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Welwyn Garden City

Twelve Artists (Digswell House. Exhibition brochure)

Author: David S. Chick (Design and Layout)

Published: 1965*

Format: Paperback 7" by 4¾" with 26 pages

* I am guessing the date 1965 for the brochure which is the latest date mentioned in any of the artist profiles.


Painting, Sculpture, Print making,
Stained Glass, Weaving, Ceramics.

Trades Union Congress Building
Great Russell Street

Digswell House is a large regency building situated near Welwyn Garden City, and owned by the Digswell Arts Trust.

All Artists showing in this exhibition live and work there on being awarded a Fellowship of Digswell House.

We would like to express our thanks to the T.U.C., and in particular to Mr. Victor Feather for making this exhibition possible, and to Miss Jane Drew for her advice.

Design and Layout by David S. Chick.
Printed by W. G. Harrison, Ltd., Grantham



    Figure — Cement
Born 1930.
Studied Camberwell School of Art.
City & Guilds of London Art School.
Awarded Beckwith Travelling Scholarship.
Diploma of Merit.
Worked as Stone Carver and Letter Cutter
on many of London's new buildings.
Exhibited at various exhibitions and
Royal Academy since 1959.
Teaching at City & Guilds of London
Art School.
Mid-Herts. College of Further Education.
Works in private collections
in England, Persia and Australia.


    Mother and Child
Born 1938.
Early interest in music and the Arts.
Studied at the Rochdale School of Art.
Hammersmith College of Art & Building.
The City & Guilds of London Art School.
Taught at Hammersmith College of Art
and Harrow School of Art.
At present on the teaching staff of
the City & Guild Art School.
Equal interests in both painting and
Works in private collections,
including two portrait sculptures
owned by Bernard Miles.


    Fragment — Aluminium
Born 1931.
Studied at Maidstone College of Art.
St. Martin's School of Art.
City & Guilds of London Art School.
Royal College of Art.
1953-55 National Service.
1955-58 Worked as Stone Carver.
1958 Started teaching at City & Guilds
of London Art School.
1965 Elected Associate Royal Academy.
Exhibited at various mixed exhibitions
including Royal Academy
and Piccadilly Gallery.
Works in private collections in this
country and U.S.A.


    Projected Rythms, 1965 — Watercolour
Born 1937.
Studied at York School of Art and
The Royal Academy Schools, 1958-61.
Awarded Leverhume Scholarship.
Lee & Pembertons Travelling Scholarships.
Taught at Central School of Art.
St. Albans School of Art.
St. Martins School of Art.
Works Purchased by various private collectors.
Working for London Exhibition.


Trained at Manchester Art School.
Camberwell College of Art.
London University.
Joint exhibition at Primavera Gallery,
Crafts Centre, Sydney, Australia.
One man shows Avgard Gallery,
Bangor Art Gallery.
Andrew Bonds, Cheshire.
"Tableware" Fair, 1965, Earls Court.


    "Little Garden," P.V.A. & Collage, 29¼ x 22 in.
Born 1943.
Studied St. Albans School of Art.
Obtained Digswell Arts Trust Scholarship
then Fellowship of Digswell Arts Centre.
Exhibitions Represented in group exhibition
organised by Hemel Hempstead Arts Trust at
"The Lockery," Hemel Hempstead, 1964.
Represented in numerous and private collections.
Work retained by Editions Alecto Ltd.
Award Winner - Unilever "Food Engineering"
mural competition, 1964.
One Man Show at
The Gordon Maynard Gallery, W.G.C., 1965.


    (no title given)
Born 1933.
Educated Northampton Art School and Royal College of Art.
Lecturer Ravensbourne College of Art.
Museum of Modern Art, New York. Arts Council of Great Britain.
Co. Exhibition New Art Centre. Co. New Vision Centre, 1964.
Invited Works Swiss Triannual, 1964. "Graven Image," 1963.
Invited Bradford Exhibition Contemporary British Art, 1965.
Represented Exhibition of British Graphics, Scandinavia and Switzerland, 1963.
40 British Printmakers, Hong Kong, 1962. Travelling Exhibition in America.
Represented Royal College of Art past 15 years Exhibition, 1963.
Work purchased for Cuban Embassy.
Also Exhibited at following Galleries
Zwemmers, New Art Centre, New Vision Centre,
Bear Lane Gallery, Oxford, Editions Alecto (Print Centre),
St. George's Gallery, Royal College of Art Galleries,
I.C.A. Galleries, other Provincial Galleries, Osbourne Gallery, U.S.A.
Works in numerous Public and Private Collections in England, U.S.A., etc.

[Orientation could be 90° anticlockwise; no indication in brochure.]


    Stained Glass
1937 Born Southampton.
1954 Southern College of Art, Southampton.
1955 National Service.
1957 Leeds College of Art. Specialised in Painting and Jewellery.
1960 Awarded place both at the Royal College of Art and Slade School of Fine Art.
1961 Royal Scholar, Royal College of Art.
1961-63 Assisted Keith New on several Stained Glass Windows.
1963 Silver Medal for Diploma Exhibition. Three Works purchased by Grabowski Gallery.
1963 Teaching at St. Martin's School of Art.
1964 Travelling Scholarship to Holland and France.
1965 Elected member Society of Master Glass Painters.
Perspex panel commissioned by Isora Ceiling Ltd., Slough, for the Building Exhibition.
Two windows commissioned by the Worshipful Company of Glaziers for
the Chapel of the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children.
Visiting Lecturer Stained Glass Department, Royal College of Art.
Work in the collections of the Royal College of Art, The Grabowski Gallery,
Tya Zinkin, Maxwell Fry and Jane Drew, and O. M. Marcel.


1952-56 Student at Belfast College of Art.
1956-58 Designer in an Irish Weaving Factory.
1958-61 Student of R.C.A.
1961-62 Worshipful Guild of Weavers Scholarship
enabling me to travel to France, Italy and Switzerland, and to study
for one term at the Woollen Technical College in Galashiels.
1962 Worked for Peter Collingwood and then became attached
to Blackfriars Settlement as designer to a work shop.
1962-63 Taught at Camberwell.
1963 In July vacation worked in an Italian village teaching
some local people to dye wool with which they made tapestries.
1964-65 Taught at Winchester School of Art.


    "Buonarroti" Oak, 3ft.
Born 1933.
Art Education Hammersmith School of Art, 1947-54.
National Service 1954-56.
Royal College of Art 1956-60.
Exhibitions One man show Madden Galleries. London, 1964.
Four man show A.I.A. Gallery, London, 1959.
Mixed Shows Royal Academy since 1951.
Young Contemporaries 1951-60.
A.I.A. Gallery, Young Sculptors, 1960.
The Arts Council of Great Britain, Travelling show.
Zwemmers Gallery. Piccadilly Galleries.
Various travelling Exhibitions. Berth Shaefer Gallery, New York.
Commissions Works commissions by the L.C.C.
and The Arts Council Patronage of the Arts.
National Society for Spastics. British Nylon Spinners. I.C.I.
Middlesex Education Authority. Hemel Hempstead New Town.
Ministry of Public Building and Works.
Won Design Competition for the Topham Trophy
in the two years 1961 and 62.
Works in private collections in England and the U.S.A.
Author of "Sculpture in Ciment Fondu."
"The Techniques of Sculpture,"
B. T. Batsford.


    Central six from the Walt Whitman group
Born St. Helens, Lancashire, 1937.
Main education at Worcester Cathedral Kings School.
Left young and started studying at the local art school,
moved to Liverpool College of Art to study commercial design.
During these two years started painting and applied to study
painting at the Slade School, accepted.
Moved to London and bought a houseboat moored on Cheyne Walk, Chelsea.
Obtained the London University Diploma in Fine Art in 1959,
and immediately spent two years as a sergeant in the army.
Demobbed and started a long chain of jobs from van and lift driving
to signwriting and boatbuilding, teaching on and off all the time.
Owing to restricted storing space on the "St. Helen" the artist had to paint small
and would work out each idea with as many as 50 paintings.
These small paintings were then framed together in one frame (Photograph).
The "St. Helen" sank this February and a mass exodus of paintings
and belongings started, ending a week later at Digswell House.


Born 1940.
Studied painting Beckenham Art School, 1958-1961.
Trained in rug weaving by working
at Graffham Weavers, 1962.
Attended part-time in weaving departments,
Farnham and Reigate Art Schools.
Started independently as rug designer and weaver, 1963.
Moved to Digswell House 1964.
Weaving mostly floor rugs, some wall hangings,
occasional cloth lengths.
Intending to weave large carpets soon.
Eight rugs shown Zurich Trade Fair, 1963.
Work in various Exhibitions including -
Crafts Centre of Great Britain.
Northern Crafts Centre.
Design Centre - "Hand and Machine."
Travelling Exhibition -"Weaving for Walls,"
organised by Victoria and Albert Museum
who are buying rug for their collection.
Work purchased by Oxford Education Committee
and for demonstration-lecture purposes in America.
Teaching part-time Ravensbourne College
of Art and Design.



See also an article entitled "A Home for Artists in Welwyn Garden City" by E. V. Scott which appeared in the Hertfordshire Countryside Magazine of August 1970. Click here to view that article.