Cadet Force
Leader: Capt. D. C. MACKNESS

The Boys' Brigade
Leaders: Capt. C. F. BEDWELL, Capt. H. PENNIE


Catholic Youth Club
Organizer: Mrs O'Sullivan   Youth Leader: Neal O'Brien

Christ Church Youth Club
Leader: Rev. W. T. Cowlan

Co-operative Youth Club
Leader: A. G. Parker

Digswell Youth Club
Secretary: Miss Peggy Rose


Evening Institute (Herts. C.C.)
Responsible Teacher: H. Meredith, M.R.S.T.

Girl Guides
District Commissioner: Mrs F. Murphy


Girls' Life Brigade
Leaders: Miss R. Williamson (Captain), Mrs Griffiths (Captain)

Girls' Training Corps
Leader: Miss E. M. English (Commandant)

Girls' Training Corps (Junior Section)
Leader: Miss R. Evans (Commandant)

Handside Youth Club
Leader: F. W. Kaye


Peartree Boys' Club
Leader: J. N. Reed

District Commissioner: Mrs. F. Murphy

The Ring
Secretary: Miss Marion Moore


St Francis Boys' Club
Leader: D. C. Mackness

St Francis Youth Fellowship
Leader: Rev. A. H. Watkins

St John Ambulance Brigade Cadets (Boys)
Leader: C/Supt G. Henderson Smith


St John Ambulance Brigade Cadets (Girls)
Leader: Mrs H. P. Kaufmann

St John's Young People's Club, Lemsford
Leader: A. J. Bruce Crafts

St Michael's Youth Fellowship
Leader: Rev. A. M. Hinchy

The Salvation Army Scouts
Leader: Captain J. A. Jackson


The Salvation Army Youth Fellowship
Leader: Captain J. A. Jackson

Scout Groups
District Commissioner: Mr Donald Allen

Sea Cadet Corps
Leader: Lieut A. Martin, R.N.V.R.


Woodhall Lane Youth Group
Leader: D. S. Parbury

Young Austria
Leader: Walter Rojkov

Y.W.C.A. Club
Leader: Mrs A. Bird

Zionist Youth Club
Leader: Esther I. Samuel



Welwyn Garden City Art Club
Art Training
Welwyn Garden City Association Football Club
Mid-Herts Bee-Keepers' Association
The Brains trust
Welwyn Garden City Brotherhood
Commercial Training
Welwyn Garden City Cricket Club


Dancing Instruction
The Esperanto Club
The Folk Players
Games Week
Welwyn Garden City Golf Club
The Good Companions
The Historical Association
Home Food Guild
Keep Fit Class (Girls)


The Language Club
Library Facilities
The Music Society
Music Teachers
Park House Sports Club
The Photographic Society
Places of Worship


Welwyn Garden City Rugby Football Club
Savings Facilities
Welwyn Garden City Social and War-Workers' Club
Sports Grounds


Tennis Clubs
The Town Band
Welwyn Garden City Urban District Council
The Workers' Educational Association
Youth Hostels Association (England and Wales)
Youth Organizations Annual Athletic Meeting



Correspondence relating to future editions of this booklet