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Welwyn Garden City

The Dandy - Issue No. 1438

Tuesday, June 14th, 1969

Published: 1969 by D. C. Thompson & Co Ltd, Fleet Street.

Format: Magazine 11¾" by 8¼" with 16 pages.

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The first issue of The Dandy Comic was dated 4th December 1937 and had Korky the Cat on the front page. The first issue of its companion The Beano Comic came out on 30th July 1938. Since the beginning Dandy has come out every Tuesday except during the period September 1941 until December 1949 during which time it was fortnightly, alternating with Beano because of paper rationing. In June 1950 the title was changed from The Dandy Comic to just The Dandy. By 2004 sales were dropping and Thompson's revamped it, by increasing the number of pages, changing to glossy paper, and introducing more characters. Old ones like Korky the Cat and Beryl the Peril were dropped.

In issue 1438 dated June 14th 1969, the "My Home Town" page (reproduced below) features Welwyn Garden City. The feature avoids mentioning product names, but I think the breakfast cereal is Shredded Wheat, the false finger nail and eyelash maker is Eyelure, and the face cream is Nivea. The items featured were sent in by readers with a choice of prizes for the best one. The winner that week was Tracey Ann Groom (age 10) of 17 Knella Road who chose ball-bearing roller skates as her prize.

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